Google Refers To Pixel 4a (5G) As Pixel 4a With 5G On Its Store Homepage

    Google launched the much-awaited Pixel 4a in Aug. while teasing the two other phones that would be included in its 2020 lineup. The Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a (5G) have been unveiled, but Google is referring to that latter device by a different name.

    The recently unveiled non-flagship phone from Google is widely considered to be odd. The integration of 5G necessitates the need for a different chipset than the usual 4a (765 vs 730), and on top of that, Google added a dual-camera array that comes with a wide-angle lens.

    Despite the aforesaid key hardware upgrade, coupled with the larger display and battery, it is still a device in Google’s 4a line. The company teased the phone as the “Pixel 4a (5G)” back in Aug., and that’s exactly what it was unveiled as at Launch Night, but without the parenthesis, but the Google Store listing raises questions about that naming.

    At least three places on the Google Store homepage alludes to the new phone as the “Pixel 4a with 5G,” including the main product carousel, cover image, and a dedicated card. Moreover, that is also the brand on the product listing in the top-right corner.

    Although as you continue reading through the page, you will start seeing the phone name with (5G) at the end, and accessories for the phone have also been given that name. The Google Store’s top navigation adopts the parenthesis version as well.

    The Google launch blog post also refers to the device as the “Pixel 4a (5G),” while a comparison chart at the bottom refers to it as “with 5G.” The additional “with” is used to elongate the device name.

    Considering the teaser, it looks like Google had settled on Pixel 4a (5G) earlier only to unveil the other version later in the process. Although this is a minor difference in the grand scheme, it does create unnecessary confusion to an already complicated strategy and device.

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