Xiaomi Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer Review

Mijiawater ion hair dryer

Mijia Water ion Hair dryer is a simple and elegant design of the Mi family, adopting a regular ‘T’ shape with a quite practical appearance. It has three core selling points of large air volume, water ion hair care (NTC intelligent temperature control, hot and cold air circulation, magnetic style air nozzle), and 360° free rotation. The price of the Dyson hair dryer is as higher as it is not affordable for everyone. It is difficult for anyone to buy a similar functional hair dryer by cheap cost. So, without further delay let’s go how about the new hair dryer? We got this Mijia water ion hair dryer which price is almost the one-fifth of Dyson hair dryer.

Appearance and function: Stylish milky looking

The packaging of the water ion hair dryer is not big, much smaller than A4 paper. The hairdryer is full of MUJI style, which is the consistent style of Mijia products, the milky white color looks very Japanese. Its hand weight is 547 grams which are not so heavy to carry.

Xiaomi Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer Review


The Mijia water ion hair dryer is made of high-quality hand-painted paint which is very smooth skin touch on the hand. The cable is 1.8 meters long and has a round grip design with highly textured.

The package includes a magnetic shock nozzle which can be rotated 360 degrees.The magnetic force is huge. The air nozzle is mainly used for gathering wind and heat insulation.

Xiaomi Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer Review

Water ion meter home hair dryer front off the hair dryer

The Mijia water ion hair dryer has 6 blades with 1800W Japan Marlboro motor. The wind speed is divided into two gears. The maximum air volume is similar to the Dyson hair dryer and the noise is larger than the Dyson hair dryer.

Mijia water ion hair dryer contains water ion skin care function when it is turned on, water ions are continuously generated. The role of water ions is to neutralize the positive charge on the hair surface which helps the hair to reduce static electricity, tighten the scales, moisturize the hair and replenish moisture.

Mijia has also a similar fan-shaped collapsible hair dryer with negative ion function. Therefore, it can be said that the Mijia water ion hair dryer imitates the appearance of Dyson in the shape design and relies on the color of the body and the material to the MIJIA.

User feeling: Hot and cold winding, automatic switching

After introducing the appearance and function, we found a young lady who had a Dyson hair dryer at home and tried it out. When the power is turned on, the white light flashing at the air outlet which means that the water ions are in working condition. The blowing effect under the maximum air volume is still worse than the Dyson hair dryer because of the air volume is not so large.

Xiaomi Mijia Water Ion Hair Dryer Review

Separate hot and cold air automatic switching button

The hot and cold air automatic switching function has the first-class feeling. After pressing this button, the blower automatically switches between the cold air and the hot air by every few seconds. This is how the hair can be blown dry by the hot air and cool by the cold wind. Furthermore, there is no need to manually switch the hot and cold winds. Finally to say frankly the Mijia water ion hair dryer is similar in appearance to the Dyson hair dryer but it is completely different in function and wind. Of course, having the price difference is the biggest advantage of the Mijia water ion hair dryer that it looks excellent, the price is cheaper and there is a water ion function which was only available on the Panasonic hair dryer.

This hair dryer is especially suitable for those who really like Dyson's design but who are discouraged by the price. It can provide similar functions pursuing the ultimate product and experience.