Roborock T7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Roborock T7 has been upgraded to mop and sweep features.
  • 299ml electric water tank, over 200 square meters area is fully covered.
  • RR mason 7.0 algorithm system.
  • Strong 2500Pa suction and with automatic carpet boost.
  • 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning. Ideal for large homes.
  • Roborock T7 supports Roborock App, Mijia App and Google Home.

Roborock T7 Robot Vacuum:

Roborock T7 has been upgraded to mop and sweep features. It is equipped with a large water tank, which can cover a larger area to improve cleaning efficiency. Super suction and adaptive route planning algorithms, to achieve a better home automatic cleaning effect. Free yourself from messy cleaning task.

A Huge 297ml Water Tank

Roborock T7 is equipped with a huge 297ml water tank. Enough to clean a 65sqm (700sqft) apartment more than 3-times or a 200sqm (2600sqft) home in one go. All you need to do to mop every day is fill up the tank and set a schedule.

Laser Sensor

The high-precision LDS laser ranging sensor scans the room at 300RPM.

Sensitive to Your Home

Once Roborock T7 is off the leash in your home, you can leave it to work. An array of environmental sensors including an accelerometer, odometer, infra-red, compass, as well as a bumper and its hyper-accurate map of your room, mean it just goes about its business safely. It won’t roll off of steps, get trapped, or slam into your walls.

Powerful 2500Pa Large Suction

Maximum suction up to 2500Pa hydrostatic air duct improvement, reduce wind resistance, improve dust absorption capacity.

Long Battery Life

Supersized 5200mAh Lithium-Ion battery means up to 3-hours of non-stop cleaning

Smart top-up

In extra-large homes, Roborock T7 can top-up its battery just enough to finish cleaning.

Super Cleanness

Mopping with the weight of water in a tank means floors don’t get properly cleaned. As water is used, the cloth presses down more weakly. Dirt is left behind. S5 Max’s spring-loaded mop presses down with an even 300g (11oz) from start to finish. So, the last area cleaned is as fresh as the first.

Mop Floors Not Carpets

Virtual no-go and virtual no-mop zones, ideal for carpets or rugs. Use no-mop zones and barriers with no-go zones and barriers for total control over where your S5 Max goes.

High Efficiency

A powerful 32-bit quad-core processor makes Roborock T7 capable of an extraordinary level of intelligence. It doesn’t just dumbly map a room. It understands the room’s shape and learns where obstacles are. It uses that knowledge to transform how it navigates, calculating the most efficient route for each room. And the best way around obstacles. Without missing a single bit of floor.

Total App control

Roborock T7 supports Roborock App, Mijia App and Google Home. Set sweeping and mopping off-limited areas via APP. Roborock T7 understands your home’s layout. Its laser rangefinder spins at 300rpm, sending 360° area scans through a custom algorithm in real-time. Using that data, it creates a 98% accurate floorplan map, and it knows where rooms are. With that, you can schedule cleans for one room, many rooms, or your whole home with a few easy taps on your phone.


  • Battery Life: 150 minutes of non-stop cleaning.
  • Fuction: Mopping & Sweeping & Suction Type
  • Power (W): <500W
  • Cleaning Route: Planned Type
  • Suction (pa): 2500Pa
  • Noise (dB): 60dB
  • Power (W): 58W
  • Special Suction Nozzle: Wiping & Absorbing Ground Brush
  • Package: water tank, mopping pad, user manual, AC adapter, charging dock.

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