Realme Q2 Review: An Affordable 5G Phone Packed With Awe-Inspiring Surprises

    On Oct. 13, Realme kicked off what turned out to be a big week of phone announcements, introducing a trio of affordable devices under its well-received Q2 brand. These entirely new devices come with Android 10 out of the box, and 5G capabilities. Note that you can purchase the newfangled handset from Giztop.

    Realme unveiled new products in Sept., and the company launched the X series and the V series, which are designed to leapfrog. The company also held this month’s first press conference in the mobile phone segment by officially launching the Realme Q2 series, loaded with surprises. The Real Self Q2 series is designed keeping the upcoming Double 11 in mind and is expected to be the model that fit inside the budget of cost-conscious buyers.

    Real me Q2

    The Q series is teeming with surprise and leapfrogging for the Realme brand, providing unexpected configurations to customers in all aspects such as price, performance, 5G, and more. 5G has already become the key to the competition between leading handset makers. Earlier, Realwo V3 brought the price of the 5G mobile phone down to only 999 yuan, causing quite a stir in the industry.

    Realme Q2 plays a vital role in popularizing 5G. Carrying a thousand-yuan price tag, it allows even those on a tight budget to consider buying a 5G phone. This is the surprise element that Realme is bringing to its users through the Q series. Let’s take a look together at the surprises and leapfrogs the Real Me Q2 has to offer.


    The outward appearance plays an important role in luring consumers to purchase a product that’s meant to be used for a long time such as a mobile phone. The Realme Q2 adopts the diamond-cut texture and a nano-holographic illusion design, which is particularly outstanding in the thousand yuan range at the moment. Unveiled earlier this year, the phone leapfrogged as far as design is concerned about overhauling the logo design.

    The “realme” logo is placed at the back of the phone, and the AG process enhances the beauty and boosts the identity of the Realme Q2. Placed alongside a horizontally aligned camera module, the big logo has also become a unique landscape.

    Real me Q2

    The middle frame part, the right middle frame houses the fingerprint power button, which lights the screen every time you unlock the phone. A large number of Android mobile phones launched this year sport the fingerprint sensor on the side, even if they cost a few thousand yuan.

    Real me Q2

    We need to eliminate an optimistic perception, while evaluation of the side fingerprint design. The bottom middle frame serves as real estate for the Type-C charging port and 3.5mm headphone port, which is preferred by most users. Moreover, the charging habit satisfies the fortunateness of wearing wired earphones to listen to music.

    Real me Q2

    The Q2 sports a massive 6.5-inch digging full screen, with a 90.7 percent screen-to-body ratio for a more immersive experience, especially while reading or watching movies. It is worth mentioning here that the screen of the Q2 supports a 120Hz screen refresh rate, whether it is sliding the screen or browsing information, it offers a seamless experience.


    Smartphones that cost thousands of yuan, usually meet the price needs of users, but most users complain about insufficient performance and tend to get stuck while using the phone. Eventually, consumers start avoiding products in that price range. The Q2, on the other hand, can surprise users what the superior performance experience it delivers.

    Under the hood, the Q2 packs a powerful Dimensity 800U processor, which was originally released for the X7, and has garnered positive market feedback. Dimensity 800U processor uses 7nm low-power technology, the CPU uses the combination of large core ARM A76 architecture and small core ARM A55, eight cores. Note that the highest frequency is 2.4GHz, which delivers the strongest performance so that you can play large-scale mobile games without experiencing any sort of interruption.

    Furthermore, it supports the industry’s advanced 5G+5G dual card dual standby technology, on the main card, as well as the secondary card, allowing you to freely enjoy 5G networks. DNT 800U theoretical offers peak speeds of up to 2.3 4Gbps, minimizing the consumption of the Smart. 5G by 10 percent, which means, you save more energy even after daily use.

    To bring higher speed, the device uses dual-channel network acceleration that may implement a WiFi / 5G overlay network. To better understand the performance of the Realme Q2, we ran a score with AnTuTu and got a high score of 331115 points, which surpasses 38 percent of users. As far as specific running points are concerned, the CPU scores 105535 points, GPU scores 88958 points, UX scores 71590 points, and MEM scores 65032 points.


    Moreover, we tried playing the Glory of the King mobile game to test the frame rate of the Q2. It is worth noting that the installation package for this game increases with each update, meaning, mobile phones with mediocre memory will not be able to run this game smoothly. Taking this into consideration, we can say that it is a high-performance game, particularly when it comes to releasing 5V5 team battles.

    "King of Glory" frame rate

    The superposition of multiple skills and special effects will bring numerous challenges to the phone. As a test, we play the game for 11 minutes and found that the average frame rate of the Q2 remained at 60fps without any sort of frame rate fluctuation throughout the game. As far as the in-game stuttering is concerned, there was no more frame rate curve during the game.


    Given that there is no there was no more frame rate curve, we suggest avid mobile gamers will be able to boldly start playing their favorite games on the Q2 without lagging or facing any other issue. Furthermore, we used Speedtest to determine the 5G capabilities of the Q2.

    game download

    Through actual tests, we found that Under China Unicom’s 500Mbps speed limit package, the phone’s downlink rate can reach 481Mbps, the uplink rate can reach 96.4Mbps, while the Ping value is 8. Milliseconds, and jitter 2 milliseconds. In short, the overall performance is very good.

    If you try to download a game using the 5G network, you will get an amazing download speed. Taking the 1.88GB Peace Elite game as an example, we found that the peak speed can reach 50MB/s, and 50 percent of the game can be downloaded within just ten seconds. Note that all downloads are completed in under one minute.


    The RealmeQ2 draws its juices from a large 5000mAh battery, which can last for normal use for one day. The battery supports a 30W smart flash charge and can charge a mobile phone backed by a 5000mAh battery to 100 percent within just 65 minutes, meaning, you can finally bid goodbye to battery anxiety. Compared to competitiveness products at the same price offer, the 30W fast charging is simply incomparable.


    The Q2 adopts a 48MP wide-angle three-camera design with an array of gameplay methods including super macro mode and ultra-wide-angle mode, which can meet your daily photo needs. We checked the Q2’s performance in different outdoor environments and found that it captured more vivid pictures of flowers that looked beautiful under the sun.

    Real me Q2 proofs
    Real me Q2 proofs

    In a low-light environment, the phone’s camera offered a more realistic output. The Q2 also supports up to 10x digital zoom. We captured a photo using the 2X zoom, and compared it with the image captured using the 1X zoom, and found that the quality dropped slightly, but the overall viewing is not affected. Aside from that, the overall color of the picture after zooming maintains good consistency even with the 1X zoom.

    Images captured using the ultra-wide-angle camera show that the displayable content will increase and the picture will look more magnificent, especially when shooting high-rise buildings. The ultra-wide-angle mode can also be used to shoot portraits.

    Conclusion As the first device in the Q series, the Realme Q2 boasts an impressive array of specifications and features including the 5000mAh battery + 30W smart flash charger and offers strong competition among products in the same price range. The battery and fast charge combined gives users a lot of surprises.

    Aside from the use of Density 800U, Q2 brings more choice to consumers that face the future trend of 5G. You can head straight to this link to get your hands on the feature-laden Realme Q2 smartphone from Giztop.


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