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Vacation Notification:

It's Chinese Spring Holiday now, we can't ship in this term: Feb 5 to Feb 18, all orders will be delayed until Feb 19. Our customer service team still work, and your email will be relayed within 48 hours. Don't worry about it, we will come back soon.

Please choose the following methods to contact us:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected], we will reply to emails within 24 hours because of the time difference.

Live Chat:

Please click the icon at the bottom-right corner to chat with the customer service team:

  • Online: Have a talk with our customer service team directly, any questions will be answered instantly.
  • Offline: Leave a message with your email address when we are offline, check our response in your mailbox a few hours later.


  • Sometimes, our reply email may be in your spam/promotional mailbox, please check it and add [email protected] to the white list.
  • The Live Chat Team doesn't work on the weekend, please try to contact us by email, so that you get a response early.
  • The shipping Team doesn't work on the weekend, your order will be shipped out on Monday if you place an order on weekend.

Because we provide a global shipping service, customers in different regions receive a slightly different response time to the email. Please be patient. We will process your order as soon as possible during working hours. Thank you!



Q: Why my order’s processing time takes so long?

R: When we receive a new order, our payment security team needs some time to review these transactions because of the large amount of smartphone orders. After the review is completed, our logistics team can start processing the order and package it for delivery. So, our order processing time is about 1-3 days


Q: Why the tracking number updating is so slow?

R: Our warehouses are in China, Hong Kong, and Europe (only a few products), Our shipping process is much more complicated than your local online shopping, and it will take longer. When your package is delivered to the logistics company, the transportation has just begun. Your package departs from our company's warehouse to your hands and needs to go through China Customs, Hong Kong Customs, and destination customs. Each customs may inspect the package, and various customs procedures will delay the delivery of the package. During the period from the Chinese warehouse to the Hong Kong airport, the logistics take about 2-3 days. This is why your package cannot show that it has arrived at the website of express companies such as DHL. However, the package logistics information can be queried on the website we provide Arrived. Therefore, please rest assured that we will be responsible for the safe delivery of your package to your hands. Please wait patiently.


Q: Do you ship orders on weekends?

R: I’m sorry, our shipping team doesn’t work on weekends, your order place on weekend will be processed from Monday.


Q: Can you ship items to my country? How much does the shipping cost?

R: We can ship to most countries worldwide. The total shipping cost is base on the package weight and your destination, please add items to the cart, and then enter your destination to get a shipping cost estimate.

There is no shipping option to some countries because of the pandemic.