Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock Review: Ensures Safety Of Your Family Without Emptying Your Pockets

    Xiaomi has been releasing new Smart Home products from time to time in its home market China. Living up to its reputation, the Chinese tech behemoth introduced its first fully automatic smart door lock called the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock in Sept. this year.

    Smart door locks are an important component of Xiaomi and Mijia’s smart home segment, and they do not disappoint when it comes to an overall security experience and the price. The emphasis in Xiaomi’s latest automatic smart door lock is on the word “automatic,” which seems to grab consumers’ attention. It is currently up for grabs on Giztop.

    The Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock comes in a small package, unlike most smart door locks that arrive in heavy, big packages. In fact, the overall size of the package box can be compared to the volume of a 1.5L bottle of beverage. Although portability is not one of the key factors when it comes to door locks, the compact packaging that Xiaomi’s smart door lock comes in is pretty impressive.

    In terms of appearance, the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock adopts a familiar black-tinted design, and the unified feeling of the panel both on the inside, as well as on the outside is well-maintained. The metal portion of the door lock has been sprayed with electrophoresis, which considerably minimizes the possibility of paint coming off.

    Aside from the panel, the core part of the door lock is made using sturdy alloy material, and the corners of the lock undergo the CNC process to offer a good feel. At first glance, the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock looks like any other push-pull door lock, but on closer inspection, you will notice that the handle is actually fixed. This also reflects the “automatic” nature of the smart door lock.

    Whether you are opening the door from the outside or the inside of your home, the smart lock automatically completes the opening process using the motor. This offers a good experience in actual use. Ensuring structural stability is important.

    Earlier, handles of the smart door locks installed in homes would usually fall off, and the push-pull door locks also face a similar problem. Xiaomi’s smart door lock allows users to open the door without even pressing, pushing, or pulling since it is fully automatic. This comes in handy when a user is carrying a lot of items in their hands and is unable to open the door.

    The bolt design and the motor insider the lock cylinder play an important role in making the door lock fully automatic. This is also the key difference between Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock and other similar products. The in-line C-level lock cylinder is also for safety purposes. Moreover, the gadgets lock automatically within just 0.8 seconds, saving you the effort of hitting the door. This is particularly a useful feature for families that have small babies.

    The Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock supports seven unlocking methods including NFC, HomeKit, mobile phone Bluetooth, key, temporary password, password, and fingerprint. NFC, password, and fingerprint are the most commonly preferred unlocking methods.

    If you have a Xiaomi-branded phone or bracelet, this smart door lock can be unlocked directly via NFC. In other words, there’s an unlocking method for every age group. As far as the fingerprint module is concerned, Xiaomi’s smart door lock adopts a generation of multi-dimensional fingerprint recognition technology. The official fingerprint recognition rate is 98.94 percent.

    The response speed of the fingerprint recognition is fast even during this period of use. Moreover, it has a duress fingerprint alarm function, which allows users to set the door lock in advance using the Mijia app. If someone uses the fingerprint option to unlock the door, the emergency contact will be notified immediately through a call.

    This fully automatic smart door lock can be linked to other Mi IoT and HomeKit devices, including turning on the camera monitoring automatically when there is no one in the house, or opening the curtains, and even turning the lights on after coming back home. Moreover, it also has a smart doorbell, which helps you avoid installing a lot of other equipments.

    The Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock is backed by 8 AA batteries that last for about 12 months if the door is opened and closed ten times a day. Note that the Mijia super battery is likely to last more than 12 months.

    Users are recommended to check regularly whether or not the battery is leaking to avoid damage to the door lock. The Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock retails for 1799 yuan and is currently at 1699 yuan in crowdfunding. This fully automatic door lock provides high security but is still one of the most inexpensive alternatives available on the market. You can visit this link to buy the Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock for $249 from Giztop.


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