1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones

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  • Waves Nx Head Tracking for an Ultra-realistic 3D Audio Experience.
  • 50mm Maglev Graphene Driver for Super Bass and VR Shock Wave.
  • ENC Dual Mic Technology for Crystal Clear Communication.
  • Custom Setting Mode for LED Responsive Lighting.
  • Super Bass and VR Shock Wave effect.

1MORE Spearhead VRX Gaming Headphones:

Audiophile Sound Quality

Created by Waves, the Technical-Grammy® Award winning innovator of state-of-the-art audio DSP algorithms and software, Waves Nx meets the highest standards of audio performance and delivers uncompromising audiophile sound quality.

Waves Nx Head Tracking

Waves Nx simulates the effect of how our brain processes the acoustic space, the physical properties of the sound source, and our head orientation in order to create a sonically rich and fully authentic 3D audio experience that immerses yourself in a virtual audio reality.

Suitable for All Head Sizes

With resilience and comfort in mind, the ergonomic stainless-steel frame with adjustable headband is designed for various head sizes providing ultimate comfort and a pressure-free fit for prolonged use.

Game in Style

This over-ear gaming headset allows you to personalize your gaming experience for perfection, from customizable LED lighting to 8 options of EQ that are adjusted by Luca Bignardi who is the Grammys awarded sound engineer. The Cyber Punk style indicates more gaming atmosphere.

ENC Dual Microphone

Microphone remains crystal clear no matter what environment you are in thanks to the ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) dual mic system. The front mic works for communication while the rear one collects noises and filters them out.

Easy On-Ear Controls

Easy access to the volume/bass slider and microphone button on the left chamber allows for effortless controls without having to look. Turn on your mic or mute it using the mic switch button. Press that slider, you can transfer to the deep bass mode.

Universal Compatibility

Designed to be compatible with PC, tablet, laptop, PS4, XBOX One and smartphones, Spearhead VRX gaming headphones allow you to game at anywhere. The USB cable and the 3.5 mm audio cable help you connect with any of your gaming device without compatibility concern.

50mm Synchronized Vibrating Driver with Maglev Design

50mm synchronized vibrating drivers with a Maglev design push out deep and thundering bass. Feel the literal vibrations of explosions or car engines resonating in your ear for the ultimate gaming experience.

Fully Customizable LED System 

Take advantage of a fully customizable LED light system featuring dazzling colors on the RGB scale.

Ergonomic Stainless Steel Frame & Adjustable Headband Ultimate Comfort for Prolonged Use

With resilience and comfort in mind, the ergonomic stainless steel frame with adjustable headband is designed for various head sizes providing ultimate comfort and a pressure-free fit for prolonged use.

Ultimate Comfort Breathable Ear Cushions and 360⁰ All-Around Support

Breathable ear cushions with ventilated porous cloth and cooling filled lining helps provide 360⁰ all-around support for ultimate comfort and security.

Impedance 32 Ohms
USB Cable Length 2 m
Type Over-Ear
3.5 mm Audio Cable Length 1.3 m
Plug Micro USB Cable and 3.5 mm Audio Cable
Wire Material Enameled Copper Wire
Max Power
20 mW
Frequency Range 20-20,000 Hz

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