Xiaomi Mi Band 6 Review: An Upgraded Fitness Tracker With Full Screen Design, New Gesture Operation, And Improved Health Monitoring

    Xiaomi adds a slew of new features to its Mi Band line each year, keeping its price under $50. Earlier this month, the Chinese tech giant launched its latest fitness band in China along with new Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra flagship smartphones.

    The same product was later announced for global markets as the Mi Smart Band 6, which is currently available for $49.99 on Giztop. The Mi Band 6 boasts an impressive array of modern features including blood oxygen tracking and a larger display.

    After six generations of product iteration, the Mi Band 6 can be described as the graduation model in smart bracelets since it not only has more features but also adopts a breakthrough design with a full screen. It is the first smart bracelet with a runway screen.


    The Mi Band 6 comes in a regular and an NFC version, which supports bank cards, bus cards, and access cards NFC functions. The device has retained the classic grain shape, and its overall size and weight are not significantly different from the previous generations of products.

    The Mi Band 5 was in the rest screen state, but the Mi Band 6 has been upgraded to a full-screen design. It originally looks like a black screen, but the upper and lower areas just camouflage when the bracelet is lit, and the rectangular part in the middle serves as the display area.

    A 1.56-inch full profile track screen is used in a bracelet product for the first time, increasing the dial area by 50 percent as compared to the previous generation product. The entire front portion of the bracelet transforms into a screen and can display more information.

    Moreover, the display has a fineness of 326PPI retina, 74,000 pixels (152 x 486), while the Mi Band 5 has only 37,000 resolution (126 x 294). In terms of actual use, the Mi Band 6 offers a better viewing effect in terms of displaying text content like notifications and messages.

    Thanks to the full-screen design, the Mi Band 6 replaces the physical touch buttons with a brand new gesture operation. You can swipe on the screen to switch between different functions, and even return to the main interface.

    The strap is made using skin-friendly plastic material. The Mi Band 6 offers 8 color wristbands including graphite black, thermal orange, Lotus root powder, green pine green, sun yellow, ivory white, rose-purple, sky blue to choose from.

    The Mi Band 6 has over 130 online themed dials this time, and it uses APP synchronization to select the dial replacement in the dial mall. The watch can store up to 3 and every time you change it, you need to sync it with the app.

    In addition to continuing Band 5’s SpongeBob SquarePants, EVA, Hatsune Miku, and Conan’s four IPs, the Mi Band 6 also has Zhen Soul Street, Assassin Brand new super IPs such as Wu Liuqi, Qin Shimingyue, Luo Xiaohei, Fox Demon Little Matchmaker and more. This gives users more choices in choosing the dial.

    Upgraded Health Monitoring

    The Mi Band 6 comes with a built-in PPG biosensor and the NFC version also includes infrared off-the-wrist detection functions for accurate measurement. Aside from that, blood oxygen monitoring functions, heart health monitoring, and breathing and sleep monitoring have also been added.

    Moreover, it supports 24-hour abnormal heart rate monitoring, and multi-dimensional health monitoring upgrade. The blood oxygen monitoring function now supports single measurement and continuous measurement at night to assist sleep monitoring.

    The new heart health monitoring notifies the wearer when an abnormal heartbeat occurs, evaluates the heart through continuous heart rate measurement of the bracelet Condition, indicating that the heart is not beating normally. The Mi Band 6 supports real-time sleep monitoring, as well as breathing and sleep quality monitoring.

    It determines sleep time based on the changes in heart rate and blood oxygen during sleep. It supports REM ( rapid eye movement) monitoring and provides an analysis report. Equipped with a high-performance PPG biosensor, the Mi Band 6 offers enhanced monitoring accuracy.

    A Full-Featured Smart Bracelet

    The Mi Band 6 can display more information due to its full-screen design. The device displays time, weather, power, and exercise data during daily use along with a slew of other information.

    Weather forecast

    Once linked to the AliPay account, the Mi Band 6 can support offline payment. The Mi Band 6 NFC version supports NFC subways and buses in several cities across the country. It also supports the analog access control Card function.

    Support Xiao Ai

    On top of that, it supports the UnionPay QuickPass function, binding bank card payment with 11 banks UnionPay QuickPass. After pairing and connecting with the Mi Sports App, the bracelet function can be directly synchronized on the mobile phone.

    Can view detailed health status data
    Detailed exercise status

    The Mi Band 6 supports 19 sports modes, covering both, indoor and outdoor games. It supports automatic recognition of the 6 sports modes of outdoor running, treadmill, walking, outdoor cycling, elliptical machine, and rowing machine, without the need for separate settings.

    Nineteen more sports modes have been added to the original 11 sports modes. This includes dance, indoor fitness, gymnastics, HIIT, core training, stretching, steppers, Pilates, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and badminton. , Cricket, Bowling, Boxing, Free Fighting, Street Dance, Zumba, and Indoor Skating.

    Richer sports modes, you can choose different modes and switch in order on the APP
    You can view the exercise report on the bracelet
    More detailed exercise data can be viewed on the APP

    On the downside, the Mi Band 6 does not support GPS function. So, you need to connect and synchronize your mobile phone to record GPS trajectory during some outdoor sports, and the bracelet records center rate, pace, cadence, and other data of the exercise process.


    The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 is not only a highly appealing and better quality device, but it also provides a lot of convenience for our daily life with its built-in functions. Xiaomi is offering a full screen and retina-level ultra-clear experience with a bracelet product, coupled with a myriad of comprehensive functions.

    Despite being a compact device, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 provides good battery life. In a typical usage mode, the Mi Band 6 Standard version supports 14 days of battery life. The NFC version, on the other hand, supports 12 days battery life.

    The standard model’s battery life can reach up to 19 days. The standard is available for 229 yuan, while the NFC version will set you back 279 yuan. You can visit this link to purchase the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 for $49.99 from Giztop.


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