Huawei Sound X Review | This May Be Huawei’s Most Popular Smart Speaker

    On April 8, Huawei released the platinum version of the Huawei Sound X smart speaker at its first domestic launch of the year.

    The Sound X Platinum Edition uses a white glossy body with a golden unit design. This combination will look more like the GOLD PHANTOM speaker.

    Huawei Sound X 1

    As with previous releases, the new color-matching Sound X is a product that focuses on sound performance.

    Featuring an 8-unit speaker structure that supports Tevare’s SAM bass enhancement technology, 360-degree uniform sound field, and Push-Push balanced acoustic design, it ensures that low-frequency output sits with complete sound performance. At the same time, Sound X is also certified by our familiar Hi-Res Audio, which supports Hi-Res non-destructive audio playback and is well-grounded on the source.

    Huawei Sound X

    Simply put, the addition of the new color-matching Huawei Sound X remains Huawei’s best sound experience smart speaker and the best audio product for Huawei’s hand-built acoustic technology accumulation and quality.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced

    Sound is the core selling point of Huawei Sound X.

    Huawei Sound X 3

    Structurally, the Huawei Sound X features an 8-unit system consisting of two 3.5-inch low-frequency speakers and six 1.5-inch full-size units. With a total power of 48W for six full-frequency units and 60W for two low-frequency units, this low-frequency unit configuration will be more prominent than the HomePod with only a single 4-inch low frequency unit.

    You know, the HomePod’s low-frequency performance is actually very good, low-frequency dive and some low-frequency instruments are also outstanding performance, the overall sound has been able to give a full feeling. Now, Huawei Sound X, which has the upper end in terms of number of units and parameters, should be more prominent in low frequency performance.

    In addition to highlighting low-frequency performance, Huawei also focused on the overall sound balance when developing the Sound X.

    Huawei Sound X 4

    Sound X also uses speakers made of highly magnetic aluminum iron boron rare earths in the choice of units. The highly magnetic aluminum-iron-boron speaker will have more thrust than a regular speaker, according to officials at the time of the release, while also enhancing the speaker’s transient response and sound performance.

    In addition, Sound X uses Tevare’s SAM technology.

    Huawei Sound X 5

    Simply put, SAM technology optimizes sound through algorithms that adjust the output of speakers, improve the reduction of sound and effectively control sound distortion. In addition, Huawei also said Sound X is an intelligent wireless audio product that meets Hi-Fi’s high-fidelity needs, and they want to bring the sound accuracy to the studio level.

    To meet the playback accuracy requirements of the product itself, The Sound X supports Hi-Res Audio lossless music in the 24bit 96kHz specification.

    Huawei Sound X 6

    With the popularity of Hi-Res non-destructive audio specs, more and more music streaming began to be the 24bit 96kHz specification for music, which also became standard for Internet speakers. Huawei’s current support is also to keep up with the current specification update adjustments. After all, in addition to Huawei, the recent launch of Internet speaker products also supports the 24bit 96kHz specification.

    At the same time, Huawei has also strengthened its reserves in quorkus.

    In addition to supporting Huawei’s original music service, Sound X also supports Cool Dog’s library.

    Huawei said it would add “Song List Sync” to its May update, allowing users to sync songs from Cool Dog Music to the “My Favorites” page by playing the app, so that they can get high-quality sound sources from Cool Dog Music and don’t need to switch apps so inconveniently.

    Moreover, such processing as Huawei can expand the range of users, so that Sound X can also be in the original functionality of non-Huawei account system users, for users who buy other service members, also has some attraction.

    However, it would be better if Huawei could improve the compatibility of its services in the future and allow it to support more music services.

    Next up Is the Listening Part

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 7

    Singer: Chrysanthemum into a Hole . . . Album: “You’re snowing” Size: 24bit 96kHz Hi-Res Audio

    It has to be said that the most attractive aspect of Huawei Sound X’s sound is low frequency performance.

    Sound X’s drum output is natural and full when dealing with the drums at the beginning of “White House.” Listeners can feel the drum sound has a certain depth, with elasticity. Drum beat struck will not sink to the end, the feeling of rebound is also natural, there is thickness at the same time will not sometimes be under the common “digital taste.”

    While the Sound X focuses on low frequencies, the environment is full, and the overall sound is soft, low frequencies don’t mask the sound performance. Sound style also maintains equilibrium, which is still very rare for products that emphasize low frequencies.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 8

    Singer: Lin Yu Album: “Finding Charlie” Size: 24bit 44.1kHz Hi-Res Audio

    Singer: Chen Baiyu Album: “Anyone but Jason” Size: 24bit 48kHz Hi-Res Audio

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 9

    When I’m in the popular mood I’ve always heard, Sound X can still retain this familiar feel.

    Like “The Spirit Room” on the album, and the “Instinct Temple” in My other album, “Anyone but Jason,” Sound X is able to handle the drumming of the opening of the two songs, both in texture and elasticity.

    And when it comes to a lighter drumbeat like “Can’t Buy Happy,” Sound X responds well, showing the lightness the song wants.

    In the vocal part, Phil and Jason have both reinforced their sense of air in the interpretation of new songs, such as “Instinct Temple” and “Lonely Side”, which are “hollower” in style.

    Fortunately, Sound X can still interpret this feeling, the singer and the background can be separated by a certain distance, and the speaker can output a certain sense of space, and the sound will not feel cramped.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 10

    In addition, The Sound X supports a 360-degree surround design, with six 8W full-band unit meetings in the form of 60-degree angle distribution, and with Huawei’s algorithm for Sound X, it adjusts the sound output of the speaker and reduces the impact of spatial factors such as user placement and seating on sound.

    This type of 360 ° design and audio technology is already standard for speakers such as Sound X, HomePod, and Sonos One. Huawei ’s performance in this regard is actually good. In addition to reducing the impact of spatial factors, it can also Adapt to output similar to 5.1 channel effect.

    Despite the gap between the performance of the real 5.1 channel system, The Sound X is enough for those who listen only to the song at home.

    The “scent” Material Behind the Sound

    Sound performance is the most attractive core selling point for Sound X.

    In terms of sound, Huawei is a good-faith voice at Sound X. The Sound X’s performance is also absolutely worth the return to the fare for the smart wireless speaker product priced at $1999.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 11

    In short, it’s:

    The Sound X, which sells 1999, can come out with this effect, well, it’s really scented.

    However, the Huawei Sound X, which has been replaced with a new color for the “Platinum Edition”, has a lot to mention behind the sound.

    First, this is the new color matching.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 12

    As the article begins, Sound X’s “Platinum Edition” this time has a bright side effect similar to the “Night of the Stars” color. The speaker surface adds special coating technology to enhance the visual texture of the speaker.

    The body design is clean, the touch button on the top of the speaker is also with a hidden light design, in addition to the more obvious NFC logo and the small “HUAWEI” Logo, the rule of the cylindrical body can hardly see any other elements.

    Huawei made openings for the Sound X speakers, and the speakers inside were also replaced with golden colors. With a white shiny body, this version of Sound X looks more co-designed with Tivare, such a color scheme will also be reminiscent of Phantom GOLD speakers.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 13

    In terms of color matching, the white-gold sound X actually has a stronger home adaptability.

    The bright black “Night of the Stars” color scheme will be more prominent, with a number of black appearances of household appliances are also suitable. It’s just that to match the gray or dark home scene, “Star Night” color scheme can be incorporated into it.

    On the contrary, the platinum version color color is actually more suitable for the current mainstream light-colored minimalist home, if most of the home products are white or other light color system-based, platinum version will be more matching.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 14

    For Sound X, the biggest highlight of this “update” is actually color matching. Perhaps Huawei is also trying to adapt to more different home scenarios to add new colors to the Sound X.

    As for The Sound X’s interactive design, this platinum version is also completely inherited.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 15

    For example, HUAWEI Share supports the “one touch transmission” function, Huawei mobile phone users as long as through the NFC module, the user on the phone to play songs and calls can also be transferred to the speaker to play, for users who want to suddenly switch to “meeting mode”, The Sound X feature can also meet their needs.

    In addition to connecting with Huawei devices through HUAWEI Share, Sound X can also be combined with Sound X to become a dual speaker stereo mode for improved audio performance.

    However, these interactive features are already supported on the Sound X version of Starry Night, and both speakers have the same hardware configuration. So, if you’ve already purchased the Sound X color version of Starry Night, buying another “Platinum” Sound X this time can also form a dual speaker mode.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 16

    In terms of appearance and interaction, the highlights of the Platinum Sound X are focused on the look.

    Huawei uses a “ceramic white and champagne gold” pair in the platinum version, and uses a new coating process to enhance the overall outlook and enhance the Sound X’s home adaptability. Compared with the “Night of the Stars” edition, the platinum version is easier to integrate into the home and become a unified display of the view.

    Interactively, the platinum version also inherits all the features of the “Star Night” color edition, and is very friendly to the “Huawei Family Bucket” users. The combination of instant pass and enhanced voice assistant recognition gives sound X a richer, more complete experience.

    Main Low Frequency, Can Also Be Balanced 17

    Therefore, Sound X is not only “Huawei’s hand acoustic technology accumulation and the best quality audio products”, can fully integrate into Huawei’s equipment ecosystem, but also is very worthy of Huawei users to try audio products.

    Although, this price of smart speakers is also quite a lot. But if you’re already a Huawei family bucket user, already using Huawei phones, Mate books and other Huawei devices, and also have Huawei HMS services, Huawei Sound X is also worth buying smart speakers.

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