Customs Duties

Customers are obliged to inform themselves about customs duties and customs regulations in their country. All prices on the website do not include customs fees and import sales tax of the respective recipient countries.

Usually, we declare the package at a lower price to help buyers to avoid or have fewer customs fees, but in some countries, customs policies are very strict, buyers are obliged to pay customs fees on imported products.

Location Customs Duties
United States, Canada, United Kingdom Fewer duties and taxes (usually we declare a lower value of the package)
Europe No customs duties and no VAT fee for most counties
the Middle East, South America High customs duties and tax (Import duties are not likely to be avoided)
Asia Fewer duties and taxes (usually we declare a lower value of the package)



  • We paid the customs duties and VAT fee by IOSS for European buyers, so buyer needn't pay them.
  • Some remote areas in Europe(island included) cannot be shipped by Express(EU Priority shipping), only ship by DHL/FedEx, so customs duties cannot be avoided.
  • These European countries' customs duties can't be avoided: Iceland.


About Europe Customs Duties & VAT Fee - One Stop Shop(IOSS)

The Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) was introduced as part of the eCommerce Package. The IOSS changes how Value-Added Tax (VAT) on imported goods can be accounted for.

The IOSS allows a taxable person to register in a single Member State to declare, and pay, European Union (EU) import VAT. The IOSS can only apply to certain supplies. Where the IOSS is availed of, the import VAT due is not collected by Customs. The import VAT is, instead, remitted through a monthly IOSS return.

The IOSS can be used to declare, and pay, the import VAT due where:

  • the goods in question are located outside the EU at the time they are sold
  • the goods are dispatched in consignments of an intrinsic value not exceeding €150
  • the goods in question are not subject to excise duties.

The use of the IOSS by suppliers is not mandatory. However, the scheme does have a number of benefits for suppliers and consumers.

Where the IOSS is used, no import VAT will be collected by Customs at the point of importation. Consumers will, instead, pay the VAT due on the goods at the point of sale. Consumers will therefore avoid any further tax or customs charges upon delivery of the goods.