Roborock T7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: A High-Tech Sweeping Robot That Gives You Freedom From Cleaning And Mopping

    Roborock propelled straight to skyrocketing popularity after designing manufacturing the MIJIA Robot Vacuum cleaner that was well-received by the consumers. Still riding high on the success of its previous product, the company came up with the first Roborock Sweep One Robot vacuum cleaner and went on to release a myriad of other products.

    As part of the company’s plan to keep rolling out newfangled products, Roborock has released a new model dubbed the Roborock T7 Pro Robot Vacuum. With Double Eleven just around the corner, big manufacturers as well as small companies are gearing up to make a big splash in the upcoming shopping festival. You can purchase the Roborock T7 Pro from Giztop.

    People aren’t as keen as they used to be when it came to buying clothing and daily necessities products a few years ago but are more interested in smart home products, demand for sweeping robots is particularly high. This device come in handy for keeping your surrounding clean and tidy, which is otherwise a backbreaking, and time-consuming task, especially if you are a working man or woman.

    The widely-acclaimed Roborock T7 sweeping robot adopts a simple style and retains Roborock’s familiar design pattern, with a front-mounted protruding circle which serves as a laser ranging sensor and a laser pressure sensor. The top of the sensor sports the Roborock’s LOGO design.

    The Roborock T7 Pro is available only in obsidian black color option. Unlike white or any other lighter shade, black offers a relatively stronger texture. Aside from not being too simple, black color matches with pieces of furniture in most people’s houses too. The surface process of the Roborock T7 Pro has been changed to IMR (in-mold transfer) from high gloss spray-free paint.

    Upfront, the Roborock T7 Pro houses three physical buttons that perform multiple operations such as reboot, networking, start, and stop. Product size, especially height, is more important than appearance when it comes to floor-sweeping robots. The Roborock T7 Pro is 96.5mm thick, which makes it easier for the device to clean even hard-to-reach corners including the bottom of the TV cabinet or sofa.

    Moreover, it can efficiently overcome small obstacles at home. The size of the charging base isn’t larger than similar products available on the market. At the back, the Roborock T7 Pro charging base has a winding feature that lets you control the length of the wire as per your needs. At the bottom, the Roborock T7 Pro features a one-sided rotary brush that efficiently sweeps away accumulated dust on the walls and corners.

    The brush is also capable of intelligently adjusting rotational speed, meaning, when the robot sweeps the wall or corner position, the brush will rotate at a higher speed, and when it is not on the wall, the brush speed will automatically reduce to avoid spreading the garbage in all other directions.

    To solve the problem of long hair winding around the main brush, near the rotating shaft, the Roborock T7 Pro main brush swivel uses a quick disassembly design, allowing you to remove the shaft cap and take the hair wrapped in it easily by turning it around.

    The water tank of the Roborock T7 Pro features a more high-tech electronically controlled effluent design as compared to the plant bionic water tank. This allows the robot to control the water output when mopping the floor. When you preset the cleaning mode of the sweeping robot with this function, you can set a small amount of water in the bedroom, and the living room, and a large amount of water in the kitchen.

    Although it looks small, the water tank has a capacity of 297ml capacity. On the downside, the water injection outlet of the water tank isn’t wide enough, the filter is relatively dense. In other words, you cannot turn the faucet on when water is being injected, and have to wait until it is filled.

    The Roborock T7 Pro is backed by a built-in battery of 5200mAh capacity, and maximum suction of 2500pa, which is on par with its predecessor, the Roborock T7. Note that the appearance and the basic functions of the Roborock T7 Pro are similar to the Roborock T7, but the Pro variant comes with an AI binocular system, two 500W pixels 120-degree wide-angle cameras in front of the fuselage and is powered by a Qualcomm 8-core CPU.

    The Roborock T7 Pro will set you back 3899 yuan, which is 400 yuan more than its precursor. For shelling out extra money, you get an AI binocular vision system and more intelligent obstacle avoidance.

    Other interesting features include a real-time video function and its ability to monitor the house. If you have small children, or pets at home, and keeping your home feels like an arduous task, the Roborock T7 Pro is a good choice.

    You can visit this link to get your hands on the Roborock T7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner for $499 from Giztop.

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