Official Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projection TV 150"

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  • Ultra short focus, stick wall to put free wiring.
  • 150 inch large projection.
  • ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology.
  • Color field width, brightness, 3000:1 primary contrast.
  • Xiaomi TV has the same content source

Xiaomi Mijia Laser Projection TV:

150 inch Large Projection Screen

Mijia laser projection TV can project up to 150 inches of images, this time, in front of the unprecedented shock, the home is private cinema.

The large projection screen of 80-150 inches can easily adjust the size according to the size of the walls of the home. Watch a cool movie on a big screen, listen to a concert you love, or play a game.Feel the sense of being on the scene.
Super Short Focus Lens Design
Using 0.233:1 large field deep super short focus lens design,Breaking the traditional projection distance Projector with the use of inconvenience, the fuselage distance from the wall 5 ~ 50 cm.without the trouble of wiring,Place on TV cabinet or close wall.Do not take up indoor space,no  screen cover problem,Pay attention to every detail in the picture.
Cinema Quality

The Mijia laser projection TV has a comparable cinema-level 3000:1 original contrast, as high as 16 % ~ 18 % red color ratio, let color rich and gorgeous.

ALPD 3.0 Laser Fluorescence Display Technology
Use Appotronics new ALPD 3.0 laser fluorescence display technology,solve the technical problem of color, contrast and brightness in the market. The picture was bright and clear showing in our eyes. It also reduces the size of the machine and improves the service life of the light source.
Over 85% NTSC Color Range
Color is an important part of the whole projection screen. The color is not good and color range can affect the color quality of the picture, and can't restore the real color of the film.Using the innovative five-stage color wheel technology, red light ratio is as high as 16-18%. The color range of the NTSC is over 85%, and the color of the picture is more realistic and rich.
3000:1 Original Contrast  
There are frequent complaints that movies are too dark to be seen at the cinema, missing out on many important details, the original contrast of mijia laser projection TV in rice can reach 3000:1, exceeding the cinema 2000:1 standard.The resolution reaches 1920 * 1080 and supports HDR image, so that the details of the dark part can be clearly visible.
Light Source Brightness 5000 Lumens
The luminance of the mijia  laser beam projector is as high as 5000 lumens, Projected screen brightness, Reach 15-18fl, comparable to movie theater standard.
TI DLP Digital Optical Processing Technology 
The DLP digital optical processing technology was customized by TI,The light is projected by digital processing,It is based on DMD chip to complete visual digital information display technology.Using this technology, the mijia laser projection TV can show the image more clearly and brightly, while the details are rich and realistic and the reduction degree is higher.
5.4 um pixel DMD Chip
The 2070, 000 reflectors make the big screen look at each inch of the screen.
Small chip with more than 2.07 million 5.4 um mirrors, each lens is like a small mirror, with 166600 times per second frequency independent flip + 17 °, will gather in the different colors of light beam ultrashort laser lens focal, final render high-definition images.
More than 25,000 + Hours of Ultra-long Light Source Life
Appotronics's ALPD 3.0 laser light source technology, can effectively guarantee the service life of the light source of more than 25000 hours, meet the demand of the watch more than ten thousand movies (2 hours/computing), keeping good movie company.
Double Full Frequency + Dual High Frequency High Fidelity Speakers
Using xiaomi TV to develop a customized speaker system, a high - power double-full frequency and dual high - frequency sound box is built in.Unique sound cavity inverted phase tube design, support DOLBY, DTS double decode, at home can also have the cinema level audio-visual enjoyment.
Anti-stare Sensor
The reflection imaging principle is used to reduce the radiation and fatigue of human eyes, on both sides of the lens, one of the sensors was added to the camera to detect the body automatically when someone approached, instantly reduce the projection brightness to the minimum, avoid laser light source direct eye, protect eyesight.
Fully Customizable Modular Hardware System
Optimize the internal space and reduce the volume of the machine. Using full custom modular hardware system, internal space clever use of rules of closely packed, reasonable optimization space, and at the same time reduce the equipment volume as much as possible, not occupy the home space.
New High Power Cooling System
Effective heat dissipation, prolong the service life of the machine. Many people worry that prolonged use can overheat the machine and affect the use of safety.The new cooling system is equipped with three large fans, and each module is designed to provide a special air outlet. optimize the flow direction of air flow between modules, the heat transfer pipe will be connected to the heat sink, and the heat generated by the whole machine can be sent out quickly and efficiently to achieve the ideal heat dissipation effect.
Built-in Mi TV All Content
MIUI TV system, xiaomi video content source. With the same MIUI TV system as mi TV, enjoy the huge amount of entertainment resources and super large storage space. Support multi-platform video playback. Without leaving the house, enjoy high-quality content resources.
Rich Interface Configuration
Meet the needs of various external equipment. The whole machine has 10 extension interfaces, and the office entertainment can be satisfied.It can connect computer, speaker, microphone and game controller to meet the needs of different fans.
New Remote Control Appearance Design
Use the same material as the whole machine, feel comfortable. To ensure that the overall design is consistent and aesthetically pleasing, a new remote control is designed for the meter laser projection TV.While retaining the function of the mi TV remote control, the exterior becomes a delicate and small white.ABS body material, the grip is more comfortable, let small remote control radiated new design life.
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