Huawei’s New Patent Shows DSLR-like Camera Setup On Smartphones

    If there is one thing that a consumer wants the most from a smartphone then it arguably has to be the cameras. We have seen some crazy setups on the smartphones, whether it be extra sensors, monochrome sensors, or the periscope camera, there has always been a prominent feature that companies market their devices with. Today, periscope cameras are quite famous and practical considering its long zooming range and less space utilization. Even though it’s great, it cannot beat the optical cameras that allow, even more zooming without losing the picture quality. Now, a new Huawei patent has hit the EUIPO that showcases the DSLR-like camera setup on the smartphone that will evidently bring optical zooming.

    Huawei Patents DSLR-like Camera Setup For Upcoming Phones

    Since Huawei partnered with Leica, it has always been at the top of the game in terms of optics. Especially in the flagship department and with Huawei’s P-series, we have seen amazing camera setups and features that overshadowed the industry. The recent Huawei P40 equips the 12MP pericope lens that allows 5x optical and 50x hybrid zoom. Well, we sure are awestruck by the camera’s zooming capability but it still is no way near to the original optical zooming lenses.

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    This time, Huawei seems to feature something that will allow crazy lossless zooming, and the patent affirms it. The new patent shows the rear profile with the upcoming DSLR-like camera setup that will allow users to attach different lenses. The major benefit would be the zoom lenses or the zooming range it will bring. The optical cameras will bring DSLR-like zooming capability without losing quality. This is quite bonkers, a smartphone that will work as an actual DSLR? Coming to think of it, this is not the first time we are seeing this.

    Motorola did try such a camera module with its Moto Mods. The camera Mod kind-off made the smartphone turn to a DSLR camera that allowed crazy zooming, DSLR-like flash, and good quality images. Even though the concept was great, it didn’t turn out to be a success.

    Back to Huawei’s camera patent, it has the rectangular module with a flashlight at the left-side and there is a huge sensor that will protrude once the application is opened. Huawei is expected to design it such that different lenses can be attached. If the leak comes into existence, it will surely be a head-to-head competition to the DSLR cameras. Definitely will not replace actual cameras, but it will be interesting to see what a smartphone camera can do. What do you think about the patent? Is it Practical? comment down below.

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