Insta360 One X2 Review: Highly Sought-After Touchscreen Added Along With Improved Battery Life

    Insta360 One X2: The latest product from Insta360 is unlike any other product launched by the L.A. and Tokyo-based camera company. Insta360 announced its new 360-degree camera dubbed as the Insta360 ONE X2, replacing the 2018’s Insta360 One X 360-degree action camera.

    Before we dive into more details about the Insta360 One X2, which was unveiled on Oct. 28, Let us first understand what is panoramic shooting. The panoramic camera comprises two front and rear-mounted lenses and is capable of recording the entire space, unlike regular cameras. Since you can record the full whole are using a panoramic camera, recomposing can be done at a later stage.

    In terms of outward appearance, the One X2 retains the same design as its predecessor. A touch screen replaces the switch button, allowing users to access different pages when sliding up, down, left, and right. Moreover, the cameras now come with picture-in-picture mode, allowing you to check pictures captured using the front, as well as the rear lenses at the same time.

    This highly-recommended feature helps the photographer to better adjust the position. Considering that consumers primarily care about the image quality, it is worth noting that the One X2 5.7K delivers high-quality photos in the panoramic mode.

    The aforementioned 5.7K alludes to the pixels of the two lenses before and after the One X2. You can crop the image for a regular 16:9 picture, although this may lead to a slight loss of picture quality. You can check out the images of the captured footage to under specific performance.

    The anti-shake feature has been one of Insta360’s strongest points, partly because of the special physical structure of the panoramic camera. More pictures give you more room for cropping, and with Insta360’s own FlowState algorithm, the One X2’s anti-shake effect is as good as it gets.

    A panoramic camera with extreme sports has been an ideal combination. Aside from that, the One X2 boasts an array of newly-added features such as AI shuttle delay, which delivers a shooting effect similar to a travel machine. Likewise, the latest shadow clone function offers creative shooting methods.

    On top of that, One X2 offers the option to PureShot (pure photography) that helps you achieve a wider dynamic range. The invisible selfie stick feature offers an effect similar to drone tracking, which increases the playability of the One X2.

    The panorama aspect of the X2 is done well, which is an expected upgrade. Aside from that, the battery has been upgraded with an increased capacity of 1630mAh. The battery lasts for about one and a half hours of continuous use and offers about 5 hours of battery life in the intermittent shooting.

    In an attempt to expand the practicality of the X2, Insta360 has included another daily use method, Vlog. This has become another strong selling point of the One X2. You can switch between dual-lens panoramic recording and front or rear single-lens recording simply by tapping the screen.

    The X2 currently serves as an everyday Vlog camera so let us look at the product from that point of view. When you turn on the 150-degree ultra-wide-angle, a single wide-angle lens is actually turned on. You can then adjust the distortion to get smoother pictures.

    The single-lens mode offers three viewing angles to choose from. I fancy using the ultra-wide viewing angle because it makes the face looks smaller, and gives more priority to the background. On the downside, the large cropping range leads to more resolution loss.

    For instance, in a setting with insufficient light, the One X2 will have more noise on the screen and the smearing will also increase. Although the look and feel on the phone are not too bad, it is tighter on the big screen.

    Note that the camera’s radio performance increases considerably after you turn on the wind noise reduction function. Moreover, the anti-shake performance is quite stable, and there’s no jelly effect on the background either.

    For single-lens recording, you can directly get the output in mp4 format, but while shooting in the professional mode, these mp4 files undergo processing by the Insta360 software on either the app or the computer to get the picture correction and FlowState. This is one area where Insta360 can work on offering a better experience.

    It is worth mentioning here that I have kept a higher standard for the One X2 for this review. Insta360 has done a pretty good job in this field, although it started as a panoramic view,. The launch of One X2 confirms that the company is interested in upgrading the One X product line, which first develops in the direction of two-in-one, before making its own products available in bigger markets.

    That being said, such a change has already started from the X2. While the original One X was an inexpensive alternative, the One X2 will cost you $30 more for useful abilities, a rugged design that makes it a good choice even for adventurous users.


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