Xiaomi Router AX6000 Unboxing: An Ideal Partner For A Snapdragon 888 Device That Combines 4K QAM Technology With A 7-Antenna Design

    Xiaomi unveiled its first high-end new router with Wi-Fi 6 Enhanced technology support during the Mi 11 flagship launch earlier this month. Dubbed as the Xiaomi Router AX6000, the router also offers a wireless rate of 6000 megabytes, which is the highest rate in the currently available Xiaomi router series.

    The Xiaomi Router AX6000 comes in a very large box, that gives us a glimpse of the router in the front. The 4K QAM logo is placed in the upper right corner of the front of the package, and the features are mentioned at the bottom of the package. The massive package houses several antennas. The AX6000 has already gone up for grabs on Giztop.

    In addition to the router itself, the box has a power supply, network cable, and a getting started guide. The network cable isn’t too long and is marked with CAT.5E, meaning, it is a super five-category network cable. It is designed to meet the varied needs of the users when connected to a wide area network.

    The outward appearance of the Xiaomi Router AX6000 is similar to the AX3600. Both have long body design, and the size isn’t small either. The product model, painted in gold, is placed at the bottom right corner of the fuselage.

    For those unaware, in the 4K QAM, the 4K alludes to 4096, while the QAM refers to the data throughput when the device is connected. This is a newer technology from Qualcomm as compared to the conventional 1024 QAM. 4096 QAM offers 20 percent improvement.


    There are two vertically arranged LED indicators located in the middle of the fuselage including, the network indicator and the work indicator. This design element is also seen in the AX3600, The two LED lights, paired with the router’s unique design, adds a sci-fi feel to the overall design.

    The Xiaomi Router AX6000 uses a design featuring 7 antennas. This includes 6 high-gain antennas and 1 AIoT smart antenna that supports the 4×4 160MHz specification. The AIoT smart antenna has a LED status light in the middle, and it automatically identifies smart devices at home and connects it with a dedicated line. Since it is a Xiaomi smart device, it can configure the network with just a single click.

    Furthermore, the Xiaomi Router AX6000 has a 2.5G high-speed interface that can be switched between WAN/LAN and three LAN ports. Those who use a 2.5G network port to connect to a NAS device can achieve smooth 8K video playback on the intranet.

    Under the hood, the AX6000 packs a powerful Qualcomm IPQ5018 processor, which has A53 architecture dual-core CPU + single-core NPU. It comes with 512MB of RAM. Moreover, it delivers a theoretical maximum rate of 574Mbps, while the theoretical maximum rate of the 5G band bandwidth is 4804Mbps.

    The concurrent speed can reach up to 3456Mbps with Multilink technology 2.4G+5G, which is the only one that can run at full speed. The AX6000 supports an enhanced version of Wi-Fi 6, Xiaomi Express Connect, game acceleration. Mesh networking and more.

    Xiaomi adopts Mesh networking and more as far as pricing is concerned. The feature-laden Xiaomi Router AX6000 will set you back only 599 yuan. It is a great choice for those interested in purchasing a Snapdragon 888 device. You can get your hands on the AX6000 for just $139.99 from Giztop by following this link.


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