Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

In addition to the front and rear double screen, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version also uses the TOF module of the rear three-camera, screen fingerprint experience has also been significantly upgraded.

December 11, Vivo released the NEX series of the Second product Vivo NEX dual-screen version.

As can be seen from the name, Vivo does not define this product as an upgraded version of the first generation of NEX released in June this year, but rather as a special version of the NEX with a dual-screen design. In addition to the dual screen, there are many other highlights on the Vivo NEX dual-screen version, such as the rear (and in fact, front) three, a new generation of screen fingerprints, and 10GB of running memory that contains the TOF module.

Let's take a look at this product together.

Front and rear double AMOLED screen, double handset

The dual-screen design is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the Vivo NEX dual-screen version.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

Vivo NEX Dual-screen version of the front and rear two screens are AMOLED display, of which the front screen is 6.39 inches (well and that three slider full screen phone), resolution 2340X1080, back screen 5.49 inches, resolution 1920x1080.

Compared to the 6.59-inch screen of Vivo NEX, the screen of the NEX dual-screen version is a small lap. If you feel like me, the NEX screen is too large, and the size of the NEX dual-screen version should feel more comfortable.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

Google Pixel 3 (5.5 "18:9) and Vivo NEX Dual-screen edition (5.49" 16:9)

The surface of the two screens is made of 2.5D glass, which is completely symmetrical from the middle frame. Therefore, no matter whether it is holding it or vice versa, the hand feel will not be different. Vivo even equipped an earpiece for the front and back of the NEX dual-screen version, which can be used to make calls.

Functionally, in addition to the most obvious self-timer problem with the back screen, vivo also gives a lot of functions to the NEX dual screen, also it is worth mentioning is the dual-screen multi-tasking, such as when reading documents and playing games. WeChat can reply directly to the back screen, so it will not affect the progress of viewing the document or the game because of replying to WeChat.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

There are many small apps for NEX dual screens, such as implementing certain additional features in the game by touching the back screen (all games that support the Vivo game space) and allowing the back screen to display personalized patterns via AOD.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

As for the switching of the front and back screens, you can directly use the two independent power buttons on the left and right sides of the body (the left power button is to light the back screen, the right power button is to light the front screen), you can also choose to use three-finger side sliding in the settings. At the same time, press the left and right power button, manually select in the floating ball or control center to switch the screen.

Water ripple gradient, star ring overflow color screen

Vivo NEX Dual-screen version of the metal frame using the gradient process, the upper and lower edges of the back also made the corresponding gradient processing.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

In addition to our star-studded purple color, the vivo NEX dual-screen version also offers an icefield blue color palette.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

In addition to the gradual change, everyone should have noticed that the vivo NEX dual-screen version has a special small "round face" on the back.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

This "round face" is a round glass cover with a slightly protruding fuselage, half located on the upper border and half on the back screen, which vivo the design "star ring overflow color screen".

In the wake-up area, vivo"plug" into the 16 miniature RGB dazzling lights, left and right sides also have two conventional dimming lights, can provide a better light effect when taking selfies. " In addition, in music, calls, charging and other scenarios, this area can also be used as a function similar to breathing lights.

Front screen fingerprint, back TOF 3D face

In the bio-unlock, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version takes out what may be the most extreme scheme in smartphones today.

First, the front of the Vivo NEX dual-screen version is equipped with a screen fingerprint.

Vivo says this is their fifth generation of photoelectric fingerprints, and the actual experience surprises us, not only the fastest of all the screen fingerprints we've ever experienced, but also the feeling that "hair-trigger" is no different from traditional capacitive fingerprints.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

Since the beginning of this year in the X20Plus screen fingerprint version of the first screen fingerprint technology, vivo in less than a year on the screen fingerprint 5 large iterations, each iteration has a visible increase. By the Vivo NEX dual-screen version of this generation, the screen fingerprint experience has finally reached a tipping point comparable to capacitive fingerprints, and there must be applause here.

In addition to a positive experience with excellent screen fingerprints, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version of the camera also supports face unlocking on the back.

This is not a common face unlock based on 2D RGB lenses, but takes advantage of the function of the TOF 3D Stereo camera, which can project 300,000 dot matrices to get 3D data on the face, resulting in a higher security level of face unlock.

Thanks to the higher security level of 3D data, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version has also supported face unlocking (officially called Facebook pay).

Night Vision Video Camera

In addition to the TOF 3D Stereo camera mentioned above, the Vivo NEX dual-screen rear version has two lenses.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

The main camera has12 million megapixel sensor with a size of 1/2.56 inches, which supports full pixel double check Coke. The parameters should look like the first NEX, Vivo X23 the same amount of Sony IMX363. In addition, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version of this main lens is equipped with optical stabilization, aperture F1.8.

Similar to the recent launch of a number of flagship phones, Vivo NEX dual-screen version is also equipped with Handheld night view mode, the experience and other mobile phones are much the same, we in the hotel across a bit of dirty glass on hand to take a picture, we simply feel it ...

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

Compared to the main camera, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version is more interesting is the rest of the camera.

The camera's sensor pixels are only 2 million pixels, but the single-pixel area reaches an exaggerated 2.9 microns. In contrast, the mobile phone is recognized as "the single pixel size of the large bottom"imx380 is 1.55 microns, the IMX600 single pixel size is 1.0 microns, and the four-in-one is also "only" 2.0 microns.

Prior to this, sensors of similar specifications were mainly used on surveillance devices, and vivo used it on mobile phones in order to gain better ability to record low-light video (vivo called it a night-vision video camera), 2 million of the pixels, but just enough to record 1080p video recordings.

Valiant Dragon 845, 10GB running memory

As a flagship model, the Vivo NEX dual-screen version is not accidentally stacked with a variety of flagship configurations.

Vivo NEX Dual screen hands on

SoC is naturally Snapdragon 845, running memory directly comes standard with 10GB (Does this mean that the NEX dual-screen version will not supply a lot?), the built-in storage 128GB, battery capacity 3500 mAh, 22.5W half-pressure fast Charge, AK4377A independent audio chip.

Finally, Vivo NEX dual-screen version will in your affordable limit, we hope so and will be available for sale on December 29.