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  1. Nice Phone but...?

    By QQ January 14, 2019

    This is the chinese version and no global rom.

  2. Does it work in Denmark? And what about google play store? And when do you have the nubia x in stock?

    By Eml November 29, 2018

    Does it work in Denmark? And what about google play store? And when do you have the nubia x in stock?
    Re: It's in stock, but no Google Play installed.

  3. Is Global Rom available yet?

    By Pancer November 26, 2018

    Is Global Rom available yet, and do you ship them free from any bloatware, malware or do you install extra software.
    Re: There is no global version yet.

  4. Work on France

    By Exsoul November 18, 2018

    Hi, these band's phone, are there work for France?
    Re: Yes, it can work in US, Europe and Asia.

  5. Google play

    By warrio November 12, 2018

    Does it have Google Play store installed?
    Re: Yes, it has.

  6. Google Play Pre-Installed?

    By Toy November 12, 2018

    Hi, is the Google Play pre-installed or do I have to install it myself? Thanks
    Re: Pre-installed Google Play.

  7. Google PLAY compatible

    By Takumi November 11, 2018

    Hey Guys :) Does this version of the nubia X comes with Google Play support?
    Description says yes, but just making sure asking you directly?
    Re: Yes, we install Google Play before shipping, don't worry about it.

  8. I't Works at México?

    By Erika November 07, 2018

    Hi does it works at Mexico, it will be in english?, does it will have an update for global rom?
    Re: It can work in Mexico, support English, but it is not global version.

  9. Multiple

    By Trekpop November 07, 2018

    Will you ship to The Netherlands?
    I would like the 8gb 256gb version?
    When will it be available?
    Re: Yes, we can ship to Netherlands. The 256GB version will coming soon, accept pre-order now.

  10. Launch date in india

    By Khanzz November 06, 2018

    When it is available in india? I want to buy as early as possible.
    Re: I don't think Nubia has plan to release in India, but you can place order here, we can ship to India.

  11. Question about international use

    By Max November 05, 2018

    Will this phone work in Australia?
    Re: Yes, it can.

  12. It's ousam and unbiliveble

    By Kratarth November 03, 2018

    I deeply study about this phone Nubia X it's ousam and its new technology two display in one device is deffrent concept I congratulations to all team made for this I hope it's network support in India

  13. google play

    By Brook November 03, 2018

    The phone comes with google play and global rom?
    Re: This is Chinese version, and no global ROM yet.

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