Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Review: A Feature-Laden True Wireless Headset That Doesn’t Cost A Bomb

    Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro: With the removal of the headphone jack from the latest smartphones, more users are leaning towards Bluetooth headsets. In 2020, a large number of manufacturers deviated their focus to making noise reduction true wireless headsets, and Xiaomi is no exception.

    Xiaomi has taken the wraps off the long-awaited Mi Air 2 Pro TWS earbuds, which has been floating around on social media for quite some time now. Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2 Pro is the fourth product in the company’s well-received Air 2 series of Bluetooth earphones. Now, you can buy the Mi Air 2 Pro TWS earbuds from Giztop.

    In terms of hardware specifications, as well as the overall listening experience, the Air 2 Pro can be touted as one of the best products of the Xiaomi True Wireless Headset series. The device is housed in a flat cylinder body and has two cross-sections at the top, as well as on the bottom, and there’s no arc processing. The device’s black shell has a highly appealing matte texture.

    The charging box offers a delicate feel, while the matte treatment ensures there is no greasy feeling when touched, something I personally prefer. On the downside, even though texture looks good, it feels like plastic at the time of use. The charging box houses an LED on the front, allowing users to effortlessly check the battery status of the headset.

    The lid uses a combination of magnetic suction and metal hinges for a crisper switch and comfortable one-hand operation. Moreover, the side of the box houses a button which is primarily used for resetting the headset, and the rate of utilization is average.

    A lightning mark can be seen at the back of the box, indicating that it supports wireless charging. It doesn’t specifically say it supports Qi-standard wireless charging. As far as portability is concerned, it seems to comfortably fit inside the pocket due to its relatively flat design, although the overall size of the charging case isn’t very small.

    As far as the headset body of the Air 2 Pro is concerned, it seems to adopt a regular Pods-style design, which looks like a headset without wires. The material used for the earphone shell is the same as the material used for the charging box. It sports a mirror design on the exterior.

    This particular portion is made using ceramic material and also serves as the touch operation area of the device. Users can access different functions simply by double-tapping and long pressing. The headset comes with an infrared sensor that can identify the user’s use status, and enable the functions the pauses the headset when taken off and continues playing if worn back within 2 minutes of taking them off.

    The headset comes with a total of four sets of replaceable earplugs (S, M, L, XL), but the earplug model has M size installed as default. Aside from earplugs, the package includes other accessories such as a Type-C charging cable and a Getting Started Guide.

    Connecting the Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Headset Air 2 Pro is quite simple. First off, you need to install the Xiao Ai app on your Xiaomi-branded smartphone. Even when installed on a non-Xiaomi branded phone, there will be a pop-up window requesting the user to connect as soon as the charging box cover is opened.

    Once the mobile phone is connected, the user can set up the headset using the app. For instance, the two phones of the left and right ears can respond to different commands, select the noise reduction mode, smart scene settings, and more. The app allows the user to keep track of the power of the charging box and a single headset, and the power information can also be displayed in the notification bar.

    The headset has a 12mm large-size dynamic coil. When it comes to hearing, the w-frequency performance is relatively prominent, and it does not just focus on weight, and there is no loss of high and mid-frequency performance either. In other words, it is more balanced.

    Furthermore, it also supports LHDC 3.0 technology, so once you connect a mobile phone that also supports LHDC, the audio transmission ensures that the sound quality is not damaged to the greatest extent, in addition to effectively reducing the delay. This is particularly advantageous for those who fancy playing games.

    It is probably the main reason for the noise reduction experience. The Xiaomi true wireless Bluetooth headset Air 2 Pro does not sport a semi-in-ear design, considering that earplugs can considerably enhance the passive noise reduction effect. According to Xiaomi, this headset delivers a 100-3000MHz broadband noise reduction effect, with a minimum of 100-3000MHz broadband noise reduction effect.

    In terms of actual experience, the ambient sound of the bus, train, or large supermarkets will be nearly isolated. It also offers impressive performance even on a plane since it is effective even on aircraft engine noise, and it is well-filtered.

    The headset effectively cuts off most of the noise even in the office, including the usual communication voice of colleagues. Xiaomi official claims this headset delivers a single-use time of 7 hours with the active noise reduction turned off, and the active noise reduction is turned on for 5 hours, the charging box still delivers four times of power.

    In other words, turning noise reduction off, and turning noise reduction delivers 28 hours and 20 hours of power support, respectively. The Air 2 Pro is currently the highest-positioned device among Xiaomi’s True Wireless Headset products.

    It is crafted to offer a seamless listening experience. The only downside is the slightly plastic charge and that a single earphone weighs in at 6.5grams. However, considering that it retails for 699 yuan, these shortcomings can be ignored.

    You can head straight to this link to get your hands on the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro for $129 from Giztop, which is touted as one of China’s most reliable online stores. The product is rated 5 Stars on the review on the e-tailer’s website.


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