Sony WF-XB700 Wireless Earbuds Review

    On May 7, Sony officially released four new headsets.

    Similar to previous information blog The Walkman Blog, Sony’s four new headphones include the true wireless noise-cancelling headset WF-SP800N, the headset WH-CH710N, the neck-mounted wireless headset WI-SP510, and the EXTRA BASS series of real wireless headphones we’ve got, the WF-XB700.

    Sony WF-XB700 review 2

    As can be seen from the naming, the WF-SP800N is an upgrade to the SPORT True Wireless Noise Reduction Headset WF-SP700N, while the WH-CH710N is an update to the entry-level headset, both of which are basically updated with Sony’s usual technical upgrades. If you’ve seen changes in Sony’s other products, you should also know how the differences between the two models are.

    Sony WF-XB700 review 3

    Design and Appearance

    In contrast, this release of the WF-XB700 is a new class for the entire EXTRA BASS system. After all, this is the first true wireless headset in THE EXTRA BASS.

    Like other entry-level products, the WF-XB700’s packaging is relatively simple.

    Design and Appearance 4

    The inner box is just a simple black paper box, inside with plastic sub-layer, the blister on the earphones and charging box, the underlying plastic is packed with transparent plastic bag replacement plug, charging USB-C short line and headphone-related paper documents.

    The plug is directly packed with plastic bags, there are three different sets of sizes for users to choose.

    Design and Appearance 5

    Like the EXTRA BASS, a series of positioning-biased entry points, packaging is simpler and acceptable. After all, this time the WF-XB700 is already on the USB-C interface, and finding replacement wires isn’t really that hard.

    On the contrary, replace the plug when you need to find something to pack, to avoid loss.

    Design and Appearance 6

    The WF-XB700’s charging case features a diagonal triangular design with a matte transparent design with a certain light transmission, but under the influence of this matte detail, the interior cannot be seen.

    Design and Appearance 7

    The lower half of the box is also made of matte plastic, similar to the NEX series of micro-single cameras, but the WF-XB700’s grainy feel will be a little bigger and the roughness of the hand will be stronger.

    The charging case is relatively clean and there are no keys or connectors except the USB-C connector on the back. The bottom of the box is also a flat ellipse, and the ring is designed a bit like the first-generation WF-1000X.

    Design and Appearance 8

    The difference is that the WF-XB700 doesn’t come with an NFC module, so it can’t achieve contact pairing.

    Design and Appearance 9

    The Magnetic Suction Structure

    Sony in the headphone slot to add a magnetic suction structure, magnetic suction force is also relatively large, the headset gently put on can directly suck, even if the position is slightly crooked a little bit can also be corrected.

    Compared to the charging cases that are fixed with a lid or without a magnetic suction structure, the WF-XB700 is a little ahead here.

    The Magnetic Suction Structure 10

    Like the charging case, the WF-XB700 headphone section looks simply. Its housing is designed in a WF-H800-like design, and the oval housing is paired with a bright finish edifice to give a certain knock-on effect.

    However, the WF-XB700 color scheme is not as much as the main color WF-H800, and is currently only available in black and blue.

    The Magnetic Suction Structure 11

    As an entry-level true wireless headset under EXTRA BASS, the WF-XB700 also retains the physical keys. The keys are hidden under the headset and can be reached by the user’s hand. And only a single button, just remember the simple manipulation gestures can be used, it is actually very convenient to use.

    Of course, for those accustomed to the WF-1000XM3, it would be better if the WF-XB700 could also use the touch button.

    The Magnetic Suction Structure 12

    The design of the WF-XB700 is actually relatively simple. While EXTRA BASS is also, to some extent, a series featuring young people, Sony doesn’t really use some independent elements in its design.

    Instead, the biggest highlight of the WF-XB700’s appearance is actually on the wear.

    The Magnetic Suction Structure 13

    Two Stage Structure Design Headset

    The headset features a two-stage structure, with Sony’s new generation of “three-point fixed structure”, which allows the WF-XB700 to be stalely stuck to the ear through a second layer of structure, without the need for external ear hangers and shark fin-style glue plugs to be over-fixed.

    Two Stage Structure Design Headset 14

    As long as the user selects the size of the plug, that headset can be stable, no need to fine-tune, operation is still very convenient. But if you haven’t tried this ear-holding wear before, it’s recommended to try the product before deciding.

    Two Stage Structure Design Headset 15

    Connectivity Features

    In terms of connectivity, the WF-XB700 is also the most basic standard combination of Sony’s true wireless headphones.

    The headset supports Bluetooth 5.0, and like Sony’s real wireless headset, it supports a simultaneous connection to the left and right headphones for increased stability.

    Connectivity Features 16

    The WF-XB700 also performs well in a stable connected experience. Normal listening to music and watching video did not find a significant delay, the headset response speed is also very fast, even if one of the backs to the charging case and then retrieve, the WF-XB700 can achieve rapid response and pairing, daily use performance is actually OK.

    However, the WF-XB700 is not a product that specializes in ultra-low latency, and if you want to play “chicken” or some game that is more demanding for sound, the pressure of the WF-XB700 will be relatively high.

    Connectivity Features 17

    But for Sony, the WF-XB700’s performance is also to be expected.

    Since the release of the WF-1000XM3, Sony’s true wireless headset has improved its connectivity by several steps, and time-lapse control and connection stability control are much better than the WF-SP700 and WF-1000X phases, and now entry-level products like the WF-XB700 are a smooth and stable experience, which is a basic requirement for real wireless headsets, but Sony is now able to achieve this goal, but it’s certainly worth it.

    At the very least, when choosing a non-flagship product like the WF-XB700, you have to struggle with delay and unstable connections.

    Connectivity Features 18

    In addition to connection stability, the WF-XB700’s battery life can actually be mentioned.

    The WF-XB700 supports 9 hours of playback, and the charging case provides approximately 9 hours of playback time for the headset, both of which together provide 18 hours of playback. In addition, the WF-XB700 has fast charging mode, which provides approximately 1 hour of playback time with 10 minutes of charge.

    Battery Life

    In this regard, the WF-XB700’s battery life is actually satisfactory, whether it is “fast charging mode” or headset battery life is actually up to the current level of most real wireless headphones, single headphones have 9 hours of battery life is actually quite surprising.

    The experience would be even better if the charging case could provide too much power so that the entire combination could be played 24 hours a day.

    Battery Life 19

    Sound Performance

    In terms of sound performance, the WF-XB700 features EXTRA BASS sound.

    EXTRA BASS focuses on low-frequency performance, highlighting sound characteristics by enhancing low-frequency dives and impact.

    However, Sony has not yet made public the specific parameters of the WF-XB700 on the official website, so details such as unit configuration are not yet clear. However, according to Sony’s current specifications, the WF-XB700 should not support aptX, and in theory will still support AAC and SBC products.

    Sound Performance

    Streaming Services

    Apple Music Connecting devices: iPhone 11 Pro Max

    But from a specific hearing point of view, the WF-XB700 performed well.

    Under the influence of EXTRA BASS, the WF-XB700 has a certain low frequency dive that doesn’t sound too thin. Drum point output is also powerful, but now the Sony style is still light and clear before, even if it is the production of EXTRA BASS, the drum will not have a strong output situation. But for someone I like to be light and a little cold, the WF-XB700 is actually enough.

    The WF-XB700 may not be able to meet your needs if you want that “twisted” effect.

    Streaming Services

    Vocal Output

    The WF-XB700’s vocal output is also comfortable and occasionally a little loose, but acceptable in the face of entry positioning. Sound performance is not prominent, but also will not have a clear sense of roughness and dryness, is a relatively balanced performance of the entry sound.

    Overall, the WF-XB700 is a very standard Sony starter headset. It is both a test of the “evergreen series” EXTRA BASS market for real wireless headsets and a result of Sony’s thinking on the positioning of the entry-level true wireless headset.

    The Four Point Combination

    The simplest configuration, combined with Sony’s own best price, plus one or two small highlights such as battery life and stability improvement, makes the four-point combination the wf-XB700 all. If you’re clinging to THE four letters OF SONY and just want a simple real wireless headset, the WF-XB700 may also appear on your alternative list.

    The Four Point Combination

    The Pricing Comparison

    However, the WF-XB700 is currently in the pre-sale state, and the price is 999 yuan in china. For young people who want to taste it, there’s a bit of pressure.

    But considering that Sony’s main battleground in the price war has always had little to do with pricing. Predecessors like the WI-1000X and WF-1000X3, they’ve actually shown amazing competitiveness after a period of price adjustment. Or it might be better to wait until you ship first before you go to see the WF-XB700.

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