Honor Band 6 Review: A Full-Screen Bracelet with 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring, 14-Day Battery Life, 24-Hour Heart Rate Monitoring, and More

    Honor launched a brand new bracelet dubbed the Honor Band 6 on Nov. 3, and it seems to bear a striking resemblance to the Honor Watch ES, which was announced earlier this year. The Honor Watch ES boasts a slew of similar features to the Huawei Watch Fit.

    Wearable products including smartwatches and bracelets have become an important part of the fast-paced society. It is easy to distinguish between a smartwatch and a bracelet because both adopt radically different designs, and as a result, some smartwatch wearers do not like a wristband.

    Honor Band 6

    As a loyal smartwatch fan, I do not fancy wearing smart bracelets, but the Honor Band 6 still managed to grab my attention, making me wonder if a bracelet can look and feel like it does. The Honor Band 6 is available on Giztop. Let’s check out some of its most jaw-dropping features below:

    Large Screen

    The Honor Band 6 sports a 1.47-inch AMOLED screen, with a narrow bezel design with a screen-to-body ratio of 64 percent, and 114 percent of the display area, which is higher than the previous generation. It offers superior interaction when you swipe left and right or click to select, the false touch rate will be lower.

    Honor Band 6

    Furthermore, it comes with over a hundred styles of exquisite dials, including both paid, as well as free. You can currently chose from 9 built-in dials, or download new dials from the dial market, or simply chose your favorite photo and convert it into a dial.

    Honor Band 6

    The buttons on the Honor Band 6 are placed on the side and have been redesigned. There’s a red line running through the buttons, giving it a highly appealing appearance. The other side of the watch houses the large logo design seen on the Honor 30 series, and the “HONOR” text is eye-catching.

    Dial market

    As far as straps are concerned, it offers three different styles of color matching, including meteorite black, seagull gray, and coral pink.

    Professional Health Monitoring

    The Honor Band 6 adopts the blood oxygen saturation monitoring technology, with single blood oxygen detection support, highly optimized algorithm, and hardware. The bracelet comes in handy for detecting blood oxygen status. When the blood oxygen saturation drops under 90 percent, it may be a sign of lack of energy, rapid heartbeat, easy sleepiness, fatigue, and more.

    Honor Band 6

    It also uses the upgraded HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology, which delivers quick and accurate heart rate monitoring functions. The bracelet supports background intelligent heart rate monitoring, which intelligently, adjusts heart rate monitoring frequency based on the activity state while recording the heart rate curve of the past 24 hours, and the resting heart rate measurement without hampering the battery life of the device.

    Honor Band 6

    The company teamed up with 301 Hospital to keep track of the heart rate of users and provide arrhythmia screening reports. Data shows the Honor Band 6 and Heart Health Research APP delivers an accuracy rate of 97.8 percent in terms of screening atrial fibrillation, while the accuracy rate for screening apnea is as high as 85.9 percent. Users are advised to download Heart Health Research APP and use it with the Honor Band 6 to take better care of our bodies.

    Sleep monitoring and sleep apnea

    The Honor Band 6 is equipped with the company’s TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitoring technology, which performs several features including sleep stage monitoring, real-time heart rate monitoring, and sleeps breathing monitoring without disturbing user’s sleep, and determine sleep quality while providing numerous sleep improvements suggestions.

    Blood oxygen monitoring

    For women, the bracelet comes with women’s menstrual cycle recording feature for reminding and tracking the menstrual period using a calendar method. The bracelet can directly manage the cycle calendar. The female health management function is also suitable for male users, allowing them to remind their beloved to take care of their bodies in time.

    Menstrual cycle
    Blood oxygen monitoring
    Blood oxygen monitoring


    The Honor Band 6 supports 10 professional sports modes, outdoor running, indoor running, and outdoor walking, outdoor cycling, indoor cycling, free training, pool swimming, elliptical machine, rowing machine, indoor walking, including the latest mainstream and common sports The Honor Band 6 intelligently identifies the current exercise state and sends reminders to check whether or not you are exercising, based on exercise, heart rate sensor and the exercise state recognition algorithm. All you need to do to start exercise detection is to press Ok.

    Heart rate monitoring
    Heart rate monitoring

    The bracelet can independently record different sports data in various sports modes such as running distance, time, pace, calories burned, swimming stroke frequency, swimming trips, and more. You can share exercise data on WeChat, Weibo, and other social media platforms using a mobile phone.

    Honor Band 6
    Exercise record sharing


    The Honor Band 6 delivers a long battery life, The bracelet uses low-power chips and smart power-saving algorithms to achieve 14 days of battery life in general scenarios such as normal heart rate, normal sleep at night, 30 minutes of exercise per week, and notifications turned on. In other scenarios with heavy usage, the battery can still last for 10 days. The Honor Band 6 sports a magnetic fast charging design for more comfortable charging. The bracelet can be used for two days after only 5-minute charging. You can purchase the Honor Band 6 from Giztop by following this link.

    Honor Band 6
    Magnetic charger
    Magnetic charger
    Honor Band 6


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