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  1. California mate 30 pro on metro

    By Chuck Andy October 13, 2019

    Really beautiful love the camera quality and software, already having fun with the auto smile capture and slowmo. Screen recorder double knuckles double knock doesn't work so I can't show off the software or functions through social media. Got to do everything the old fashioned way through browser or combo apps to get Gmail, FB and Instagram active. Will not do play store since services are missing tho it tries to. Hivoice doesn't like English it understands it just doesn't like to do anything wouldn't even teach me Mandarin. Mate 30 pro is always turning on auto adjust every few minutes. No USA region to pick is rather annoying and well not what I expected, so I picked UK since it seems to have the best app selection. Amazon app working like normal, Amazon music APK through Amazon or Huawei would be awesome. Giztop sent me a phone that is exactly what I ordered Huawei mate 30 pro 256 emerald green. Came English readable text out of the box I didn't have to figure anything out or change any settings, just set up my Huawei account and downloaded apps from UK and Australia Huawei app store. Giztop phone plus insanely fast shipping was $200 cheaper then just the phone from the other sites which only offered pre-order plus shipping cost a little more with longer delivery eta.

  2. Gorgeous cameras

    By Michale September 19, 2019

    Best cameras on smartphone so far, I like the videography feature.

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