Huawei Router Q2 ( One Base and One Satellite)

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  • Defaults to 5GHz network.
  • Fuse gigabit PLC and 5 GHz 867 Mbps Mesh Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Seamless roaming, faster switching at 100ms, on 802.11v protocol.
  • Ensure powerful Wi-Fi in every corner of your home.
  • Self-Learning network improving all the time.
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Official Huawei Honor Router 2S:.

World's 1st Hybrid Home PLC / Wi-Fi System

HUAWEI WiFi Q2 is the world's 1st hybrid home PLC/Wi-Fi system, which can cover the wifi in every corner of your whole home.

Blazing Wi-Fi Speeds In Every Corner

HUAWEI WiFi Q2 systems ensure powerful Wi-Fi in every corner of your home, including the backyard. No more dead spots, slow spots, drop-offs, or even buffering. Move from downstairs to upstairs, indoors to outdoors.Move everywhere seamlessly with a smooth Wi-Fi connection.

Superior Hybrid Technology That Keeps You Fast

Huawei's hybrid technology fuses gigabit PLC and 5 GHz 867 Mbps Mesh Wi-Fi connectivity. The Q2 Series ensure not only WHOLE HOME Wi-Fi coverage, but also the FASTEST speeds for every and any Wi-Fi device. (* Some areas may not support hybrid technology, please focus on the promotion of the actual sales area.)

Full Mesh Technology Guarantee The Fast Wi-Fi

Knows the signal strength between each unit in your home and calculates the best path from your device to the internet, to give you the best experience.

True Plug & Play, Setup Simplified

Say goodbye to painful setup processes. You just need to configure the first unit,and then plug in another two units wherever you desire. And sit back to stream, surf, and game simultaneously with the whole family.

One Wi-Fi Network For All Your Needs

2.4G SSID? 5G SSID? No need to remember that from now on! Enjoy the convenience of having one Wi-Fi network for your entire home. Move and watch your favourite shows seamlessly, from your bedroom to the kitchen and the backyard.

Q2 automatically and dynamically optimises your Wi-Fi connections without you even knowing, giving you the fastest and most stable speeds.

Wired Compatibility For Even More Extreme Speeds Self-Learning Network Improving All The Time

Have Ethernet installed in your house or in a single room? Connect your Q2 unit with an Ethernet cable for even faster speeds and better coverage.

Self-Learning Network Improving All The Time

HUAWEI WiFi Q2 system learns and adapts to the changing Wi-Fi environment, automatically optimising your Wi-Fi channel to improve your home Wi-Fi quality.

Designed For Your Home

No more fitting boxes into circles, HUAWEI WiFi Q2 system is masterfully designed as a centrepiece or to seamlessly blend into your home decor.

Packing List

1 x Base, 1 x Satellite, 1 x Adapter.

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