OPPO Enco W51

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  • Dual-microphone Active Noise Cancelling function, up to 35db with 3 mics on each bud.
  • Bluetooth 5.0, with a lower latency of 94ms for gaming and video consumption. 
  • Open-fit design, support for touch controls.
  • Support Qi wireless charger and can be charged via USB Type-C port.
  • 4-hour battery life and up to 24 hours with the charging case.
  • IP54 dustproof and waterproof.

Official OPPO Enco W51:

OPPO Enco W51 firstly achieve the double breakthrough of music and call noise reduction. Make music, calls more clear and more smooth through a total of 6 microphones and with a new depth noise reduction algorithm.

Elegant Design

OPPO Enco W51 is small, lightweight. In order to meet the wearing comfort and high-quality noise reduction capabilities, the W51 undergoes a number of structural designs and adjustments, tailored G3 in-ear curves for the ear canal structure, and a silicone ear cap with excellent softness for an air-sensitive wearing experience. The charging case has a smooth-matte surface. At the bottom, there’s a USB-C port to recharge the case and buds.

Bluetooth Low Latency Dual Transmission

OPPO Enco W51 uses Bluetooth 5.0 to connect with devices and features a new updated dual-core chip. Enco W51 have a lower latency of 94ms for gaming and video consumption. It adopts the new Bluetooth 5.0 low-latency dual transmission, which brings a faster connection experience, improve Bluetooth anti-interference ability significantly.

Dual Active Noise Reduction Up to 35db

OPPO Enco W51 is with new dual-core digital noise reduction chip, using a more advanced feedforward and feedback hybrid microphone, for daily common subway, high-speed rail, train and other common noise, intelligent optimization noise reduction algorithm, the maximum depth of noise reduction can reach 35dB.

Three Microphone Call Noise Reduction

OPPO Enco W51 is equipped with three-microphone call noise reduction technology, cutom wind noise duct, even in a noisy environment, you don't need to take out your mobile phone and put on a headset to talk, others can hear clearly.

Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

OPPO Enco W51 supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, can transmit music faster and more steadily in the face of multi-device interference, up to 10 meters long distance stable connection.

Touch Operation

OPPO Enco W51 can be paired with OPPO phones running ColorOS easily by simply opening the case.

  • You only need to double-click the left ear to open / close Noise reduction.
  • Double-click the right ear to play the next song. When a call comes in, you can also double-tap to connect / end the call.
  • If you want to wake up the voice assistant, just triple-click on any side of the headset to easily access the portable smart voice service.

Qi Wireless Charger

OPPO Enco W51 supports Qi Wireless Charger, it is the OPPO's first true wireless earbuds that support wireless charging. When the wireless device supports the Qi protocol, it can wirelessly charge the headset box, and can use the mobile phone to do wireless reverse charging.

4-hour Battery Life

OPPO Enco W51 packs a 25mAh battery offering a 4hour battery life and goes up to 24 hours with the charging case of 480 mAh battery. You can listen to the song for 1.5 hours after charging for 15 minutes. The case charges via USB Type-C, support for wireless charging. It takes almost 80mins to charge the case fully.

IP54 Dustproof & Waterproof

OPPO Enco W51 has passed the professional structure design and the IP54 dustproof and waterproof certification. Whether it is gym exercise or outdoor commuting, you can protect the headphones.

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Compatible OPPO R17
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