OPPO Enco X Review: New TWS Earphones With Premium Features And Sound Tuning By Dynaudio

    OPPO has unveiled the latest entrants in its popular Enco series of TWS earbuds. Dubbed as the OPPO Enco X, the recently unveiled TWS earbuds are integrated with a dual-core chipset that controls the ANC (active noise canceling) feature.

    In a bid to deliver a superior listening experience, leading handset makers have invested heavily in the TWS headset segment. Many phone manufacturers have come up with their own TWS headset products either through updates and iterations, and OPPO is no exception. The OPPO Enco X is available on Giztop.

    Touted as one of China’s leading phone makers, OPPO has always had a deep technical inclination in the audio segment. Unlike its predecessors that mainly focused on being inexpensive, the OPPO Enco X is crafted as a flagship product.

    OPPO has resorted to using classic appearance as the blueprint for the design of previous generations of Enco. The company uses multiple enhancements to make it appear prominent in the TWS headphones market, and it adopts the same strategy even for the OPPO Enco X.

    The Enco X adopts the streamlined curvature design of OPPO’s original MP3 OPPO X3. This streamlined curvature design complements the circular metal frame, and the arc of the charging box is designed to fit the arc of the palm of the hand. Moreover, it weighs in at only 52.5g. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable when put inside trouser pockets.

    The earphone uses an in-ear earphone design, rounded cavity, and short handle design, giving it an elegant appearance. The outside of the earphone handle has a special diaphragm for OPPO Enco X, which features a smart light and shadow effect under the light.

    The OPPO Enco X comes in three highly appealing color options including nocturne, white song, and bamboo rhyme. The naming of the colors coincides with the national style. The device comes with three types of earplugs (L, M, S). The ear fittest, which is linked to a user’s mobile phone, allows them to adjust the wearing position for more comfortable wearing and improved listening experience without comprising with the sound insulation effect, and noise reduction effect.

    As far as wearing comfort is concerned, its 4.8-gram weight, coupled with design elements such as optimized ergonomic design, silicone ear caps, and ultra-short catheters ensures they feel lightweight inside the ear. On top of that, the smart interaction is seamless as well.

    Newfangled TWS headsets offer smarter performance such as quick pop-up matching and box matching. In terms of wearing detection, OPPO Enco X includes a new function for a noise reduction environment. If one earphone is removed from the ear, the other automatically activates the transparent mode to make user communication easier.

    The oval area on the side of the headset houses a set of external microphones for noise reduction. The ear stalk also features a noise reduction microphone, allowing the most accurate noise reduction and environmental sound detection. The ear stalk has metal contacts at the bottom, which get charged when the earphone is inserted into the charging box.

    OPPO X Dynaudio delivered highly impressive Hi-Fi-level sound quality. With loudspeaker maker Dynaudio’s chief acoustic expert and his team teaming up this time, audio enthusiasts are likely to feel the radically enhanced sound quality.

    OPPO Enco X comes with multi-device connection support, meaning, up to one device can be connected. The company has provided a one-key device switching function, and users can switch between the last two connected devices simply by long-pressing the headset handle for more than 3 seconds. This function is also available on non-OPPO phones and works on computers and tablet devices as well.

    The OPPO-branded headset supports QI wireless charging function and is compatible with any product that supports QI wireless charging. The battery delivers 4 hours stand-alone battery life in noise reduction mode and lasts 20 hours with the charging box. The OPPO Enco X features high-end dual-core digital Bluetooth noise reduction chips and adopts double-fed microphones that have a higher signal-to-noise ratio and a slew of simple and crude hardware for improved noise reduction performance.

    OPPO Enco X’s noise reduction depth can reach a maximum of up to 35dB. The device offers four highly efficient levels of noise reduction mode adjustment including transparent mode, noise reduction off, weak noise reduction, and strong noise reduction. The strong noise reduction mode is ideal for places with high noise such as high-speed trains, airplanes, and subways.

    The noise of people chatting at a distance of 1.5 meters to 2 meters fall under the white noise category and can be completely ignored. On top of that, the wind noise problem that most noise-canceling headphones are unable to restrict is not obvious on the OPPO Enco X.

    The weak noise reduction mode, on the other hand, is suitable for low-noise environments such as libraries and offices. This mode efficiently suppresses the sound of the mechanical keyboard knocking and surrounding environment sound to a considerable extent. It is also a good choice when you are exercising outdoors so that the outdoor environment is not completely muted for your own safety.

    The transparent mode can be activated by touching the handle of the headset when you are wearing the headset and want to communicate with others. This allows you to communicate with others without removing the headset and minimizes the loss of the headset because you do not need to frequently remove it. Once the transparent mode is turned on, the headset will automatically lower the volume of the audio being played and enhance the human voice part of the ambient sound for uninterrupted communication.

    In terms of connectivity, the OPPO Enco X packs the Bluetooth 5.2 chip with lower power consumption and enhanced latency. Paired with OPPO’s optimization of Bluetooth antennas, it can filter out interference signals from multiple frequency bands including 5G and 4G. Furthermore, the OPPO Enco X supports the higher-specification LHDC wireless transmission protocol in the latest TWS headsets, and offers a transmission rate of 400kbps, and supports audio lossless transmission of 48kHz/24bit sampling rate.

    Note that the LHDC wireless transmission protocol requires the support of terminal equipment, meaning, if your device does not support LHDC wireless transmission, you will only be able to use SBC or AAC protocols. You can purchase OPPO Enco X from Giztop by following this link.


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