Huami Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review: A Rugged Smartwatch For Outdoor Enthusiasts

    Amazfit T-Rex Pro Review: Smartwatches have become an inseparable part of most people’s lives. Equipped with various sensors that give it different abilities such as sports, health, and smart life, smartwatches may be the electronic devices that know us best, in addition to mobile phones.

    Huami launched the hotly-anticipated T-Rex Pro smartwatch in Mar., under its well-received Amazfit brand. The wearable device is an upgrade over the Amazfit T-Rex which was unveiled at the CES 2020 as an outdoor smartwatch, passing through a slew of military standard certifications.

    The Amazfit T-Rex is currently available for a lowered price of just $74.99 on Giztop, and you can visit this link to place your order before it goes back to its original asking price of $149.99. Let’s dive into more details about the heavily upgraded Amazfit T-Rex Pro.

    Tough Styling

    The Amazfit T-Rex Pro retains the tough style of its predecessors. The lake blue color and the carbon black protective layer on the outside of the screen enhance its overall appearance. The texture on the top supports the blind operation.

    While the rebounding feeling is powerful, it is not crisp and mechanical. It also helps to avoid accidental touch in outdoor scenes.

    The strap has multiple holes to fit users with different wrist thicknesses. There is a reassuring fixed buckle at the end, and the body of the smartwatch is quite large.

    For those who prefer wearing their watches tightly, the inner sweat guide design makes wearing the Amazfit T-Rex Pro more comfortable even for a longer duration. The watch sports a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with AOD all-day display support, and the brightness under the sun is enough to support automatic adjustment.

    You can visit the watch face store by downloading Zepp. The store is teeming with all sorts of choices including retro electronics and mechanical ones. If you focus more on data, you can choose the digital dial, while those who fancy using trendy watch faces can go for the personalized dials.

    The mechanical dial seems to fit better with the watch body, and the display on the screen is also closer to reality.

    Health Monitoring and Exercise Modes

    Sports functions are extremely necessary for a smartwatch designed for outdoor use. Amazfit T-Rex Pro supports over a hundred sports modes. It has a built-in four-star and three-mode positioning system that can improve positioning speed and accuracy, provide accurate track records and have a waterproof level of 100 meters.

    You can use the select key to call out and double click to confirm. Since it supports adjustment sequence, you can place the most frequently used sports on the front. It uses a self-developed ExerSense algorithm to automatically identify 8 types of motion, so there is no need for manual opening operations.

    Aside from the heart rate, distance, speed, calories burned, and various other data recorded during exercise, Amazfit T-Rex Pro has the FirstBeat algorithm, which offers professional data such as maximum oxygen uptake, full recovery time, exercise load, training load, and more. This allows you to evaluate your own exercise status.

    As far as health monitoring is concerned, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro supports sleep monitoring, 24-hour heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen saturation detection, and converts all data into a PAI index through an algorithm. It can also perform health assessments for different users regardless of the time, place, and type of exercise.

    Battery Life

    Amazfit T-Rex Pro comes with a built-in NFC, which can simulate access card and traffic card, and receive mobile App notifications. Moreover, it can set event reminders, alarm clocks, watch the compass, watch the weather.

    According to official data, the battery of the Amazfit T-Rex Pro can last 18 days of daily use, as well as heavy use. When all monitorings are turned on, the battery can still last for 9 days.

    It charges quickly too. The watch can be fully charged in 1.5 hours, and it can be charged for over ten minutes occasionally during daily rest to fill up the consumed power.

    For the fans of Casio mechanical watch style and those who like outdoor sports, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is an ideal choice. It retails for 1099 yuan, but you can purchase the Amazfit T-Rex for a lowered price of just $74.99 from Giztop. You can follow this link to place your order before it goes back to its original asking price of $149.99.


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