5 Best USB Charging Stations in 2020

    Elevation Lab FamilyCharger

    Elevation labs family charger is like, the Swiss Army knife of charging cords. It allows you to charge all your devices at once in a single place without any cord clutter. It’s not really a docking station per se instead, it’s one thick braided cord with five tentacles that branch out to form multiple charging ends. There are three lightning cables, one Micro-USB and one USB, see you can keep the cord ends tied together with a velcro strap silicone mounts are also included for routing. The cable off your desk and table or shelf as cool as it would be, if one end of the cable where a USB–C port that you could plug into a wall adapter. This one actually has 5 USB ports. This way each cable gets its own dedicated source of power. The braided cord is similar in texture to climbing rope so it’s incredibly durable plus with nine feet of slack, it’s definitely long enough for most setups.

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    Nomad Wireless Hub

    If your nightstand is cluttered with a rat’s nest of cords, this charging station from Nomad can help tidy things up a bit, not only is it capable of wirelessly charging your smartphone it’s also packed with four additional USB ports. To one amp a single 2.1 amp and a three app USB C port. It only takes a half hour to increase your smartphone’s battery to 50%. When using the charging stations USB C port your device has to be placed strategically on the pad. To ensure, the charging coils in your smartphone line up with the charger. The wireless charger outputs 7.5 watts of power and takes around 3 hours to fully charge an iPhone 10. The unit includes a lengthy four-foot USB C charging port, we also appreciate its integrated cable management system and LED charging indicators, that dim at nighttime so they won’t keep you awake.

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    SooPii 7-Port Fast Charging Station

    SooPii 7-Port Fast Charging Station and knowingly enough most USB charging stations do not come with any lightning or USB cables, meaning you’ll have to use the ones that came with your smart phone. Which often sometimes are too long or you’ll have to shop for some new ones. The super charging station pushes the envelope by including four lightning cables to USB C cables and one micro-USB cable. Even better this churching solution is significantly cheaper than other options. The super packs a total of seven charging ports, five avoid support up to 2.4 abs, which is the standard speed for most smartphones. It also features a Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 port, which will recharge your supportive phone up to 80% full in just 35 minutes. There’s even a USB CPD port, that’s powerful enough to recharge your iPhone to 50% in only half an hour. The biggest downside to soubise charger is that, its dividers are fixed several other charging stations have adjustable dividers to accommodate devices of all different shapes and sizes. The space between each divider here is just 0.79 inches, if your device is thicker than that you’re out of luck.

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    Unitek 160W USB Charging Station (Y-2190)

    Unitek 160W USB Charging Station (Y-2190) is a true powerhouse, that’ll keep your devices organized charged up and ready to go. This one has ten ports, so you can recharge your family’s numerous tablets, smartphones, wireless earbuds, readers, wireless speakers, and portable battery packs. It features detachable dividers, that easily adjust to accommodate all of your different sized devices – so if you have a kid’s tablet with a fit case or a bulky Nintendo switch you won’t have to worry about not having enough space. The charger has 8 USB, 8 ports for charging at standard speeds. A single quick charge 3.0 port and a 60-watt USB CPD port, that’s ideal for power-hungry devices like tablets or even laptops. These latter two ports will help you recharge your devices much faster than the original chargers that came with your device additionally. The Uni tech offers a built-in safety system, that protects the connected hardware against overcharging or overheating, even better the charger has earned numerous safety certifications and is backed by a two-year warranty.

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    Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Edition

    The Nomad base station takes all the boxes for you, that you would want in a charging station. It packs enough ports for your everyday devices lets you conveniently charge wirelessly and sports a nice-looking design. Although there are more powerful and affordable options out there, we think that the Nomad base station is worth splurging on given. Its versatility in addition to a dock for recharging your Apple watch. The accessory packs a trio of high-power coils for wirelessly recharging your Android iPhone and earbuds. If that’s not enough, there is an 18-watt USB CPD port for charging when you’re in hurry and a 7.5-watt USB port for recharging any other device. Whether it be a Kindle, a pair of headphones or a Bluetooth speaker. The base station is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and handsome leather.

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