Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro Review: Upgraded Model With Eight Electrodes To Measure Body Fat With Degree Of Accuracy

    Huawei launched the Mate 40 series, alongside a slew of smart devices such as smart speakers, and headphones over the weekend. The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 was also launched during the event.

    Newfangled scales are designed to do more than just measure weight. Smart body fat scales are garnering huge popularity among consumers because they offer a wide range of functions.

    They can measure the bioimpedance of the human body’s lower limbs and other parameters. Smart body fat scales can calculate these parameters by combining various data such as weight, height, and body fat percentage.

    The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro can measure more accurate health data. You can purchase the feature-laden scale for $35.99 from Giztop by following this link.


    The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro has some weight since it uses a 320 x 320mm tempered glass surface. It is more comfortable and stable and hard to roll over.

    The electrode sheet sends a weak current into the human body so the traditional body fat scale has a protruding metal sheet, but this ruins the overall appearance of the scale.

    The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro has ITO conductive coating and there are no explicit electrodes. It is not only appealing but also does not feel abrupt when you step on it.

    While most traditional body fat scales are white, the smart body fat scale 3 Pro adopts the shape of sunrise with a light and soft look. Huawei used the optical coating process to give it dazzling light and shadow effects under the light and serves as an anti-slip feature.

    The foot is non-slip and comfortable. The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro adopts an embedded handle design, which makes it unique.

    When you pull the handle out, you are in getting in touch with eight electrodes on the scale’s surface and the handle respectively, along with Huawei’s body composition detection algorithm for more accurate health data.


    To use Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro, you need to download the Huawei Sports Health App and pair it with your phones that run Android 6.0 or iOS 9.0 and above.

    After pairing, all you need to do is to step on the scale with bare feet, then pull out the handle, and hold it tightly with both hands for about 15 seconds for a detailed report.

    The algorithm of this report is derived from the HUAWEI TruFit™ 2.0 jointly developed by the Hefei Institute of Material Science of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huawei.

    It can accurately measure fat, skeletal muscle, and other rich Human body indicators based on human bio-impedance and other parameters. It also supports body composition testing in the age range of 6 to 80 years.

    The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro also detects liver fat. While many people think fatty liver is a problem faced by obese people, that is not the case. The condition is usually found in middle-aged people who consume alcohol and tobacco.

    Few people do not drink, are not obese, or have hepatitis but they still have fatty liver. Mild fatty liver is difficult to detect, but moderate and severe fatty liver show symptoms similar to chronic hepatitis.

    Liver fat is now detected using the professional equipment of formal medical institutions, which is more complicated and expensive as compared to detection methods.

    The Liver Fat Research App can be used in combination with the Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro to detect liver fat levels at home and monitor liver fat risks. They can use the Shulan Internet Medical App to conduct online consultations.

    Under each health data, you can see corresponding analysis, as well as interpretation and health recommendations. It displays the weight and the best weight under the current height as your weight loss goal.

    Height and body mass index (BMI) is a value calculated from a person’s mass (weight) and height. It can be defined as weight divided by the square of height and is expressed in kilograms per square meter, and derived from the mass (kg) and height (m).

    Fat percentage or body fat percentage refers to the proportion of body fat weight in total body weight. This body fat percentage reflects the amount of body fat in the body. The normal range of adult body fat rate is 20%-30% for women and 12%-20% for men.

    Skeletal muscle rate refers to the proportion of skeletal muscle weight in body weight. The higher the proportion, the stronger the skeletal muscle rate is.

    The visceral fat grade refers to the amount of visceral fat. If it is too high, it will increase the risk of fatty liver.

    The skeletal muscle index of the limbs is the value of the bone mass of the limbs divided by the square of the height, the higher the better.

    The inferred waist-to-hip ratio is the estimated ratio of waist circumference to hip circumference.

    Body type, similar to waist-to-hip ratio, infer your body model and body shape.

    The basal metabolic rate is the energy metabolism rate of the human body in a state of being awake and extremely quiet, unaffected by muscle activity, environmental temperature, food, and mental stress.

    Moisture rate refers to the percentage of body water to body weight. Body water rate and muscle rate are closely related because muscle contains about 70 percent water.

    Bone mineral content refers to the content of bone minerals including calcium, and phosphorus. An increase in bone mineral salt content causes increased bone fragility, making the human body more prone to fractures.

    Protein is the substance that makes human cells so, low protein content can lead to weaker immunity.

    Lean body mass refers to the weight of other components of the body except for fat with muscle being the main part of it. The higher the proportion, the stronger the person.

    Body age is an estimated body reference value.

    And heart rate

    The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro can serve as the family’s health center. It supports up to 10 mobile phone account bindings.

    You can add more users through the account to help others manage measurement data. It can be flexibly configured to facilitate the management of family health data.


    People are getting more health-conscious and Huawei is targeting this demand by introducing health products. As the company’s latest flagship product, Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro offers rich and accurate health data, coupled with functions that surpass market thinking. Moreover, you can purchase it for only $35.99 from Giztop.

    Huawei is one of the few brands to launch support liver fat detection. The Huawei Smart Body Fat Scale 3 Pro is an ideal tool for people who like to monitor their health from time to time and make improvements based on the health recommendations.


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