Black Shark 4 Pro Review: New Gaming Phone With 120W Charging, 144Hz Refresh Rate, Triple Rear Camera And Snapdragon 888 Chip

    Breaking with the tradition of not launching devices with the number “4,” since it is considered unlucky in the Chinese culture, Black Shark launched the Black Shark 4 series, featuring the Black Shark 4, Black Shark 4 Pro gaming smartphones on Mar. 23.

    The much-awaited Black Shark 3 and Black Shark 3 Pro successors boast an impressive array of features, and the Black Shark 4 Pro has already gone up for sale bearing a $699 price tag on Giztop. Let’s check out more details about the Pro variant.


    The Black Shark 4 Pro doesn’t look similar to the Black Shark 3 series. It has a thickness of 9.9mm and weighs 220 grams. Compared with its predecessor, the Black Shark 4 Pro is slightly reduced but is still a heavy gaming phone.

    Upfront, there is a 6.67-inch FHD+AMOLED full screen, and the screen-to-body ratio has been improved with the help of the design of ultra-small center-mounted digging holes. Moreover, the phone comes in Suikong Black, Ink Sea Black, Prism Gray, and Zhan Yuqing color options.

    The Suikong Black version is actually more dark blue in color. There is a blue and black interlaced X-shaped design at the back and the “S” logo is located at the junction of X. The frosted glass backplate resists fingerprints stains.

    The horizontally aligned triple camera module is placed in the center. There is a triangular RGB light strip just below the camera module, and be set to constant light, breathing, or change with the application mode.

    Black Shark has been providing built-in mechanical shoulder keys, unlike most gaming phones that still use touch shoulder keys or external shoulder keys. The touch shoulder button on the Black Shark 4 Pro has been further upgraded from the original electric lift to a manual switch.

    The phone comes with 3 independent microphones, 2 independent speakers, and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the middle frame. The phone adopts a power fingerprint integrated design, along with a smooth unlocking and high recognition rate.


    The box includes a 120w charging kit that uses the same design as the Xiaomi charger 120w, but the charging speed has been improved. It is backed by a 4500mAh battery, which can be charged in 15 minutes.

    On the downside, the body tends to get very hot when charging at 120w. To address this issue, the phone provides a smart charging function, which reduces the charging speed to ensure the temperature is not too high.

    Moreover, this charging kit is compatible with 65w PD fast charging and can charge most thin and light notebooks. Black Shark has also launched the Black Shark Equipment Box, which has a handle, mouse, and keyboard, cooling back clip, and gaming headset.

    The new Black Shark ice-sealed cooling back clip 2 Pro brings everyone’s favorite RGB element to the cooling fan. You can use the phone’s Bluetooth connection to adjust the light effect and wind power.

    On top of that, Black Shark provides a matching armor heat dissipation protective shell. This thermally conductive metal in the middle of the phone ensures the heat dissipation back clip directly contacts the phone’s heating area, which in return improves the heat dissipation capacity.

    The ring iron gaming headset’s flat wire and corner head design minimizes the interference of the opponent when holding it. The built-in DTS sound effect of the system enables the player to listen to the sound position.


    Black Shark upgraded the screen refresh rate to 144Hz and the touch sampling rate to 720Hz. The Black Shark 4 Pro has a screen ratio of 20:9 and the resolution is 2400 x 1080 pixels. Moreover, it uses the latest Samsung E4 material and supports DC dimming.

    You can prepare several sets of different screen color gamut files in the system settings. It also supports a variable refresh rate. You can manually select setting options of 60Hz, 90hz, and 144Hz in the system.

    Upgrading from 60Hz to 90Hz reduces the game delay. You can keep the refresh rate to 90Hz to get a balance between experience and energy saving.

    The Black Shark 4 Pro’s screen has two pressure-sensitive areas on the top and bottom of the screen. You can set a custom button for one-click opening and shooting during the game. Likewise, you can hold to open the map and release it to close the map.

    You can also set up mapping different functions. For instance, you can set a strong press to return and a strong slide to set the HOME button. The Black Shark 4 Pro runs the JOYUI 12.5 system based on Android 11, which inherits most of the functions of MIUI, along with some optimizations for the game.

    You can down the shoulder button or press the left and right screens simultaneously to enter the game space. New users can try a game called Fingertip Training Ground, which allows them to get acquainted with various black technologies of Black Shark.

    There is also voice control and somatosensory control. Somatosensory control is similar if the swing direction of the gyroscope is set, the corresponding key position can be activated.


    The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+LPDDR5 high-speed memory and UFS3.1 flagship flash memory are essential for the Black Shark 4 Pro gaming phone. The phone has a Raid system. The Xiaomi-backed phone maker combined a solid-state drive and a UFS3.1 disk to store and write in parallel.

    After the AndroBench running test, compared with the traditional UFS3.1 reading and writing speed, the Raid system has multiple improvements. It also shows that the loading speed of the game is considerably faster in the game.

    During these tests, which were performed under the default state of the system, the room temperature is about 25 degrees Celcius and the heat dissipation back clip is not worn. The Antutu V9.0.1 score under room temperature is 876,166 points, while the score of storage items has been improved.

    The GeekBench4 test, which reflects the processor performance, scored 5203 points for a single-core run and 14840 points for a multi-core run. There is an increase of about 25 percent as compared to Snapdragon 865.

    The Black Shark 4 Pro performs well in the theoretical running points, but what about actual gaming experience? Black Shark 4 Pro has been adapted to the 90-frame mode of the recently updated Glory of Kings.

    The game was stable at 90 frames, and the number of frames that fluctuates was very low. The average frame rate after 30 minutes of gaming was 86.7 frames, and the hottest part of the back cover is 40.1 degrees Celcius.

    The running sub-software Yuan Shen was also tested on the Black Shark 4 Pro. Among the highest special effects of Original God, the performance of the phone is quite surprising.

    Except for the unavoidable frame drop when switching scenes, it was stable at 60 frames at other times. The final 30-minute average frame rate was 58.4 frames.

    However, at this time, the temperature of the back cover reached 43.9 degrees Celcius. With the Black Shark ice-sealed cooling back clip 2 Pro, the temperature of the back cover drops to 38.3 degrees Celcius.

    With 50 percent screen brightness, the phone’s 4500mAh battery was also tested. Playing Peace Elite for 30 minutes, King of Glory for 30 minutes, Call of Duty for 30 minutes, and Original God for 30 minutes, only consumed 54 percent of the power.


    The Black Shark 4 Pro has a 64MP Samsung S5KGW3 sensor with a unit pixel width of 0.7um and a bottom of 1/1.97, according to hardware information. It supports HDR shooting and up to 8K video shooting. The overall image quality during the day is good.

    The phone also features an 8MP IMX355 sub-camera as an ultra-wide-angle. The low light performance is satisfactory, and it can shoot sunset clouds in the night scene mode, but the highlight suppression is poor.

    The 5MP macro lens achieves the focus of the nearest 3cm object and delivers an average image quality. You can visit this link to get your hands on the Black Shark 4 Pro gaming phone from Giztop for just $699.


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