Mavic Air 2 Review: This Smart Drone From Dji Can Make You an Old Aerial Cannon

    Everyone wants to shoot a blockbuster with a drone, but to be honest it’s not a low threshold. It might sound cool to say that a drone that is “smart enough” to help you get to the top.

    With a quarter of 2020, The Year’s First New Product of the Year, the Mavic Air 2, has finally been released. Because the world is still shrouded in the haze of the epidemic, after issuing the warning, the big frontier issued a direct announcement today, compared with most hardware manufacturers, Google and Apple inside the taste.

    Mavic Air 2 2

    We got a new product of the drone in The Great Frontier in the first place, and which direction will the drone, known as the “Air”, evolve in? I’m sure you’ll get the answer after reading this article.

    It should be noted that this new experience we will be in the form of graphic s video, the graphic section more emphasis on the introduction of product parameters and performance, and the video part is some intelligent shooting functions and aerial footage display.

    Three lifts take you Flying

    Seeing the first side of the product reveals that the Mavic Air 2 has made significant changes in design compared to a generation of models. With a sleek and color-based design, the body becomes more angular and the texture of the surface is aligned with other products in the Mavic range.

    Mavic Air 2 3

    Arguably, the Mavic Air 2 has unified the shape of the entire Mavic family of products and it became a family design, which is common in the automotive industry.

    Mavic Air 2 4

    Not just a change in appearance, but also a change in the way the Mavic Air 2 wing is received. The change, which has been converted from a pair-to-face folding from a generation of products to a rotary folding of the Mavic Pro series, allows the Grand Frontier Mavic Air 2 to remain compact and compact when folded, while increasing the length of the wing in the open state.

    Compared to a generation of 213 mm wheelbase, the Grand National Mavic Air 2‘s wheelbase has increased significantly to 302 mm, allowing the drone to fly in a more stable posture and saving motor energy consumption accordingly, thus achieving an increased flight capability.

    Mavic Air 2 5

    The greatest increase in battery life for the Mavic Air 2 is due to reduced energy consumption and a qualitative change in battery capacity.

    With a battery capacity of 3500mAh, the Mavic Air 2 has a battery capacity of nearly 50% compared to a generation, which is an exaggerated figure, as the optimization of the wing structure and the surge in battery capacity allow for up to 34 minutes of battery life.

    Even so, the Mavic Air 2 has a weight of 570 grams, including batteries and propellers, and still has the title of “Air”. 

    Mavic Air 2 6

    In addition, the Grand Territory Mavic Air 2 uses a new remote control that, despite its larger size, offers up to 240 minutes of battery life, plus The OcuSync 2.0 mapping or image transmission technology, 2.4GHz/5.8GHz dual-band communication, signal transmission up to 10 km, and 1080P/30fps, an important upgrade in this regard.

    Mavic Air 2 7

    During the experience, the new remote control of the fixed device compatibility is very high, the current market mobile phone products can be very good fixation. Because the design at the handle is more ergonomic, the remote control feels quite comfortable. The overall key design is optimized for simplicity, which is very friendly for novices.

    The official reference to this product a key word – “Shuangfei”, it is based on the above three points of upgrade to have a better guarantee.

    IMX586 Helps bring a “cross-level” experience

    DJI Mavic Air 2 look familiar with a 1/2-inch image sensor that supports 12-megapixel and 48-megapixel image output in photo-capture mode? That’s right! It uses the Sony IMX586 image sensor, which is often seen on many flagship smartphones. Because of its support for quad-pixels (Quadbayer pixel array), it has a single pixel sensor area of 1.6 microns in 12-megapixel mode.

    Mavic Air 2 8

    Because of the significant upgrade of the sensor, the Grand National Mavic Air 2 has better picture performance and is capable of taking 48 megapixel photos, making it the highest-resolution model in the entire Mavic family.

    Mavic Air 2 9

    The Grand Frontier Mavic Air 2 also has a maximum 4K resolution of 60 frames and 240 frames of video capture at 1080P resolution, which is the strongest video recording specification in the entire DJIe Mavic family, and 4K/60fps video will leave users with more possibilities for post-video processing.

    With a small detail to share, this Sony IMX586 sensor used by The Ivic Air 2 supports hardware-level HDR capabilities, and hardware-level HDR video recording offers as much video frame rate as possible and better terms of image quality and storage time than simply software algorithm optimization.

    Mavic Air 2 10

    100% enlarged local details under 48 megapixels

    Another surprise is that it also supports time-lapse photography at 8K resolution, which is also a very powerful feature improvement. During the test flight, the interface setting of 8K time-lapse photography is very simple, and the user can plan the route on their own, so it is not difficult to operate.

    If you’ve used another imaging device to take time-lapse video, and then compare the time-lapse of The Mavic Air 2 in Grand Frontier, it’s a “fool’s” operation.

    When the Geek sits in communication with the Product Manager of DJI, he says that DJI is never stingy about the change of product technology, and it’s clear that with the new CMOS and processors, The Grand Frontier Mavic Air 2 has amazing video-shooting specs.

    Mavic Air 2 11

    But the 1-inch and 1/2-inch sensor sizes are very different in terms of basic quality than the Mavic 2 Pro, which is positioned at a higher level.

    So, the launch of the Mavic Air 2 did not disrupt the positioning of the entire product line, but rather the presence of the Mavic Mini made the positioning of the entire Mavic family clearer.

    The Mavic Air 2 doesn’t strive for absolute compactness, and it strikes a balance between performance and portability and intelligent experience, which is one of its most attractive parts.

    “The Smartest Aerial Drone”

    The reason for the quotation marks is that this sentence comes from the evaluation of the product by the product manager of DJI, and the geek’s choice is also recognized by the name. Users of Mavic Air 2 in DJI can feel its intelligence in a very comprehensive way, the entire product is designed to make it easier for users to fly, many functions are “fool-like” operation, the user has to do is a simple “choice question”.

    Mavic Air 2 12

    Hardware is the smart foundation of the Mavic Air 2, which has a front, back, and lower three-way perception system, which is consistent with previous generations, but has a significant improvement in the precise range and detectable range and effective barrier avoidance speed, with individual data even slightly stronger than the Mavic 2 series.

    Mavic Air 2 13

    In conjunction with DJI’s new generation of mapping technology and global path planning algorithms, DJI Mavic Air 2 supports the new APAS (Advanced Auxiliary Flight System) 3.0, which gives users more peace of mind when manipulating.

    When the user opens APAS 3.0, if there is an obstacle under the front and back, the Grand National Mavic Air 2 automatically hovers or detours, a feature that gives the user more confidence and bold handling when shooting moving objects.

    Because of APAS 3.0, The Grand Frontier Mavic Air 2 also has better auto-follow capability. It supports smart follow 3.0, Focus 2.0, focus ingest3.0, and you probably know that version numbers are certainly not the first time, but on Mavic Air 2, they have a stronger power.

    Mavic Air 2 14

    -Selected interface to follow the target

    Perhaps the big frontier wants to give the user “reduce the burden”, recognition follow is no longer a separate button, the user selects a good object in the picture, will automatically pop up a menu to let the user choose the functions to be used, from left to right is the smart follow, focus and interest around, after the box select and identify the target, will default in focus mode.

    This logic is very intuitive, but older users may need to adapt to it the first time they use it.

    In the actual experience of intelligent follow 3.0, the geek’s choice can feel its outstanding performance in object recognition, barrier avoidance and route planning, in the test forest scene, the Grand Frontier Mavic Air 2 can follow the target very quickly, and the whole process is very smooth, even if the short loss of the target due to the object blocking, the system will simulate a lens follow direction according to the motion trajectory.

    So that the consistency of the entire video is guaranteed. The whole process is easy to complete, but to achieve intelligent follow more than just a few functional points of simple stacking, only the hardware configuration in place, coupled with fast and stable identification algorithms, to achieve a better experience, obviously the Great Territory Mavic Air 2 shows great strength.

    Mavic Air 2 15

    The focus feature, once featured in the Inspire series, is now visible in the Mavic series, and it also demonstrates the strength of the Mavic Air 2 in The Greater Frontier.

    After identifying the following target, the following mode will select focus by default, and the lens will always follow the identified object, but there is no start and stop button under intelligent follow.

    At this time, the user can operate the flight path of the drone within a limited range. Focusing gives users more operating space than intelligent following, allowing users to realize more shooting ideas.

    Mavic Air 2 16

    -Interest Point Wrap Screenshot

    In the previous communication, the product manager of DJI focused on the point of interest around 3.0. Instead of relying on GPS positioning recognition, focusing on image recognition, the focus is on 3.0, which is more important than in the past.

    As a result, the Mavic Air 2 is able to complete a wrap around in some complex screen scenarios, making the entire surround route more precise, and automatically switching GPS fixed-point surrounds when the distance is too far away or when the objects differ too much at different angles, as can be seen from the recognition mark of the image. In fact, this action in the drone circle has a special name “brush pot”, perhaps he is not a lot of veterans in the eyes of the difficult action, but for new users of the drone, they need a long time of familiarity and practice, in order to gradually master this skill.

    The Mavic Air 2, which allows users to complete this advanced technique with a single click, is believed to have allowed more novices to avoid the awkward “getting started to giving up”.

    Mavic Air 2 17

    Samples in Smart Mode

    At the same time, the Grand National Mavic Air 2 has been enhanced on HDR cameras, which supports HDR video hardware-level output and HDR photo shoots in the new smart camera mode, where the drone will automatically recognize the scene and be optimized for the current scene, the same as a DI on a smartphone.

    Mavic Air 2 18

    The middle part is smart photo mode

    In the actual comparison, although the sky is blue (4-level wind) when shooting, the ordinary mode of the straight-out effect has been very good, but in the intelligent camera mode can see the visual effect of the picture color become more impactful, the perception has a significant improvement.

    In addition, in HDR mode, the light and dark side of the performance is more balanced, in fact, these frontiers have done well enough in the past, after the iMX586 and the stronger algorithm, the effect naturally improved.

    The traditional advantage of “One Click Short” continues to play a steady role in The Mavic Air 2, which has always been a popular presence in the Mavic family, which supports one-click shooting of creative videos such as sky, steam, surround, spiral, asteroid, comet, etc., which are ideal for sharing on social media platforms, all through algorithms and automated scripting, at little cost for users.

    Mavic Air 2 19

    A One-Click Short Film – “Asteroid” Effect

    Among them, I personally like the effect of asteroids, in fact, this mode is very common on panoramic cameras, and the Mavic Air 2 one-click movie mode allows the user to only determine the subject of the shot, and then it will automatically help you complete, you only need to pose to the lens. Through the video show, the effect is still very good, the production speed is also very fast. As I said, if you share this video on social media, your likes will be great.

    Although there are many parts that don’t go into detail, I really don’t want to write too long, as this is the choice for this Grand Territory Mavic Air 2 Geek. Again, the feature points described above can be more intuitively understood through the video at the top of the article.

    Mavic Air 2 20

    Write At the End

    The Mavic Air 2 has been updated after two years, and as mentioned earlier, Mavic Air 2 has a more flexible position because of the Mavic Mini. We can see a number of feature points that first appear on the Mavic Air 2, multi-dimensional upgrades and adjustments, and a better flight experience for users, key elements that make Mavic Air 2 more attractive to advanced users.

    On the other hand, we say it’s smart because the Mavic Air 2 doesn’t alienate novice users. Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, The Mavic Air 2 of The Great Frontier makes you great at getting creative work done.

    Video shooting capabilities, battery life, barrier avoidance, follow, one-click short films and more are all-round upgrades, and it’s still portable, so there’s really no reason for me to reject it.

    Byu Now

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