OPPO Reno 5 Pro Review: A Buyer’s Delights With Its Awe-Inspiring Features Including 12GB RAM, 6.55-Inch Display, Quad-Camera Setup And More

    If you have restlessly been waiting to get your hands on a mobile phone that’s designed for public use, but sports an exquisite design, you might want to check out the OPPO Reno series.

    After unveiling the Reno 4 series phones, Oppo launched a new Reno 5 series phone on Dec. 10. The recently unveiled series comprises the Reno 5 and Reno 5 Pro models, both of which sport highly appealing outward design. You can purchase the OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G for just $619 from Giztop.

    Aside from its awe-inspiration design, let us check out what other areas are worth paying attention to in this review.


    A considerable number of mobile phone lovers would fancy buying the Reno 5 Pro because it looks stunning. The Reno 5 Pro retains the style of the Reno series in terms of the packaging. It features a cuboid design, with a minimalistic pattern, silver-white surface, and rainbow-colored streamer on the stamping text.

    In addition to the mobile phone, the box includes a transparent protective case, card removal pin, manual, charger, data cable, and earphones. The phone is slender and light, with its body weighing in at only 173 grams. Moreover, the phone is 7.6mm thick and it feels like holding a thin piece of frosted glass.

    The Reno 5 Pro adopts a star diamond technology on its back shell, which is an upgrade based on the AG glass craft. The AG glass is spherical and the star diamond process is processed on this basis to transform the particles into a pyramidal crystal structure, making the reflective area of ​​a single crystal even larger.

    On the photography front, the Reno 5 Pro houses a quad-camera setup at the back. The text “OPPO RENO GLOW” has been vertically engraved. This layer of lettering has a visually laminated effect, which makes it appear as if it is floating on the surface of the back shell. The middle frame of the phone is extremely thin, the left side houses the volume increase and decreases buttons, and the power button is located on the right.

    The microphone is placed at the top, while the speaker is located at the bottom, alongside the USB Type-C interface, microphone, and SIM card slot. The Reno 5 Pro sports a mammoth 6.55-inch hyperboloid flexible perforated screen with a micro-slit handset on the top.

    Image Experience

    Compared to its predecessor, the Reno 5 Pro boasts a series of upgrades in the photography department, with a core focus on portrait video shooting. The phone is equipped with an industry-leading FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology system, supports 8-fold 100-level custom beauty adjustment, and has four cameras at the back, including a 64MP ultra-clear main camera, 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and 2MP retro portrait The lens and 2MP macro lens.

    Upfront, there is a 32MP camera with f/2.4 aperture, 0.8um unit size, and 1/2.8 inches sensor. The Reno 5 Pro mainly uses AI radiant video beautification and AI video enhancement functions to make people more beautiful. You can use AI Huancai Video Beautify to capture selfie video with the front camera.

    Moreover, the AI ​​function intelligently identifies race, gender, age, and other information, and offers the most suitable beauty solution based on the aforesaid characteristic information. AI Huancai Video Beauty unifies beauty function and AI (artificial intelligence) and the Reno 5 Pro provides a myriad of video beauty options such as the eight-tier 100-level video Beauty customization.

    You can manually perform various functions including dermabrasion, face thinning, big eyes, thin nose, chin, small face, makeup, and three-dimensional to adjust your most satisfactory results. AI video enhancement combines the video super night scene and OPPO’s original LiveHDR function into the one-key opening, intelligent judgment, and real-time optimization.

    In terms of shooting portrait videos, the Reno 5 Pro supports some interesting gameplay including, multi-camera video, the ability to turn on the front and rear cameras at the same time with one button, and quickly realize the front and rear exchange of the sub-screen preview content, and supports vertical symmetry, three split-screen modes, round window small screen, and rectangular small screen.

    The portrait photography effect of the Reno 5 Pro is quite impressive. In the default mode, it offers a certain beauty effect that makes skin look whiter but not too fake. You can achieve excellent results using the 32MP front shooter. The selfie is clear and sharp, but the image quality is basic.

    The Reno 5 Pro introduces the Super Anti-Shake 3.0 function for video shooting with options for Super Anti-Shake and Super Anti-Shake Pro in the shooting interface. The phone also supports shooting videos with blurred portraits, even in the night scene environment, which can blur the light source of the photo background into bokeh spots.

    The Reno 5 Pro supports a slew of gameplays including, a multi-camera video that allows you to turn the front and rear cameras at the same time with one button. You can shoot some interesting portrait videos in actual applications using this function, which is ideal for YouTubers and influencers who shoot vlogs.

    As far as the basic photo performance of the Reno 5 Pro is concerned, IT House captured a few pictures in the square. Since the shooting environment was cloudy, the exposure of the phone’s straight out photo is low but is still in line with the actual environment at the time.

    In terms of night shots, the 5 Pro has sufficient brightness and accurate white balance. The sky doesn’t appear completely dark, and the overall look and feel are satisfactory. When enlarged, there was no obvious noise in the night sky and the street lights across the street. The purity of the picture is excellent.

    The phone is powered by Dimensity 1000 + dual-mode integrated 5G chip from MediaTek, which uses a 7nm process technology and the core architecture includes an 8-core design. It packs a Mali-G77 GPU under the hood and is equipped with an APU upgraded to version 3.0. Stronger AI performance.

    Furthermore, it has 12GB of LPDDR 4X memory and offers 256GB of UFS 2.1 storage. The phone uses ColorOS 11.1 for algorithmic predictions and makes high-frequency games enter the hot start state, which reduces the loading time of the next open game.

    After playing the game, the temperature of the Reno 5 Pro’s body was as high as 43.4°C. It felt like the phone was emitting heat, but not to the point of being hot. As far as playing mobile games is concerned, the Reno 5 Pro offers a satisfactory experience. The phone runs ColorOS 11.1 based on Android 11.

    Battery Life

    The Reno 5 Pro draws its juices from a robust 4350mAh battery, which isn’t easy to be placed in a 7.6mm body. It only took 28 minutes to fully charge the battery from 0% to 100%, and it took less than half an hour, which shows the power of 65W super flash charging.

    After keeping the screen brightness and system volume at 50 percent for 180 minutes, the Reno 5 Pro had 71 percent remaining power, which is excellent. You can visit this link to get your hands on the OPPO Reno 5 Pro smartphone from Giztop.


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