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On March 28, 2024, Xiaomi held a launch event for the XIAOMI SU7, and on April 3 of the same year, the XIAOMI SU7 was officially delivered.

XIAOMI SU7 is a sporty C-class electric sedan with a 3x wheel-axle ratio and 2x wheel-height ratio ratio, a smooth and rounded curved body design, and a sporty look accentuated by the lower surround and the hood. The entire glass area of the car is 5.35m², with a front windshield of 28°, a sliding back of 17°, and G4 continuous curvature, with a wind resistance coefficient of 0.195Cd.

XIAOMI SU7 Specifications

Xiaomi SU7 | Xiaomi SU7 Pro | Xiaomi SU7 Max

Range: 668km/800km

Maximum speed: 210km/h265km/h

100km acceleration: 5.28s/2.78s

100km power consumption: 12.5kWh/13.7kWh

Body size: 4997mmx1963mmx1455mm

Wheelbase: 3000mm

Front wheelbase: 1693mm

Rear wheelbase: 1699mm

Approach Angle: 14°/13°

Departure Angle: 16°/16°

Minimum turning radius: 5.7m/5.7m

Front trunk volume: 105L/105L

Trunk volume: 517L/517L

Wind resistance: 0.195Cd/0.195Cd

Overall mass: 1980kg/2205kg

Maximum full load mass: 2430kg/2655kg

Total Power: 220kW/495kW

Total power: 299Ps/673Ps

Maximum torque: 400N-m/838N-m

Battery type: lithium iron phosphate/lithium ternary battery

Battery energy: 73.6kWh101kWh

Front tire specification: 245/40 R20245/40 R20

Rear tire specifications: 245/40 R20265/40 R20

Driving Chip: NVIDIA Orin-X NVIDIA Orin-X × 2

Total chip computing power: 254 TOPS508 TOPS

Assisted Driving Level: L2

System: Xiaomi HyperOS

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