Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse Pad in 2020

    When it comes to buying the right products there’s a lot to look out for that’s why today we’ve picked and reviewed the five best models for you. We’ve spent many hours researching these products and we’ve ranked them by many different factors such as price quality, durability, performance and more.

    SteelSeries QcK

    SteelSeries QcK is a large sized gaming mouse pad that has high quality great design and overall it feels very smooth and comfortable. It’s designed to have a non-slip a bass that won’t let the pad slide on the surface which is amazing it’s one of the most amazing mouse pads on the market.

    Without a doubt the best thing about it is that it’s not only for gaming but you can also use it in your office without a problem. When it comes to design the first thing, I noticed was that it was heavy and thick but it felt so comfortable and smooth overall the design is pretty simple and plain.

    It has a very solid build quality which means that it’s built to last this mouse pad provides a fluid movement of the mouse and is a good option for those that don’t want a table size mouse pad. This mousepad has many more great advantages like the large surface area the great grip to avoid flopping and it also is pretty easy to clean it has a rubber base to make it stick to the surface.

    Buy SteelSeries QcK

    Logitech G640

    Logitech G640 is designed for gamers who play with low DPI mice because it provides the soft fabric surface with moderate friction and a clean consistent texture. The rubber base prevents the mousepad from slipping it has a flexible cloth construction that allows you to roll up the mousepad and take it with you.

    Wherever you go it features a surface heat treated at 392 degrees Fahrenheit to provide just the right amount of friction for low DPI gaming maneuvers when it comes to design, I must say this one is built to last. It’s very durable has a very smooth and comfortable gliding experience and whether using an optical or laser mouse the G640 gives gamers access to enhanced sensor accuracy and precision.

    Buy Logitech G640

    HyperX Fury S

    HyperX Fury S is one of the best large gaming mouse and keyboard pads in the market. It is the HyperX Fury S is very popular among professionals and enthusiasts alike that can deliver you amazing gaming experiences.

    It has a nice design for a desk sized mousepad and its large enough to accommodate your keyboard too it has a pretty good textured base which does a great job of keeping the pad in place it has nice stitched edges and it’s finished with a HyperX logo on the bottom right hand corner of the pad which looks pretty cool.

    Buy HyperX Fury S

    Cooler Master MP510

    Another great gaming mouse pad is the Cooler Master MP510. This is one of the most popular when it comes to those made of courtier fabric. The mouse pads come in three different sizes and they’re all splash resistant they feature a logo that glows in the dark and they also have stitched edges.

    The Cooler Master MP510 is one of the best in the market and you should give it a look the first thing you’ll notice. If you purchase this one is that the pad will need a little bit of time to lay out flat to be usable this means you should let it lay out overnight without any added weight and it’ll be perfect it has an amazing build quality.

    It’ll last you for years the reason for that is that it’s made of quarter err a highly durable nylon fabric the backing of the pad is made out of regular textured rubber that tends to stick to the tabletop better. It has an amazing performance and none of the other parts in the market have a similar weaving to the Cooler Master MP510 thanks to its unique surface type and material.

    Buy Cooler Master MP510

    Zowie G-SR

    Zowie G-SR is one of the best gaming mouse pads in the market without a doubt. It’s a lot wider than it is high so the G-SR is more rectangular than some other mouse pads out there. When it comes to design the small is not very thick which means that if you’re playing on a massively uneven surface you might encounter some issues.

    However, it still is thick enough to cover up small imperfections on the playing surface it looks great and it has a very solid build quality moving on to performance. First you should know that the materials and the finishing on this one is very high-end which impact directly in gameplay and give you a better experience during gaming.

    Buy Zowie G-SR

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