HIFIMAN HE400se Review: An Inexpensive Entry-Level Flat Earphones

    Much to the chagrin of music lovers, top branded TWS headphones aren’t easy on the pocketbook, but HiFi, which alludes to high-quality reproduction of sound, is still a niche hobby.

    Novices, audiophiles, and HiFi music enthusiasts usually go for headphones that carry a price tag of around a thousand yuan, meaning, there aren’t too many products to choose from. In other words, if you fancy using a high-end headphone that delivers better sound quality, you’d end up shelling out more money.

    HIFIMAN HE400se experience: a great choice for entry-level flat earphones

    HIFIMAN’s core technologies include Flat diaphragm technology, which is integrated in flagship headphones such as Susvara and HE- R10. Now, the leading audio brand known for making high-class headphones has launched a new open flat-diaphragm HiFi fever headset dubbed HIFIMAN HE400se.

    Carrying a 600 yuan price tag, the HIFIMAN HE400se, which can be touted as an open flat-diaphragm headset that doesn’t cost a bomb. It allows more entry-level users to enjoy the different sounds from the moving coil and moving iron.

    HIFIMAN HE400se experience: a great choice for entry-level flat earphones

    HIFIMAN HE400se retains the HIFIMAN’s traditional design element, which comprises a combination of thick head beam and huge open unit. Unlike the HE400i or HE400s, which uses a double-supported head beam structure, new products from HIFIMAN, including the HIFIMAN HE400se use single-beam pull-out head beams.

    It has a thick head beam, and the outside is wrapped in black leather, and the internal storage is solid. The black series features earmuffs and the external mesh grille, and the earmuffs of HE400se are made using leather and velvet splicing, the outside is made of soft leather, and the inside is a black funnel.

    HIFIMAN HE400se experience: a great choice for entry-level flat earphones

    The HE400se adopts a black and silver contrasting design. While the ear cups and ear cup brackets are in silver color, the head beam telescopic frame system is made using metal, making it strong and reliable. The stent houses 8 locking points and the bracket reserves left and right rotation angles of about 10-degree, which increases the comfort of wearing.

    There are large “L” and “R” logos on the inside of the head beam, and the outside corresponds to the HIFIMAN brand and HE400se model respectively. There is a standard 3.5mm jack at the bottom of the ear cup, and it adopts a left and right double wire ear design.

    HIFIMAN HE400se experience: a great choice for entry-level flat earphones

    The package also includes a 3.5mm to 6.5mm connector. The HIFIMAN HE400se is a great choice for those starting, and users who mostly use computers and mobile phones. Moreover, the frequency response range of HIFIMAN HE400se is 20Hz-20Hz, the impedance is 25 ohms, and its sensitivity is 91db.

    While using the HE400se, the volume of the computer is likely to increase up to 60 to 70 percent, and mobile phone volume increases to 60 to 70 percent. The HIFIMAN HE400se has a strong resolution due to the addition of the flat diaphragm. The sound clarity and texture are excellent, and the sound field isn’t large, but it is relatively open even when playing on a computer.

    HIFIMAN HE400se experience: a great choice for entry-level flat earphones

    On the downside, the HE400se, which is a flat-diaphragm headset has some “missing problems.” The low-frequency performance of the HE400se is quite satisfactory compared to the excellent mid-frequency performance.

    Although low resistance is hard to push, it is easy to sound, while high resistance is easy to push and hard to sound. Low-impedance headphones have a larger current loss during the transmission of current and sound signals, which may lead to increased distortion and weakened control.

    HIFIMAN HE400se experience: a great choice for entry-level flat earphones

    Compared with moving coil headphones, the conductor layer on the diaphragm of the flat-panel headphones is evenly distributed on the diaphragm surface, which minimizes the phase distortion, while positioning and imaging are clearer. HIFIMAN HE400se, enables you tp get your hands on flat-diaphragm headphones for about 600 yuan, with three-band balanced tuning.

    The HIFIMAN HE400se is a playable headset. If you are a novice user, using a mobile phone or computer can promote HE400se and provide a superior listening experience. Once you are ready to delve further into the HiFi field, you can consider using the HIFIMAN HE400se with professional players.

    HIFIMAN HE400se experience: a great choice for entry-level flat earphones
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