Realme Q3 Pro Review: An affordable phone with Dimensity 1100 5G, up to 8GB RAM and 6.4-inch Samsung AMOLED screen

    Realme Q3 Pro Review: Following its events in Europe and India, Realme unveiled its Q3 series in China. The lineup encompasses three budget-friendly brand new 5G phones starting at just CNY 1,000 (about $155).The Q3 series precursor, the Q series was launched in 2020, and Realme exclusively released the Q2 series for the 11.11 big promotion. The sales volume of the Q2 series exceeded 1 million units on Apr. 15, according to the company’s vice president, Xu Qi.

    The recently unveiled Q3 series includes the Realme Q3 Pro, Realme Q3 5G, and the Realme Q3i 5G. Touted as the leader of the pack, the Realme Q3 Pro carries a relatively steeper price tag of CNY 1,600, but you can get your hands on the Q3 Pro for just $399 from Giztop by following this link.


    The overall layout design of Realme’s recently released phones including Realme GT, GT Neo, and X7 Pro Extreme Edition, and the V13 has not changed much. To enhance the recognition of a single product when there are no major changes in the styling design or the big frame, Realme came up with a good solution.

    The solution involves adopting the color contrast process of the plain leather and the glass on the Realme GT, the matte surface stitching on the GT Neo, and the large logo on the Q and V series to improve a single product.

    Realme brought the holographic fluorescent trendy design (firefly phone) for the Q3 Pro, combining high-efficiency light-storing luminous materials and fluorescent colors on the back cover of the phone for the first time.

    The back cover of the TrueWo Q3 Pro Firefly Color Edition features a frosted design with very obvious granularity. The 3D laser engraving process forms a tiny 3D texture on the product’s surface. Note that there will be a rustling sound on the shell.

    There is also a “Dare To Leap” character design on the right side of the phone’s matte body. This area also uses light-storing luminous materials to absorb light during the day and emit light at night. The characters “Dare To Leap” will look like a firefly at night, when it fully absorbs light.

    The Q3 Pro’s dimensions are 158.5×73.3×8.4mm and the phone weighs 179 grams. Moreover, the phone is backed by a large 4500mAh battery.

    Other configurations include Dolby stereo dual speakers and Tactile Engine linear motor. In addition to that, the Q3 Pro has the dual certification of Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res “Small Gold Standard.”

    The TrueWo Q3 Pro features a 6.4-inch 120Hz Samsung AMOLED screen with a 120Hz high refresh rate and 360Hz ultra-high touch sampling rate. The screen covers 100% of the DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and the local maximum brightness is 1000nit. The screen also supports HDR high dynamic range movies.


    The Realwo Q3 Pro packs the Dimensity 1100 chip, which was released in Jan. and has performance comparable to flagship products. The chip uses TSMC’s 6nm process technology, including 4 A78 2.6GHz cores, 4 A55 2.0GHz cores, GPU uses ARM G77 MC9 and supports dual-channel UFS 3.1.

    Furthermore, the Dimensity 1100 has four A78 cores, meaning it will offer good performance in terms of multi-core. As far as the network is concerned, it supports 5G dual card dual standby, the dual card supports independent networking, 5G dual-carrier aggregation, VoNR, and other new 5G application technologies.

    The Q3 Pro’s performance was tested by running software such as Antutu. You can check out the specific performance below.

    The following comparison chart of running scores in the off-screen test in Manhattan shows that the Dimensity 1100 is similar to the Snapdragon 865. In the Geekbench4 test, the multi-core performance of the chip surpassed that of the Snapdragon 865.

    In the AnTuTu running score comparison, the score of the chip exceeded that of other models powered by Snapdragon 865. As compared to the performance of the Realme Q2 Pro, the Q3 Pro has been greatly improved.

    For testing, their games included Original God, Call of Duty, and Peace Elite were used.

    In the first Yuanshen game, the game quality selected was high, with a 60 frame rate. The game scene selected is the Wild Adventure + Fighting Monsters the 25-minute average frame rate is 53.5fps. For an affordable handset, this performance has been quite good.

    When you first enter the game, Original God, there are freezes due to the screen loading. In the actual measurement of the three games including Pharaoh, Peace Elite, and Call of Duty, the power consumption of Pharaoh is the highest when gaming, and the body temperature is also the highest.

    The performance mode was turned on, the maximum brightness was locked, and the indoor environment was around 20 degrees Celcius. After 30 minutes of playing Original God, the temperature on the back of the fuselage reached about 42.6 degrees Celcius, while the temperature on the front reached 45.9 degrees Celcius.

    The 15 minutes of Peace Elite has an average frame rate of 39.8fps at the highest image quality, which is stable.

    In CoD Mobile, a round of “tactical team competition” (exquisite + extreme frame rate) of about 4 minutes, with an average frame rate of 59.4fps, basically achieved a full-frame effect.

    With Dimensity 1100 support, the phone’s performance reaches the first echelon in the same gear. As far as power consumption is concerned, the phone’s average power consumption playing Peace Elite is 3.36W, and the power consumption of CoD Mobile is close to 3.39W.

    The average power consumption of Original God is the highest, reaching 5.31W. A total of 15 percent of the battery will be consumed for 30 minutes of The Original God at the highest image quality, highest brightness, and 30 percent volume.


    TrueWo Q3 Pro comes with a newly upgraded 64MP streamer portrait three shots, a 64MP main camera, an 8MP super wide-angle and a 2MP million macro. The main camera has an aperture of F1.79 with a good blur effect.

    The single-pixel of the 119 degrees ultra-wide-angle lens can reach 1.12 micrometer, and the face anti-distortion function is added. The 2MP macro lens adds playability to the photo.

    TrueWo Q3 Pro supports streamer portrait, multi-scene video, night scene filter, super night scene, EIS video super anti-shake, and a slew of other functions. You can check out the samples below.

    These daytime proofs were captured on a rainy day. The exposure of the samples is good and the color saturation is slightly higher and the overall tolerance of the picture is acceptable.

    In some scenes, including ones where there was no sufficient light, the sharpness of the samples is slightly higher, and the color reduction is more accurate. The ultra-wide-angle performance is acceptable, but there will be some noise after zooming it.


    The Realme Q3 Pro runs the Realme UI 2.0 system based on Android 11. It is a simple and beautiful UI interface with a slew of useful functions.

    The recently launched theme color customization engine built in 5 major color systems and 10 monochrome colors, enabling users to turn their favorite trendy colors into the theme colors of the system.

    The Realme UI 2.0 icons offer more customization items such as adjusting the font size of the application name, applying any third-party icon pack you like, and more.

    Moreover, the Realme UI 2.0 also brings movie subtitles splicing and sharing, sleeping capsules, and other functions. While watching a movie, you can access subtitle splicing through the smart sidebar, and then take a screenshot to select the splicing. After selecting the text part, you can easily share the movie line fragments.


    The holographic fluorescent trendy design of the Realme Q3 Pro is simply amazing. The affordable handset provides users with superior performance.

    Dimensity 1100, 120Hz Samsung AMOLED high-brush screen, linear motor, Dolby Atoms stereo dual speakers enhance the overall experience.

    The 6GB RAM+128GB ROM version will set you back 1599 yuan, the 8GB RAM+128GB ROM version retails for 1799 yuan, while the 8GB RAM+256GB ROM model carries a 1999 yuan price tag.

    You can follow this link to purchase the 8GB RAM+128GB ROM model for $399 and the 8GB RAM+256GB ROM for $379 from Giztop.


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