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  1. Questions

    By Ahmed August 28, 2019

    How much do u charge for shipping to Bahrain?
    Is it original and official from huawei?
    Re: Yes, it's original, the shipping cost is base on your option.

  2. Is it compatible

    By Jt July 29, 2019

    Is it working with huawei p30 pro?
    Re: Yes.

  3. Love my Huawei Freebuds Pro 2!!

    By BK Techoholic May 02, 2019

    I own the Huawei mate 10 pro, which I absolutely love, and I've been wanting these for a while. Tried get a good idea of what the Huawei freebuds pro 2 where like, but a lot of the YouTube video reviews were not in English. I also had some concerns about how safe it was to purchase from an online seller based outside of the US. But, because of the great review by YouTuber Flossy Carter, I was not only excited to finally make the purchase, but I trusted Giztop because Flossy Carter also purchased the Huawei freebuds pro 2 through this website, and provided the link. I placed my order April 18th and received my freebuds on May 2nd. Any inquiries I made about the status/tracking were immediately responded to. The packaging was perfect, nothing opened or looked suspicious. So far so good! I hope this review helps with any reluctance anyone may be feeling about buying the Huawei Freebuds Pro 2, or Giztop. I personally, will definitely looking at some other things on Giztop. Peace and love from Brooklyn, NY.

  4. Comparability

    By H.k May 02, 2019

    Is the Free Buds 2 pro comparable with the Huawei Nova 3i ??
    Re: Yes, it can.

  5. Is the page legit?

    By Jairo April 28, 2019

    I want to order these headphones but I already had bad experiences with pages that are not official and I wanted to know if this page is legit?
    Re: All orders and payment are protected by PayPal, it's safe for buyers.

  6. P30

    By A April 27, 2019

    Would this work with P30?
    Re: Yes, it does.

  7. PayPal

    By Heine April 11, 2019

    Does this siste only supporter PayPal or is IT possible to pat ant other way?
    Re: PayPal and Credit Card.

  8. SHIP

    By JakubX113 April 02, 2019

    How long to ship to the Czech Republic?
    Re: It's base on your shipping option, 8-20 days.

  9. Help

    By noname March 28, 2019

    How can i turn on Google assistant?
    Re: It's on your Android phone, Google service.

  10. p20 lite

    By vasilis March 28, 2019

    Do those work normally with p20 lite?
    Re: Yes, they do.

  11. HELP

    By ANDREW March 27, 2019

    Why haven't the headphones yet come out officially? I would like to buy them in the store but there isn't ... Furthermore, by buying them from the site I could not have the language I want right?
    Re: Because the Freebuds 2 pro only support Chinese Voice assistant, so you can use it as normal Bluetooth true wireless earphones.


    By Ashfaq March 25, 2019

    Reverse wireless Charging capability works only with HUAWEI Phones such as MATE 20 Pro or other phones which have Wirless Charging capability . Thank you

  13. Wireless Charging

    By Maqx March 25, 2019

    Does Wireless Charging work with Samsung S10plus?
    Re: This is a wireless earphone, but it works with any Android phone with Bluetooth.

  14. Help

    By Toby March 22, 2019

    What does Google voice mean?
    Re: All Android phones support Google Voice, the wireless earphone can work like normal bluetooth earphone, to use Google Voice function.

  15. March 23 2019

    By Toby March 21, 2019

    Can I say call my dad and it will call my dad and talk back to me in english?
    Re: No, it doesn't support English Voice assistant, but you can use Google voice calling service via Freebuds 2 pro.

  16. Google Voice assistant

    By Nico March 21, 2019

    They work with any phone but, do they work with french language ? Thanks.
    Re: It can work with Google voice.

  17. Ship to UK

    By MS March 18, 2019

    How long to ship to the UK?
    Re: 8-12 days via Post Air Mail, 6-8 days via DHL.

  18. How much time will it take to ship to Switzerland?

    By Boo March 15, 2019

    How much time will it take to ship to Switzerland?
    Re: 10-15 days via Post Air Mail, 6-8 days via DHL.

  19. Voice function

    By Mick March 12, 2019

    Does the voice function support English?
    Is there a lag when watching YouTube/Netflix or videos?
    Re: The voice function only support Chinese. No lag for listening on Youtube.

  20. Freebuds 2 Pro

    By Aki March 07, 2019

    Hello is the white Freebuds also Pro version?
    Re: Yes, the pro version has black and white options.

  21. Sound quality

    By Whiz March 02, 2019

    What about the sound quality of buds
    Bass etc.?
    Battery time
    Re: I think all things are good. :) I think maybe you have to watch some review video before place order. About sound, thousands people has thousand opinions.

  22. Pro version

    By IdkLmao February 28, 2019

    So what is the exact difference between pro and non-pro model? And is the white model pro also? Or just the black one? Thanks
    Re: The Pro edition has biometric recognition with BoneID technology. The Pro edition has both Black and White color option.

  23. which of these are better ?

    By Nikos February 28, 2019

    fllypods honor or huawei freebuds 2? suggest me plz . and i am from greece if i buy them i have extra penalty with the money cause the big price?
    Re: Freebuds 2 pro is the best.

  24. are real?

    By Nikos February 26, 2019

    How the have if in official site the havent announce them ?
    Re: This product was released in 2018.

  25. Suitable in any Phone

    By Nikos February 24, 2019

    I have Samsung s7 Can i use them??
    Re: Yes, any phone with Bluetooth function.

  26. What is your guys return policy

    By G February 18, 2019

    What is your guys return policy?
    Re: Here is our return policy: https://www.giztop.com/return-refund/

  27. Original?

    By MJ February 13, 2019

    Are these original?
    Re: Yes, it's ORIGINAL & BRAND NEW.

  28. Custom

    By Fefax January 28, 2019

    Which shipping to choose to not pay the customs?
    Re: Post Registered Air Mail.

  29. Google assitant

    By Adam January 23, 2019

    Does it support Google voice assistant? Can I use it like pressing the side or the bud? Or hey google voice command?
    Re: Yes, I think it can be used as a wireless bluetooth earphone when using Google assistant.

  30. Italy?

    By Nik January 20, 2019

    But do they work with any language? Italy?
    Re: The earphone can work with any phone, but the voice assistant can't work on Italian.

  31. Lfkfnfbf

    By Nickname January 18, 2019

    Does it work and use Freebuds 2 pro with Huawei p10?
    Re: Yes, it can work with any phone with Bluetooth.

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