Realme GT Review: Realme’s First Flagship Phone In 2021

    Realme GT Review:Oppo revealed a new flagship code-named “Race” during the Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit, which took place in Dec. 2020. This phone was finally released on Mar. 4 bearing a Realme GT moniker.

    In this article, we will discuss the experience of the Realme GT phone, so without further ado, let’s look at it through the review. 


    GT is likely to remind people of racing and speed. The GT in Realme GT represents speed. The phone’s design is inspired by a sports car, and based on the concept of “speed aesthetics”. The glass back shell of the Realme GT, which is made of 3D glass adds a sense of speed.

    The shell of the Realme GT undergoes PET, multi-color offset printing, UV texture transfer (optical-grade texture mold), sputtering coating, and other processes. This gives the surface accelerated track pattern. Aside from giving good layering, the deep texture gives the phone a bit of a lingli and trendy.

    However, the design does not affect the overall simplicity and order of the phone. The camera and text logo are arranged vertically, and they are all placed on the left side. The phone houses a 6.43-inch full screen, with a circular opening in the upper left corner of the screen, and the slightly slit earpiece is located on the top.

    The Realme GT has a narrow screen frame, but there is nothing special about it. The middle frame is made of plastic and the surface is polished like a metal. This may be the compromise to make the phone’s price below 3,000 yuan.

    The microphone is placed at the top of the middle frame, while the speaker, USB interface, and microphone are located at the bottom. The volume button and the SIM card slot are placed on the left side, and the right side features the power button.

    The Realme GT weighs 186g, which is relatively lighter than most current smartphones. Since the back of the phone is processed by a 3D hot bending molding process, the curvature fits the palm. 

    Performance experience

    Positioned as a flagship phone, the Realme GT’s key point is cost performance. It packs Qualcomm’s strongest Snapdragon 888 mobile platform and is based on 5nm technology. Process and core architecture, one Cortex-X1 at 2.84GHz have a 30 percent increase in peak performance, three 2.4GHz A78s have sustained performance improvement by 20 percent power consumption has been brought down by 50 percent, and four 1.8 GHz A55 efficiency cores.

    The Realme GT comes with a 12GB full blood version of LPDDR5 storage, which has a theoretical performance increase of 16 percent. It has UFS3.1 storage, and the sequential write performance is as high as 770Mbs/s.

    In terms of the phone’s actual performance, IT House used Peace Elite and King of Glory games for testing. Playing Peace Elite with the highest image quality for about 30 minutes average frame rate of the whole process reached 39.9fps. The occasional frame rate fluctuations usually came from the switching of the UI interface.

    The body temperature reached as high as 37.1°C after the game. While playing Glory of the King for 10 minutes, the average frame rate was 60.5fps, and the game did not lag. The temperature of the mobile phone was as high as 37.4℃, but it did not cause discomfort when held in the hand.

    The heat release while playing both the games was low and average due to the 3D tempered liquid cooling technology, the phone adopts. This technology uses a steel-copper composite internal structure, which has good heat dissipation efficiency. Moreover, the heat dissipation component shell is made using stainless steel, which is stronger than traditional VC liquid cooling heat dissipation and has a higher degree of adhesion to the core heating element.

    Aside from that, it reduces the thermal resistance of VC internal heat conduction, enhances the efficiency of gas and liquid conversion, and improves the heat dissipation effect. The Realme GT comes with exclusive GT mode, and the GT mode switch is in the system pull-down control center.

    The phone fully opens the 120Hz high brush to improve the core operation, frequency, full optimization of high frame rate games. The GT mode also has exclusive startup animation, motion, sound, and vibration to offer a better gaming experience.

    On GeekBench 4, the Realme GT scored 5141 points for single-core and 13822 points for multi-core in standard mode, 5152 points for single-core, and 13878 points for multi-core in GT mode. The performance is significantly improved when the GT mode is turned on, but it is not very significant in terms of running score.

    Image capability

    Realme GT features a rear three-camera combination, including a 64MP ultra-clear main camera, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 2MP macro lens. Among them, the 64MP ultra-clear main camera is equipped with a Sony IMX682 sensor, 1/1.73 inches, with an equivalent focal length of 26mm.

    Using the pixel four-in-one technology, the pixel size can reach 1.6μm, and it supports a multi-frame synthesis algorithm. The 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens has a 119° viewing angle, with a single-pixel reaching 1.12μm. It uses a DLDC dual anti-distortion engine.

    The following set of photos were captured on a rainy day. The phone has accurate exposure, brighter colors, and slightly darker than the real scene. The overall tolerance of the picture is good, and the faint dark clouds in the sky do not look overexposed 

    The letters “ZTO” can be seen clearly in the express truck on the road. The phone provides an output of 6400 full-pixel photos. The same scene was captured with a 64MP camera. After zooming in on the photo, the texture details of the distant floor appear clearer than the standard mode; The resolution has been improved to a higher level.

    Then the same scene was captured using the ultra-wide-angle lens. The field of view of the ultra-wide-angle proof is clearly larger and wider than the standard mode. The edge of the picture does not appear.

    Next, the track and field in the office building were captured, and the contrast of light in this scene is relatively strong. As seen in the photos below, the building walls and the windows in the patio are bright, the details are clear, and the dark cloud exposure in the sky is still accurate, proving that the camera can capture scenes with strong contrasts of light and dark.

    In the night time, the phone camera captured office park in the standard mode, and the surrounding was quite dark while shooting. The straight photos captured by the phone’s standard mode are basically satisfactory. The brightness is sufficient, and the colors are brighter. The same scene was then captured using night scene mode.

    The brightness of the picture was relatively better, and the highlight suggestion was better. More importantly, the noise in the sky seen in the standard mode was not visible in night scene mode. The next images were of a relatively brightly lit street with the rain falls on the ground reflecting the car lights and neon.

    The white balance is not affected by complicated light as the white car is still white under the lights with orange lights and interlaced reflections on the road. Although the photos look good at first glance, they have a smearing feeling when you look closely. In summary, photos captured using the Realme GT’s photo effects are basically satisfactory. Check out the list of other photo proofs below:

    User experience

    The Realme GT focuses on performance, but it offers an equally good user experience. The phone features a full screen made of Super AMOLED material with a screen resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, supporting 100 percent P3 color gamut, and a refresh rate of up to 120Hz.

    The screen refresh rate can be changed manually, or intelligently using the application. The phone is designed to meet the needs of mobile gamers, as well as video and audio enthusiasts. The Tactile Engine linear motor of Realme GT will leave a deep impression, especially the 4D shock function in the system’s built-in game assistant. Every time you kill an opponent in Glory of the King, the phone vibrates. 

    The phone runs a realme UI 2.0 system based on Android 11 and the UI interactive interface is beautiful and simple with several interesting functions. It adopts a brand new theme color customization engine with built-in 5 major color systems and 10 monochrome colors, which allows you to turn your favorite trendy colors into the theme colors of the system.

    The realme UI 2.0 icons also provide more customization items in terms of adjusting the font size of the application name, applying any third-party icon, and more. The realme UI 2.0 also has a built-in game space function. In the game space, you can adjust the release mode of system performance.

    There are 3 options including low power consumption mode, balanced mode, and e-sports mode. Aside from that, there are regular functions such as game voice changer, message blocking and call do not disturb.

    The flashback key is one of the most unique features of the realme UI 2.0. It allows you to keep the core information of the previous application on the home screen while switching applications. The Realme GT also has an important function, which is 65W smart flash charging.

    The phone is backed by a 4500mAh battery with 65W smart flash charging. It takes 35 minutes to fully charge the phone from 0 percent to 100 percent, In an emergency, the phone can be charged for ten minutes using a standard charger.

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