Xiaomi has a wide range of products in the entire mobile phone market, such as the red rice mobile phone at hundred-yuan series, the millet 8 youth version at 1,500 yuan, the millet 8 of 2000+, and the high-end flagship millet MIX 3 of 3,000 yuan or more. Products available in various price segments. This time, Xiaomi launched a brand-new category of Xiaomi Play phones, filling the gap of 1000-1300-yuan stalls. And this phone's slogan is "Good mobile phone, bring their own traffic", then a self-brought mobile phone will have what kind of magic?  

Exquisite and compact design

Xiaomi play in design the inheritance and continuation of this year Xiaomi mobile phone design ideas; the back of mobile phone used the gradient design of the 3D injection molding body. We got this is the dream blue color Matching, the back of the whole machine from shallow gradient design is very dreamy. At the same time, the very textured fuselage has no sense of cheap plastic at all. And after a well-designed coating, in the reflection of light will appear light and shadow changes, very good-looking. 

Xiaomi mi play review

The front of the structure is a 5.84-inch water droplet full screen, which should also be Xiaomi's first water droplet screen design of the phone. Water droplet screen compared with the full screen, the phone's screen share is higher, is to feel more impact. 5.84 inches of small size screen, holding the feel of the better, the weight of the machine only 150g, light and small fuselage, even if the girl single hand holding, one-handed operation is no pressure. 

Xiaomi mi play review

The frame of the body is also made of a very beautiful coating process, emitting a beautiful metallic luster. At the bottom of the box is the handset, speakers and Micro-usb charging interface, while the headset is still placed at the top of the fuselage. On the right side of the phone is the volume key and the Power key, while the left side of the fuselage is the SIM card slot. Xiaomi play uses a 2+1 card slot that allows you to apply two Nano SIM cards and a TF memory card at the same time.

Mobile phone with its own Data Plan

The most prominent feature of Xiaomi play is the "Bring your own Traffic" attribute. According to data from the Ministry of Information and Statistics, the country's per capita mobile data consumption has reached 5.79GB in November, now moving data faster and faster, many people began to use mobile phone data directly to see the video listening to music. Traffic may have become an essential thing for everyone in this era.

Xiaomi mi play review

In response to the user's traffic demand, Xiaomi Play pioneered the mode of buying mobile phones to send traffic. Xiaomi is the only manufacturer that has a virtual carrier to take pictures and also produces mobile phone hardware. Therefore, under this advantage, in the package of Xiaomi Play, a unique unlimited flow card package is given, one year from the date of activation. In the month, 10GB of high-speed traffic will be given, and beyond 10GB will be limited speed. Such a package has fully met the daily needs for most consumers.

Xiaomi mi play review

Take a look at the current three operators of the data traffic plan, including 10GB traffic (or high-speed flow) of the package price of about seventy or eighty yuan per month, so that the price of a year will be less than 1000 yuan. And Xiaomi play is priced at 1099 yuan, the equivalent of buying traffic to send mobile phones.

Xiaomi mi play review

The attached mobile phone card needs real-name authentication activation, and to plug in Xiaomi play phone to enjoy the monthly gift of 10GB high-speed flow plan. The whole card activation real name of the process is also relatively simple, do not need to go to the business shop or do not need to go to get help open the card someone else, in the mobile phone on the Xiaomi mobile app can complete the entire process, and through the aerial write card can be activated directly. In the selection of the package, the gift card is not included in the caller ID, the cost of 5 yuan per month, of course, most people should just use it as a Data card, caller ID can choose to turn off. In the course of the class also prompted that this card is used in the Unicom network, more than 10GB will be limited speed. 

Xiaomi mi play review

You can then choose where you belong and your mobile phone number (you can search according to your hobbies, but a number like AABB should not exist). After picking the mobile phone number is the real name, the real name authentication process and we use other mobile payment certification similar, take a good picture of the front and back of the ID card, and then face recognition, you can be certified successful and activated. The whole process can be solved in about 5 minutes.

Performance is not outstanding, the gaming experience

Xiaomi Play's positioning is "high-quality entry machine", so the configuration is just enough. In terms of performance, Xiaomi play uses a 12nm process technology to build the MediaTek P35 processor, the main frequency reached 2.3GHz. Xiaomi play debuted the MediaTek P35 processor to meet everyday usage needs in terms of performance.

The following benchmarks run score was close to 90,000 points, and there was no problem with dealing with daily use at all.

Xiaomi mi play review

On Xiaomi play, Xiaomi also brings the acceleration technology of the double turbo, allowing the phone to run at a significant upgrade. Fpsgo Intelligent Frequency Conversion prediction technology is different from the game optimization we have seen before, he is not through the specific optimization of a game, but can predict the next mobile phone usage, so as to achieve targeted frame rate optimization.

In the game of King Glory, can be more stable in the full frame operation, the overall gaming experience is still relatively good.

Xiaomi mi play review

And there are exclusive game modes, fast screen recording, storefront, message-free, and other common game mode features, fully guarantee the game experience. Support GLES multi-core multi-threading function, also can open multi-core multi-threading function in the process of the game, greatly improving game performance.

Xiaomi mi play review

As a mobile phone priced as a thousand Bucks, it has been quite powerful to be able to achieve such a performance experience in the gaming.

The Battery Life

In terms of life, Xiaomi play built-in a 3000mAh battery, in the exclusive GIFR intelligent power-saving technology, the life performance is good.

Xiaomi mi play review

Rear AI Double camera

On Xiaomi MI play, equipped with a rear 12 million + 2 million pixel AI double, a single pixel size reached 1.25μm, the effect of the imaging is still relatively good.

Xiaomi mi play review

Large pixel size in the photo can have a larger photosensitive area while photographing, the actual photo can have better performance, especially in the dark light environment, compared to other products at the same price tag, can take a better look at the night scene photos.

At the same time in the photo also added to the night scene enhancement function, in the shooting will take a number of photos to synthesize, so that the liquid crystal performance is better.

Xiaomi mi play review

The front-facing 8 megapixel beauty camera supports 5-level smart beauty, and has four modes of face-lifting, big-eye, whitening and skin-rejuvenation in advanced mode, which can meet the needs of most users. Overall, the level of photographing is basically at the average level of the thousand yuan machine, and the imaging effect is good.

Buy a new model of mobile phone with data traffic

Xiaomi is the only mobile phone manufacturer with a virtual carrier license, which also means that only Xiaomi can get the operation of buying mobile phone data plan. For a thousand-bucks entry-level phone, we can't be demanding that the phone has the performance and photo level of the flagship machine. But Xiaomi play has a lot of surprises to bring to us on the basis of better performance and photography at the same price. In the game experience, I did not expect a thousand bucks price products can also be almost full of frames in the stable operation of the biggest surprise is a price is very resonable, but gave away almost the equivalent of mobile phone traffic, for users, these traffic can meet the needs of daily use.

At the same time, such a large flow of mobile phone cards, to their elders to use, but also can fully meet the requirements, no longer have to worry about the mobile phone operation error caused by the traffic cost is very high.

This mobile phone positioning is "high-quality entry machine", in the entry price segment, has a good "King Glory" game experience, has a relatively good photo, and also presented a 12-month flow plan, really is the cost-effective to the end!