Razer Warhammer Wild Shark Professional Edition: An Ideal Truly Wireless Headset For Gaming

    Razer is a popular brand among players when it comes to peripheral equipment. With more and more wireless devices garnering popularity in recent years, the Singaporean–American electronics company deviated its focus on eliminating wired headsets.

    The product naming scheme shows that the Razer Warhammer Wild Shark true wireless professional headset is a mid-term redesign. Aside from retaining the advantages of the standard version, .the new device boasts a myriad of newfangled features.

    There is no stark difference between the packaging box design of Razer Warhammer True Wireless Professional Edition and the standard version. The general appearance, name, and some main functions of the product are marked clearly. The package includes a headset body, exclusive charging box, and USB- C Charging cable, 6 pairs of silicone earbuds, and 1 medium-sized foam earbuds.

    The shape of the charging box has undergone a radical overhaul. The Razer Warhammer True Wireless Professional Edition charging case is more square, and the charging port has been moved to the bottom center from the rear. Due to the smooth transition around the body, the box body can’t stand on its own and needs external objects such as the standard charging box to stand.

    When held in hands, the reduction of 43 grams in the professional version of the charging box is quite evident. The Razer Warhammer True Wireless Professional Edition can last up to 20 hours with the charging box, which is 4 hours more than the standard version. As a mid-term change product, the overall design of the Razer Warhammer True Wireless Professional Edition and the standard version isn’t very different.

    The iconic, green Razer logo is still placed on the outer side of the left and right headphones. Since the professional version of the ear handle is added on both sides of the feedforward active noise reduction microphone, it is still easy to tell the difference between the two products from the appearance.

    The Razer Warhammer Wild Shark True Wireless Professional Edition is longer and wider in order to accommodate more electronic components, allowing it to support noise reduction. The standard version is 38.5 mm long and 19.8 mm wide. As far as weight is concerned, the Professional Edition weighs in at just 0.5 grams more, and there will be no eardrop feeling when worn.

    Moreover, it adopts hybrid active noise reduction technology, just like many similar products. The operation logic is quite simple. All you need to do is to long-press on the logo panel for 2 seconds to switch between active noise reduction, fast response (similar to transparent mode), and standard mode.

    Once active noise reduction is started, the Razer Warhammer True Wireless Professional Edition offers a superior filtering effect on environmental noise, and the fast response mode allows you to hear the other party without taking off the headphones when communicating with other sounds. There are still noise floor issues in a quiet environment, but they are not obvious.

    In terms of sound quality, it uses a 10 mm driver unit and delivers very clean and rich mid-to-high sound performance, which is ideal for playing video games or watching movies. This is another Razer headset that has received THX certification after the Lonestar Shark headset. It also retains the popular game mode of the previous standard version. The delay can be controlled in a game mode of the previous standard version.

    The in-ear detection function, which has almost become the “standard” wireless headset has not been eliminated. The Razer Warhammer True Wireless Professional Edition delivers high detection accuracy. The music pauses automatically once you take the earphones off, and continue to play again when you place it inside your ear again. This eliminates the need for manual steps.

    Razer has designed an eye-catching protective case for the Warhammer Shark True Wireless Professional Headphones, which is made of elastic silicone material and covered with the company’s iconic large logo. This protective case comes with a carabiner, which makes it easier for you to carry it around.

    Aside from the active noise reduction capability, the battery life and sound quality of the Razer Warhammer True Wireless Professional Edition are relatively better than those of the standard version. Since this headset can control the delay in 60 milliseconds, it is ideal for playing games.

    If you are willing to shell out 1599 yuan for a true wireless noise reduction headset, you might want to give the Razer Warhammer True Wireless Professional Edition a try.


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