Honor 30 Review – The Flagship with 40MP-Photo Camera

    There are three models of Honor 30 series came in this year to shake the market, namely Honor 30, Honor 30 Pro and Honor 30 Pro Plus, but perhaps the high-matching version of the light is too dazzling, leading to the neglect of Honor as the “Middle Cup” 30. In fact, the competitiveness of this phone, especially at the image level, is completely undefeated, even better than other phones of the same price.

    Honor 30 rear four-camera combination, it is worth noting that the main camera is using 40-megapixel IMX600 RYYB CMOS, this flagship sensor has appeared in the Honor V30 series and other products, bringing a fairly excellent imaging effect, night scene photography is even more brilliant, the machine retains 50 times the potential telephoto lens. Such a configuration at competitive price is quite rare, for the positioning of the standard version of the phone is very valuable.

    In addition, The Value is one of the highlights of this phone, and the Honor 30 also features titanium silver color and the series’ iconic big logo.

    So how does it feel to “drink” as a “middle cup” of Honor 30? Let’s have a taste.

    This Picture, Love

    Although the Honor 30 is a positioning mid-range “standard” mobile phone, but in the photo is definitely the flagship of the existence, let’s first look at the configuration.

    The phone’s rear four-camera combination includes a 40-megapixel ultra-light camera, an 8-megapixel over-the-top telephoto camera, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 2-megapixel macro camera.

    As I mentioned at the beginning, the main camera is using the IMX600 RYYB CMOS, which has been used on a number of flagship machines, so the quality is guaranteed. In addition, thanks to the potential structure, the Honor 30 supports 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom and up to 50x digital zoom.

    As for the effect, we look directly at the sample, starting from the main camera to see.

    1. Ultra-sensitive Camera

    The main samples were mostly taken outdoors in bad weather, in mixed nights and indoor environments, but the more extreme the environment, the more it shows the phone’s true camera level.

    Ultra-sensitive Camera 2

    Honor 30 Indoor Samples

    Ultra-sensitive Camera 3

    Honor 30 Indoor Samples

    Honor 30 Indoor Samples 4

    Honor 30 Outdoor Samples

    As can be seen through the sample, relying on the powerful resolution power of 40-megapixel master, the sample image is quite clear, and the color performance is full. However, note that the Honor of 30 pairs of color control is not simply to enhance the saturation of the color, but according to the camera scene and conditions at this time, automatically adjust the camera parameters, so that the color remains in a suitable range.

    In daily photography, the main camera should be our most commonly used camera, so the camera configuration is often the strongest in the lens, which is why the main camera has a high playability, such as taking pictures of the light.

    Honor 30 Indoor Samples Night View

    Honor 30 Night View

    Honor 30 Indoor Samples Local amplification

    Local amplification

    This sample is shot directly from the main camera to the light, and the IMX600 provides a very wide dynamic range for the phone, retaining considerable picture detail even in light and night scenes with very high contrast between light and dark.

    Let’s take the first sample as an example, this sample not only did not appear obvious overexposure phenomenon, but also the background pattern is still clearly visible, even if it is enlarged, the background text also maintains a high definition.

    And in the night scene performance, the Honor 30 is just as good, and can even be said to be the same as the Pro version in place. Night scene because of lack of light, so very test the phone’s control of noise and the purity of the screen guarantee, simply put, the photo looks dry.

    Honor 30 Indoor Samples 7
    Honor 30 Indoor Samples 8
    Honor 30 Indoor Samples 9

    From the sample effect, the night scene of Honor 30 is well controlled, so it looks very clean.

    In addition, thanks to the RYYB filter array, the amount of light intake can be increased by 40% compared to the traditional RGGB, increasing the brightness of the night scene, allowing the photo to show more detail.

    It is worth noting that the above night scene samples are taken in normal mode, without turning on the super night scene.

    Honor 30 Indoor Samples 10
    Honor 30 Indoor Samples 11
    Honor 30 Indoor Samples 12

    By the way, when taking pictures with the main camera, especially at night, you can try to adjust the metering points in the viewfinder so that you can take some very “taste” photos by adjusting the contrast between light and dark.

    Coupled with the high quality of the 40-megapixel master itself, so don’t worry about basic clarity and brightness, the film rate is very high, you can take a very good picture with a single shot.

    2. The Latent Telephoto Camera

    The Honor 30 will carry 50 times the potential telephoto lens Which I simply did not think, the standard version is often reduced configuration of the hard-hit areas, even if there is a zoom camera, but also can retain the potential structure is extremely rare. In addition, the phone is also equipped with dual-structure OIS optical stabilization and AIS telephoto stabilization.

    The Latent Telephoto Camera 13

    Honor 30 samples (5x zoom)

    The presence of a perient telephoto camera and optical stabilization allows the Honor 30 to give you a better photo experience and imaging effects, such as making your zoom sample clearer.

    In addition, if the ultra-wide-angle camera, main camera, the potential telephoto sample combination to see, you will find that this is quite a sense of generation.

    The weather was not good at the time of the shoot, the standard foggy weather, but the Honor 30 performance is the same as the weather at the time. Impressive.

    The Latent Telephoto Camera 14

    Honor 30 samples (ultra-wide angle)

    The Latent Telephoto Camera 15
    The Latent Telephoto Camera 16

    Honor 30 samples (5x zoom)

    The Latent Telephoto Camera 17
    The Latent Telephoto Camera 18
    The Latent Telephoto Camera 19

    From the overall effect, the Honor 30 image clarity, ultra-wide-angle camera and main camera have retained a considerable scene details, the clouds in the sky are distinct, the brightness performance is good, and the color at this time is very close to the actual shooting scene at that time.

    With 5x zoom, the picture is clear and the details are excellent, such as the buildings in the photo, and the glass curtain walls on the floor surface are separated.

    The highest 50x digital zoom performance of the Honor 30 is still a dot, although due to the digital zoom’s own characteristics, the clarity is naturally more general at this time. But note that despite the fog that blocked some of the subjects, the approximate outline of the Chinese honor was captured, and that, in this respect, it was commendable.

    The Latent Telephoto Camera 20

    Honor 30 Night View (10x Zoom)

    Incidentally, at night, the Honor 30-style camera also has a very outstanding performance.

    In addition, the Picture-in-Picture function is automatically activated when the Honor 30 zoom factor exceeds 15 times. Yes, that’s the little box in the viewfinder. When the zoom factor is increased, the camera subject will also become “larger” even though it can make the phone shoot farther.

    Coupled with the lens itself may appear to shake, which can affect the user experience. The advent of the Picture-in-Picture feature allows you to find the subject faster, which is useful for experience improvement.

    3. Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera

    The phone is equipped with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, which relies on a larger viewing angle, so the lens also has a great expressive ness. And after color tuning, the color performance of the ultra-wide-angle camera is not very different from the main camera, ensuring the consistency of the experience.

    Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera 21

    Honor 30 samples (ultra wide angle)

    Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera 22

    Honor 30 samples (ultra-wide angle)

    Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera 23

    Honor 30 samples (ultra wide angle)

    In addition, the Honor of 30 ultra-wide-angle sample sprang also did not appear obvious edge distortion phenomenon, the perception is good, in the large view of the holding, the sample has a deep sense.

    4. Macro Camera

    Like the other three cameras, the 2-megapixel macro camera is also very interesting.

    Macro Camera 24

    Honor 30 samples (macro)

    This set of macro samples were shot in the night after the rain, the overall look of the sample is good, the clarity of the picture is entirely guaranteed, considering the complexity of the night light, it can be seen that the Honor is optimized for the camera imaging effect.

    Overall, the Honor 30 uses a combination of ultra-sensitive cameras and subliminal telephoto cameras, ultra-wide-angle cameras and macro cameras to form a powerful image system for the phone to meet the user’s camera needs in various scenes.

    However, from the personal experience, the Honor 30 in the camera operation still has some small slot slots, there is no default 2x or 3x zoom tag, in shooting near objects need to be manually adjusted, from 1x direct to 5x zoom, a little “too strong”.

    In addition, due to the position of the zoom bar, zoom when taking pictures need to be operated by both hands, there is some trouble. If the camera interface can be optimized later, with the Honor 30 itself excellent picture quality, can further enhance the use of this phone experience. After all, mobile phone to take pictures, good-looking is very important, good use is also very important.

    Big Logo, Pretty

    The highlight of Honor 30 is the Honor big logo on the back, confidently telling everyone that this is a work from Honor. But note that this phone currently has a total of titanium empty silver, neon purple, phantom night black, flowing illusion, The Wizard of Oz five color schemes, only the first two adopt this design. The “HONOR” logo on the machine is simple and easy, but this minimalist design is often the most design-oriented.

    Big Logo, Pretty 25

    Honor 30

    The two capital letters “O” ensure a sense of visual balance, while the letter “N” ensures symmetry on both sides, coupled with the straight sensing font at the end, making this large logo very eye-catching and visually striking. In addition, the location of large logo is also very important, if the location is not right, but it will appear that such a design is very cumbersome.

    The Honor design idea is very interesting, you will find that the height of the “HONOR” logo is basically the same as the camera module, so that you can form a parallel visual effect. In addition, in order to better highlight the logo, Honor in the material also make corresponding changes.

    Big Logo, Pretty 26

    Honor 30

    We take titanium empty silver as an example, in this color scheme, the back of the body using AG glass technology, the matte texture feelvery comfortable, and the logo part of the use of bright surface technology, the two complement each other, both highlight the main body, without breaking the visual harmony.

    It’s worth noting that when you look at this section from a different angle, you’ll notice that the logo section has a similar suspension effect.

    To tell you the truth, big logo design is not uncommon on smartphones, but most of them appear on the phone case or other accessories, and the Honor 30 is printed directly on the machine, which requires manufacturers to have considerable courage and have enough confidence in their own products. That’s why I love this design.

    Big Logo, Pretty 27

    Honor 30

    We shifted the perspective to the front of the phone, with the 6.53-inch OLED Eye screen on the front of the Honor 30, which is what we often call a punching screen, but unlike the Honor 30 Pro and Pro, this phone is a single hole and a straight screen with a 32-megapixel camera on the front.

    Note that the edges around the screen are processed with a certain amount of arc, so that we are sliding the screen and the fingers will feel more comfortable.

    Big Logo, Pretty 28

    Honor 30

    In addition, the frame around the phone has a significantly narrower than the previous generation, equipped with a magic eye screen, can create a very good visual effect.

    At the same time, the bottom of the phone also made a cut-off treatment, so that when you use the small thumb to hold the phone, you can very well reduce the phone’s pressure on the small thumb. In other words, have you looked closely at your weather-creamed thumb?

    Big Logo, Pretty 29

    Honor 30

    In addition, the Honor 30 body weight of about 185g, the thinnest body of 8.1mm, in addition to the phone frame has also done a transition processing, making it closer to the palm of the hand. The lightweight body with the right curves creates a very comfortable feel.

    While the Honor 30 has removed the 3.5mm headphone spout somewhat regrettable, the design is exquisite, but it also fits the positioning of the series of mobile phone’s flagship. Moreover, the addition of large logo design also lets the Honor 30, and even the whole series have a high degree of product recognition. Take it out, and when others look, they know it’s a Honor cell phone.

    Magic UI 3.1, Amazing

    In the hardware configuration, the Honor 30 is equipped with kirin 985, supports NSA/SA 5G dual-mode network and more 5G band, in addition to the machine also built-in 4000mAh battery, and support 40W super-fast charging, for enhanced experience laid a solid hardware foundation. In addition to hardware, Honor is optimized at the software level.

    Magic UI 3.1, Amazing 30

    Magic UI 3.1 Smart Split

    Based on Android 10 Magic UI 3.1, the Highlight 30 is the built-in app sidebar that not only opens the app window quickly, but also opens the smart split screen in a simpler way.

    For example, I open both memos and albums, which are very convenient for dragging and dragging photos directly into the memos. At present, there are a number of applications adapted to this feature, such as QQ, WeChat, Alipay, Weibo and so on.

    Final Verdict

    The Honor 30 features quite prominent, especially at the image level, the combination of the ultra-sensitive camera and the perient telephoto camera, the ultra-wide-angle camera and the macro camera, makes this phone’s camera quality and function far superior to the same price. In addition, the series of mobile phone’s iconic large logo design, so that the phone has a high face value and recognition.

    Visible, as a “standard version” of the mobile phone, the Honor 30 is still equipped with the flagship only configuration, but because of positioning problems, so that this phone was ignored by some people, and even underestimated its performance, which is a bit of a pity.

    Buy From

    Honor 30 5G-8GB – 256GB 

    Silver Purple Green Black

    Honor 30 5G-8GB – 128GB

    Silver Purple Green Black

    Honor 30 5G-6GB – 128GB

    Silver Purple Green Black

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