Huawei AI Art Speaker

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  • Powered by Xiaoyi, a Chinese voice assistant.
  • The AI feature activates when you say the word.
  • Can smartly manage multiple schedules.
  • Huawei AI speakers are also compatible with smartphones.
  • Can be used as a control center for other smart home devices.
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Huawei AI Speaker:


Huawei AI Speaker, a two-in-one speaker and 4G router with Alexa built-in, marking its official entry into the nascent smart speaker market. It represents a new, more natural and convenient way for you to connect to the internet and control smart devices, while delivering high quality audio in a compact form factor featuring a minimalist design.

Easy to Connect

With support for Wi-Fi on 4G LTE, Huawei AI Speaker can fulfill the myriad connectivity demands arising from the smart home. Setup for the router is easy and intuitive—it only requires a 4G SIM card plugged in to establish a high speed internet connection at LTE Category 6 speeds (300Mbps downlink). Huawei AI Speaker is also compatible with the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, meaning the router is dual band, capable of working on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels and transmitting data over LAN at up to 1200Mbps.

Alexa Integration

Huawei AI Speaker also features Alexa built-in, enabling users to effortlessly play music, control smart home devices, and access more than 50,000 skills – hands-free. All you need to do is ask. It combines several products into one while balancing smart functionality with high-quality sound.

HUAWEI Histen Enriches Speaker Performance

In terms of speaker performance, Huawei AI Speaker is built with a large, 400ml sound cavity and an aluminum diaphragm, enabling the AI speaker to produce high quality audio with crystal clear midrange and highs, as well as full, rounded bass. The audio is also enhanced with Huawei's proprietary audio solution: HUAWEI Histen. Also featured on a range of Huawei devices, HUAWEI Histen enriches the AI speaker’s set of features by including virtual bass, linear phase equalizer, adaptive gain control, far-field voice recognition and more as part of its repertoire.

Xiaoyi Voice Assistant

The Huawei AI speaker uses “Xiaoyi Xiaoyi” as a wake-up word. The AI feature activates when you say the word. With this speaker, you can smartly manage multiple schedules. Moreover, Xiaoyi can record, create and personalize songs according to personal preferences.

Compatible with Smartphones

The Huawei AI speaker comes with speech synthesis technology from Orion Star. Huawei AI speakers are also compatible with smartphones. You can search your phone contact using this speaker. Not only searching the phone contact, you can also make the call without reaching for your phone. While focusing on other businesses, you can chat with friends and family using the AI speaker.

Huawei AI speakers can be used as a control center for other smart home devices. It can easily control smart lights (adjust brightness), air conditioning and other devices. It is worth mentioning that Xiaoyi can search for other things. Stuff like maps, language learning, kiddies stories can be sorted out by this system.

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