iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation? Ten questions and ten answers

    On the night of March 18, Apple quietly released the new iPad Pro on its website. As a new iterative model of the iPad Pro series, it doesn’t change much in appearance, with the processor upgraded as follows, and the camera module on the back adds a 10-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and lidar scanner, adding a new microphone. Still, Apple used the phrase in the official flyer:

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 2

    In fact, what makes this generation of iPad Pro more like a computer is that, apart from the iPad Pro itself, it’s the “magic keyboard” that was updated to the iPad Pro with it.

    On the evening of April 15th, just as the new iPhone SE was officially released, Apple finally opened a booking for the keyboard, which was earlier than the previously marked “to be released in mid-May” on its official website. So much so that yesterday, we received this keyboard.

    After a long day of use, we have a certain understanding of this keyboard. Next, we’ll answer some of the more meaningful questions that readers ask in their tweets, WeChat, group chats, and circles of friends. After reading this Q and A, I hope to help you get more awareness of this new product.

    Note: The version purchased is Chinese Traditional phonetic version, so there is a difference between the key cap and the Chinese Simplified version.

    Q: What does it look like? What’s the opening and closing angle? Does the look look and look consistent on the official promotional video?

    A: When the first official video for the new iPad Pro was released, the focus on the iPad Pro’s keyboard had gone beyond the iPad Pro itself, and the innovative open-and-close design and suspension of support made it feel a little “unreal.” But in fact, it’s really what it looks like.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 3

    The overall size of the keyboard is more than the keyboard-style smart double-sided clip, is more than a pivot position, the thickness of the upper and lower double-sided increase a little.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 4

    The iPad Pro keyboard uses a two-part hinge design, the first of which uses a metal material and carries the spindle of the USB-C interface, providing an open-close range of up to less than 90 degrees, which, like my MacBook Air screen hinge, provides a very smooth dampening sense of damping when opening and closing, but when we open close to the maximum opening and closing angle, the hinge provides a solid hold for the iPad.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 5

    Then there’s a pivot position on the back of the iPad, giving the iPad a greater opening and closing angle, and the iPad Pro is “suspended.” The second hinge provides a stepless adjustment within the range of opening and closing angles it supports, which means you can adjust the angle you want as you like within the angle range that you can open and close.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 6
    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 7

    The iPad Pro with a smart double-sided clip with a smart keyboard has a larger opening-and-close angle, and a better viewing angle when you place the iPad Pro on your thigh is close to my MacBook Air.

    Q: Is the older version of the iPad Pro compatible?

    A: On the night of the post, we’ve posted a separate message on Weibo to answer this question, and now we can say it again: yes, it’s compatible.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 8

    Apple’s official website is currently on sale of the magic keyboard and keyboard-style smart double-sided clip are using a new version of the design, for the rear camera and the opening part of the fillet is a rounded rectangular design, whether it is the new iPad Pro matrix multi-mode group, or the previous generation of iPad Pro single-camera module, can be perfectly adsorped installation, after all, the old and new two main camera positions, are roughly similar.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 9

    What the author is currently using is the 2018 11-inch iPad Pro 4G cellular version.

    Q: What is the weight and portability?

    A: In terms of weight, we borrowed the electronic scale of the Future Social Coffee Shop and directly weighed the iPad Pro with two keyboards.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 10
    • iPad Pro 11-inch plus keyboard: 1100g (non-standard weighing, for reference only)
    • iPad Pro 11-inch plus double-sided keyboard clip: 880g (non-standard weighing, for reference only)
    • MacBook Air (2020) Official Weight: 1290g

    In terms of getting started, the iPad Pro with a magic keyboard is much heavier than it was when you used to use the keyboard clip, which is obvious, after all, the weight of the keyboard case is already the weight of the iPad Pro itself. It’s close to the MacBook Air on my hands.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 11

    Since the size does not change much from before, the factors that affect the portability of the keyboard are mainly due to changes in weight. If I could go out without the MacBook Air, I’d still think it was a portable option to go out with the iPad Pro.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 12

    But if you’re carrying a MacBook Air, the iPad Pro should be replaced with a keyboard-style double-sided clip or Smartcover case.

    Q: How is the “suspension” on the keyboard implemented? Put it on and put it steady?

    A: As mentioned earlier, the magnet’s adsorption design is also heavily used on the keyboard, supporting the iPad Pro with two different opening-and-closing angles, resulting in a “suspended” design.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 13

    Photo from: MKBHD

    Thanks to the large number of magnets on the back and the solid hinge design, the robustness of the keyboard is really good, and it’s also very stable when typing on the thigh, without the “head-heavy” feel of a keyboard-style double-sided clip.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 14

    It should be noted that the keyboard opening and closing can not be done by one hand, need both hands to open it, after all, the strength of magnetic suction is also relatively large.

    Q: How does the keyboard and trackpad feel?

    A: Now that it’s called a magic keyboard, this time the magic keyboard designed for the iPad Pro also inherits the Mac’s magic keyboard layout, using a separate hard key cap and a 1mm keystroke scissor-style structure, the arrow keys are also “inverted” design, and a row of function keys on the digital keys is canceled.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 15

    The keyboard’s tapping feel is much more comfortable than the Mac’s butterfly keyboard, similar to the scissor keyboard used in the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, but the rebound is slightly stronger and faster and crisper. This is done with the new iPad Pro plus the new X-Men keyboard, which I think has been able to handle long hours of text input.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 16

    The fn button on the Mac keyboard has also been replaced with the “🌐 Earth Icon” for switching input methods, but when using a physical keyboard, this button can only switch the system’s default input method.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 17

    In addition to the full-size key design, the iPad Pro’s smart keyboard also provides the iPad with an integrated trackpad for the first time, which is relatively limited in location, and the gap between its MacBook Air trackpad area can be seen roughly with the iPhone 11’s own rangefinder (a clear gap can be seen with the naked eye alone).

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 18

    In the actual experience, I am already used to the MacBook trackpad and the Magic Board 2, and i do feel that the trackpad of the keyboard is relatively small and will feel stretched when a large area is tobe. And iPad OS hasn’t yet launched assisted gestures such as “three-finger drag/drag lock” and it takes some time to adapt.

    Fortunately, most of the commonly used iPadOS touch gestures are supported and multi-finger touch is very smooth.

    Hard-clicking on the trackpad also has very clear press feedback, except that this time the trackpad on the keyboard does not use Force Touch force touch, but rather the physical structure of the perfect, pressing anywhere in the entire trackpad area.

    Q: Will the iPad Pro’s battery life be affected when I have a magic keyboard installed?

    A: This time, the keyboard is also the same as the previous keyboard-style smart double-sided clip, connected through the back contacts, there is no Bluetooth and battery module slots in the keyboard, so the amount of power required for the keyboard will also be provided through the iPad Pro.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 19

    Perhaps because this time the iPad Pro’s smart keyboard provides backlit keys, many readers have left a message asking if the keyboard will place a lot of pressure on the iPad Pro’s battery life.

    As far as the experience is concerned, I don’t see any change in the performance of the iPad Pro after using the Magic Keyboard, so it should be assumed that the keyboard won’t be too burdensome for the iPad Pro. And the keyboard also provides an additional power supply for the iPad Pro, which, in this sense, may improve in its daily battery life.

    Q: Can the KEYBOARD’s USB-C interface be used to transfer data?

    A: No, this interface only provides the ability to charge the iPad Pro and cannot transfer any data.

    But because we can hand over the charging function to the interface on the keyboard, the USB-C interface on the iPad Pro body can be used for other purposes, including connecting storage media, external docking docks, charging devices such as iPhones, and more.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 20

    It’s worth noting that when you connect the USB-C connector on the keyboard with a PD charger, you can still provide the iPad Pro with nearfull charging power, and the box is marked with up to 9V/2.5A (18W) of output power. Therefore, the use of keyboard interface to charge also do not have to worry about power efficiency issues, an additional interface, is also a good thing.

    Q: What “productivity” boost does the keyboard bring to the iPad?

    A: Well, back to the topic of “productivity.” Of course, this time Apple has also heavily linked the iPad Pro to the productivity of laptops in its promotional paper, but as we said in a previous review, “the definition of productivity varies by person’s job attributes, and the worker’s eyes are strong productivity – excavators, which may be useless in your hands.” 」

    In terms of text input, the keyboard brings the iPad Pro an input experience comparable to the new MacBook Pro (16-inch). On the trackpad, it’s perfect for all iPadOS touch gestures.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 21

    It’s a great tool for “productivity spillovers” for people who need text input but struggle to reach out for touch when using a keyboard-style double-sided clip.

    “Getting iPad to support the trackpad changes not just the way you operate the iPad, it’s about rebuilding the entire hardware and software package, changing the app ecosystem of the entire iPadOS.”

    Q: The end question: Is it worth buying?

    A: In terms of price, the keyboard is available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch versions, the former priced at $2,399, and the latter for $2,699, which officially supports a 24-phase interest-free installment.

    iPad Pro ’s keyboard Performance Evaluation 22

    For now, the only accessories that can use the physical contacts on the back of the iPad Pro are keyboard-style double-sided clips and a smart keyboard, which means that this magic keyboard is one of the best peripheral accessories available to the iPad Pro right now. I think it’s worth buying the iPad Pro’s smart keyboard for users who meet the following criteria.

    • Own an iPad Pro (prerequisite);
    • Has a large number of text input needs, or not satisfied with the keyboard-style double-sided clip of the tapping feel;
    • Need to enter text, but also frequently use touch operation;
    • A good budget (the fourth point is the most important).

    The iPad Pro, with its keyboard, should be the iPad’s closest to a computer gesture to date. It doesn’t make me think of the days when I used the 11-inch MacBook Air.

    Q: Is it fragrant?

    A: I feel fragrant. What about you?

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