Xiaomi Air 2 Pro

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  • Feature cylindrical design.
  • 35dB Active noise cancellation.
  • Hybrid digital noise reduction.
  • Support for wireless charging.
  • Wake-up, auto-connect when open.
  • 12mm coil with an LCP composite diaphragm.
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Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Wireless Earphone:


Light Weight

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro features a cylindrical design, weigh 6.5 grams and boast in-ear design with three microphones, light and easy to carry.

Active Noise Cancellation

The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro supports for active noise cancellation, the noise reduction intensity is 35dB. The headset has hybrid digital noise reduction as well.

12mm Coil with an LCP Composite Diaphragm

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro has a 12mm coil with an LCP composite diaphragm, support aptX adaptive and LHDC V3 audio codecs. The latency is within 100ms.

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is on the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro. It consumes less power and offers a longer operating range with lesser impact from Wi-Fi signals over previous Bluetooth versions.


Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro comes with an auto-connect feature when the cover of the earphones is opened, but it could be limited to MIUI devices only. After that, the phone will automatically pop up a window and finish the Bluetooth pairing and connection, meanwhile, the pop-up window shows the power of the headset and charging box.

Support XiaoAi Voice Control

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro supports Xiao Ai voice control. When you need to voice cut songs, increase the volume, check the route, set an alarm, make a phone call, just tap the left side of the headset twice or say the wake-up call "XiaoAi", you can give the corresponding instructions.

Wireless Charging

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro supports both wired and wireless charging. It offers 7 hours of usage on a single charge and 28 hours with the charging case. Both the headset and the charging case support fast charging, 10 minutes of charging, 90 minutes of listening to music. Meanwhile, the charging case supports Qi wireless charging standard, compatible with multiple device charging.


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Compatible Xiaomi Mi 9
Category Headset/Speaker
Material ABS
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