5 Best Gaming Monitors in 2020

    ViewSonic XG2402

    viewsonic xg2402 introduction 1

    The best budget gaming monitor on our list is the ViewSonic XG2402, it doesn’t have the most stylish design with its thick bezels but it’s well-built and it has good ergonomics. So, that you can adjust the monitor easily to your optimal viewing position although it has a basic 1080p resolution it’s smaller 24-inch screen results in a higher pick city density which keeps images and text looking sharp. As expected of most TN panels it’s a response time and input lag are superb the contrast and viewing angles suffer in consequence for a budget monitor. The out-of-the-box color accuracy is surprisingly good also it has a 144 Hertz refresh rate that makes motion look incredibly smooth and it supports free-sync technology to reduce screen tearing. It’s also compatible with g-sync however it requires a display port connection for it to work sadly there’s no HDR support which is somewhat expected for a modern in this price range it does come with quite a few extra features such as built-in speakers and USB 3.0 ports so that you can charge your mobile devices all in all. If you’re shopping for a gaming monitor on a tight budget the ViewSonic is a great.

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    LG 34GN850-B

    The best ultra-wide gaming monitor of the list is LG 34GN850-B. This is one of LG’s ultra-gear gaming monitors that features a 34 inch curved screen it’s 21 by 9 aspect ratio is great for immersive gaming experiences and its 1440p resolution brings out every little detail in your games like most IPS displays it doesn’t have. The best contrast ratio so it’s not ideal for dark rooms and while it has an impressive peak brightness it may not be enough for a brightly lit environment. As expected of a gaming monitor its response time and input lag are superb so even if you play at 60 Hertz it is great for console gamers it’s 144 Hertz refresh rate can be overclocked up to 160 Hertz and it has free sync support and Gsync compatibility. It delivers a pretty decent HDR gaming experience but it doesn’t get bright enough to make highlights standout in HDR movies. Thankfully, there’s very little dirty screen effect although this can vary from one unit to another if you care about color accuracy. The good thing is that this monitor comes with an S RGB mode. That’s impressively accurate and has USB ports on the back additionally it has a few extra gaming features that can be useful for son such as the ability to put a crosshair in shooter games and black stabilizer feature to make objects more visible in dark scenes plus if you game for an extended period of time the flicker free backlight can be quite happy.

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    Samsung C49RG9

    If you want to take immersion to the next level with an even wider monitor check out these Samsung c49 are g9c rg9 unlike the LG C49RG9’s 21 by 9 aspect ratio this monitor is much wider at a whopping 32 by 9 which is equivalent to 2 1440p monitors placed side by side. It’s VA panel has a decent contrast ratio but black on a format is rather poor as there’s noticeable clouding throughout the screen as with most VA panels viewing angles are disappointing but the monitors curve panel does help making it easier for you to see. The sides as for HDR performance this monitor has a decent wide color gamut and an immersive peak brightness to make highlights pop in HDR content overall. The LG is a better choice for an ultra-wide gaming monitor as the size fits easily on most decks but if you want the most immersive experience you can get consider the Samsung.

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    ViewSonic Elite XG270QG

    The ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is the best g-sync gaming monitor on this list it’s an excellent gaming monitor that has native g-sync support and it’s packed with features such as built-in speakers. The ability to add a virtual crosshair and RGB lighting on the back of the monitor. The native 144 Hertz refresh rate on the monitor can easily be overclocked to 165 Hertz and the g-sync brr can drop it as low as 20 Hertz to reduce screen tearing. Its response time at its max refresh rate is outstanding and it’s still excellent at 60 Hertz which is ideal for console gaming its input lag is incredibly low and even though it’s significantly higher when playing at 60 Hertz. It should still be fine for most console gamers the 1440p resolution helps to deliver a good overall image as it has wide viewing angles good peak brightness and great reflection handling if you want to place it in a bright room. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about its darkroom performance as it has a low contrast ratio and poor black uniformity also it’s out of the box color accuracy is bad but if you get it calibrated it has excellent coverage of the Adobe RGB color space used in photo editing overall it’s a very good monitor with excellent gaming performance making it the best gaming monitor with native g-sync on the list.

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    Dell S2716DG

    If you want a cheaper monitor with native g-sync support, then the Dell S2716DG is a great gaming alternative although it’s TN panel doesn’t deliver the same wide viewing angles. It has one of the best response times we’ve seen and it’s equally as amazing even at 60 Hertz which is great for console gamers motion is a very clear and there’s a back frame insertion to reduce any motion blur further its input lag is incredibly low and it has excellent ergonomics. So, you can place a monitor how you like unfortunately it’s not a good monitor for any other use than gaming as it has only decent brightness mediocre viewing angles or native contrast and a bad black uniformity. If you want the best g-sync gaming monitor the viewsonic is an excellent choice but if you want something cheaper and still get a great gaming experience, then look into the Dell.

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