Flydigi Beehive 3 Sweatproof Finger Sleeve (2pcs)

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  • Imported silver fiber, more sensitive operation and stronger sweat resistance.
  • 18 stitches technology increases sweat absorption.
  • Adapt to thumb and index finger, fit comfortably without tightness.
  • Package: 2 Finger Gloves.
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Flydigi Beehive Sweatproof Finger Sleeve 3:

Imported Silver Fiber

Flydigi Beehive Sweatproof Finger Sleeve 3 is made of imported silver fiber to increase the conductive fiber to 30%, exceeding the industry standard, control zero break contact, thin and slender, strong and powerful.

Adapt to Thumb & Index Finger

The sleeve fit for the thumb and index finger, smart and elegant. Adapt to different finger circumferences, fit comfortably without tightness.

18-pin Dense Knitting

The combination of ring spinning and 18-pin dense knitting technology greatly improves the ability to absorb sweat, and the heavy hand sweat can still maintain long-term drying and sensitive triggering.

Refreshing & Breathable

The high-quality material provides greater breathability, increases finger and air contact surface by 50%, increasing the evaporation area.

Reflective Logo

The logo material contains rich glass micro-beads, which shine brightly under the fiber optics, adding a cool touch to the control.

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Compatible OnePlus 6, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7
Category Other
Material ABS
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