Nubia Red Magic 6 Review: New Gaming Phone With Snapdragon 888, 165Hz Refresh Rate, And 64MP Main Camera

    Nubia Red Magic 6 Review: Nubia’s Red Magic lineup of mobile phones is touted as one of the world’s best gaming smartphones. The latest entrants in this well-received lineup are the Red Magic 6 and 6 Pro.

    On Mar. 4, Nubia and Tencent Games released the Tencent Red Devils gaming phone 6 series (a.k.a. Red Devils 6). The Red Magic 6 has upped the ante in terms of refresh rate, performance release, and gaming experience. You can purchase the Nubia Red Magic 6 for $699 from Giztop.


    The Red Magic 6 looks similar to the Red Magic mobile phone 5G in terms of appearance. The overall measurements are 169×77.09×9.7mm. Upfront, there’s a 6.8-inch FHD+AMOLED full screen with a 91.28 percent screen-to-body ratio, which is not extreme, but it is completely symmetrical.

    Moreover, the design with no holes and slots looks good. The phone is available in carbon fiber black and cyber neon color options. At the back, there is a red and black X-shaped design. The Nubia, REDMAGIC, and Tencent Games logos have four light strips on the top, middle, bottom, and left of these logos.

    You can choose between constant light, breathing, and game change modes from the system to match the back. The back of the Red Magic 6 is covered by a piece of glass, The three-camera module is placed in the middle and it is not protruding. The phone features 6.8 inches and weighs 220 grams, but the integrated back design ensures that the grip is not obtrusive.

    The left middle frame houses game mode switching buttons, volume keys, fan inlets, and antennas. The touch L shoulder button, fan outlet, the power button, the microphone, two antennas, and the touch R shoulder button are located in the right middle frame. The upper and lower frames have a 3.5mm headphone jack, two antennas, and two microphones, a full-featured Type-C interface, and a SIM card slot.

    The accessories also reflect the cleverness of the phone. The hollow-out design of the protective shell plays a non-slip effect during games. The standard 66W fast charge charger and customized C2C data cable quickly charges the 5050mAh large battery and is widely compatible with QC3.0/QC4. 0/PD3.0/PPS and other fast charging protocols, allowing you to charge laptops support PPS fast charging.

    The Red Devils launched a new Red Devils dual-core heat dissipation back clip, which features two sets of vertical fans and semiconductor cooling fins, which achieves extremely fast heat dissipation and cooling of the mobile phone. There is a Hall sensor in the clip, which can be turned on when opened, and turned off when retracted.


    The Red Magic 6 has a high-performance screen that is customized for games. The screen ratio is 20:9, the resolution is 2400×1080 pixels and it supports screen fingerprint unlocking and screen off display, as well as 100 percent DCI. -P3 color gamut, HDR video playback, and DC dimming functions. There are different screen color gamut files prepared in the system settings and the color temperature style can be adjusted as well.

    The screen supports a variable refresh rate of up to 165Hz through the world’s first commercial CPHY-DSI screen interface. This is a refresh of 165 frames per second, which is the highest level in the industry. The Red Devils introduced the ultra-high refresh rate of 165Hz to the mobile phone industry, which is the first.

    As far as daily use is concerned, 165Hz delivers a good experience and the power consumption will increase. The Red Magic 6 supports a variable refresh rate. You can manually choose between 60Hz, 90hz, 120Hz, and 165Hz.

    The Red Magic 6 runs the Red Magic OS 4.0 system based on Android 11. The dark mode is turned on by default and the default theme of the system is a mechanically customized theme. To enter the game space, all you need to do is to toggle the e-sports button on the border.

    The system will automatically clean up the memory. Aside from setting the performance mode separately, you can fine-tune the picture parameters and gyroscope sensitivity for different games when you open any application in the game space.


    The Red Magic 6 is a gaming phone so Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, LPDDR5 high-speed memory, and UFS3.1 flagship flash memory aren’t surprising. To handle the heating problem of the Snapdragon 888, the Red Magic 6 uses a four-pronged combination of 18,000 rpm high-speed fan, VC heat dissipation, thermal gel, and graphite sheet.

    The GeekBench5 single-core run that alludes to the processor performance is scored 1128 points, while the multi-core run is scored 3692 points. There is an increase of about 20 percent as compared to the Snapdragon 865. In AndroBench, which refers to storage performance, the Redmi Magic 6 with UFS3.1 showed good results in sequential read and write and random read and write.

    Red Devils officials have said that they have teamed up with Tencent on part of the application and framework layer, going deep into several aspects including technology, products, and ecology. It is time to test Tencent’s signature mobile games, Glory of Kings and Peace Elite.

    During the game, it was stable at 90 frames, and the fluctuation of the number of frames was low. The temperature of the back cover was only 30.2 degrees Celcius and there was no freeze.

    For Peace Elite, you can open the smooth picture quality plus 90 frames mode, or the HDR high definition plus 40 frames mode. The frame number chart shows that regardless of the picture quality, the frame rate curve and game experience are very smooth, and the temperature is not too high with 31.9 degrees Celcius is the hottest point.

    The touch shoulder button comes in handy in shooting games. The left shoulder can be set to open the mirror and the right shoulder to shoot for a console game-like experience.

    After playing these games, the high screen refresh helps enhance the experience of the shooting games. Players can spot the enemy and shoot bullets with the help of the 165Hz refresh rate and the 360Hz multi-finger sampling rate. Moreover, the above game does not feel hot while playing.

    The heat dissipation of Red Magic 6 is excellent. Since endurance performance is important for gamers, the phone is backed by a 5050mAh battery. With 50 percent screen brightness, 165Hz refresh rate, fan cooling and high-performance mode, 30 minutes of Peace Elite, and 30 minutes of Honor of Kings, the battery only reduced from 100 percent to 84 percent, combined with the 55W fast charge.


    The main camera is a 64MP Samsung S5KGW3 sensor with a unit pixel of 0.7um and a bottom of 1/1.97″. Moreover, it supports HDR shooting and up to 8K video shooting. AI recognizes objects and makes the colors more vivid and the image quality during the day is still good.

    The low light performance is less than satisfactory. The high light cannot be suppressed and it is hard to shoot a film in an extremely low light environment. The sub cameras include an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2MP macro lens. The image quality of the ultra-wide-angle lens is satisfactory, but the color tone is cold.

    The macro lens can be opened from the Camera Family menu. The actual measurement can create the focus of the nearest 3cm object, with average image quality. The Red Devils come with a slew of camera software and interesting shooting tools. For gamers, the phone features a 3.5mm headphone jack and supports DTS Ultra X surround sound technology, allowing players to capture the enemy’s footsteps.

    The phone also supports the dual-speaker stereo effect of the earpiece. combined with dual Smart PA technology. It also has a full-featured Type-C interface, which enables multi-screen low-latency interaction. Aside from that, it supports multi-mode projection such as wireless, USB, DP/HDMI, and more.

    You can download the Red Magic Projection app on the computer to use the mouse and keyboard to control the mobile game. You can also connect an external gaming monitor to achieve ultra-high frame rate projection of up to 165Hz. You can visit this link to get your hands on the Nubia Red Magic 6 gaming phone for $699 from Giztop.


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