Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

In the first half of this year, I went out and asked about updating my smartwatch products and heard there launched a flagship watch called TicWatch Pro.In this product, they added a Layered Display function, which is adapted to the Wear OS system (formerly Android Wear). Compared with the previous TicWatch series of smart watches, it is considered innovations and upgrades have been carried out to the latest flagship.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

After six months, again I go out to ask in Ticwatch Pro on the basis of further improvement, so there is this Ticwatch pro 4G. The biggest difference between it and the previous Ticwatch Pro is the built-in Esim, which gives the smart watch a standalone call function and thus expands its usage scenario.

Before the official release of Ticwatch Pro 4G, we got the products to evaluate, after a period of use, we are going to tell what we experienced. Keep reading with me.

Appearance or a look you're familiar with

As mentioned earlier, Ticwatch Pro 4 G is an upgrade to the previous Ticwatch pro, so there has been little change in the appearance of the product, and it is still a tough and steady business wind mashup sport property.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

The most eye-catching of the whole watch is the outermost steel bezel, which is equipped with a scale similar to the style of smartest watches on the market today. The second is the "sinking" screen, which is very different from the original screen glass of the Ticwatch 2 series, and the design below the horizontal level means that the screen can be more protected.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

This 1.4-inch screen is actually a mystery and is one of the features of the Ticwatch Pro series, including this Ticwatch pro 4G. It is a combination of two screens, the upper layer is a monochrome LCD screen, officially known as the "durable screen", in the form of a digital dial, mainly used to show the time to improve the life, the lower level is the AMOLED screen, 400*400 resolution, 287ppi, almost cannot see the black edge, Mainly used to meet the needs of users for smart watches.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Double-decker screen, actually, it's a little bit

This double-decker screen and has persistent mode and intelligent mode dual system design as the like a hybrid electric vehicle, which can automatically switch to enhance the endurance of the watch. Normally, the watch will display the time through the monochrome LCD screen, raise the wrist or receive notifications. Switch to the AMOLED screen.

In fact, the days I used, in the case of WeChat news is not concentrated, and occasionally pick up a phone, it can be used for two days as the official propaganda. If you choose to turn on the persistent mode after two days, you can only watch the time, the step, the heart rate, and the persistent mode of the bus.

It is important to note that even if there is a layer of LCD screen on the AMOLED screen, this screen will hardly affect the transmittance of the AMOLED screen. However, in the state where the glare is off, we can also see the electronic watch pattern on the watch, just like the Casio electronic watch.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

The screen goes down to a plastic material and extends two solid crowns. At the bottom is another layer of metal material, the bottom of the watch is distributed heart rate sensor and magnetic suction charging interface.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Magnetic suction interface on the back

The typical three-segment design makes the watch look a bit thick. First of all, the thick part, from the data said 12.6 mm is not thin, perception is also the same. The second is the heavy part, where the 58.5-gram dial is a more reasonable value and feels about the same weight as the Apple Watch Series 3 with the strap. Taken together, the Ticwatch Pro 4G looks a bit thick and the weight is acceptable.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

It looks like Ticwatch Pro 4 is a bit thick

Interestingly, I went out and asked for a special design on the strap. The outer layer of the strap is made of cowhide material. According to the official statement, “Italian selected imported cowhide”, while the inner layer of the strap is made of skin-friendly silicone material, and the sweating tank design is added. As a result, the TicWatch Pro 4G strap looks like a leather strap, but has a silicone wear experience. Of course, this design is inherited from TicWatch Pro and is not unique to new products.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Leather material on the surface of the strap

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

TicWatch Pro 4G's overall appearance is business-oriented, with a little sporty style, more suitable for men to wear, for female friends, this style seems a bit "heavy".

The most unique part is a double terminal

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that TicWatch Pro 4G and the previous TicWatch Pro are the same, including the appearance and dual-screen design. The built-in Esim function is unique to the former.

Esim is the abbreviation for embedded SIM, or embedded SIM card, which is most notably integrated with traditional SIM cards and cannot be removed separately. The wearable device with built-in Esim enables two functions of a dual-terminal and stand-alone call.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Built-in Esim the biggest role is to ensure communication

Let's start with a dual-terminal feature on Ticwatch Pro 4G, which simply means that smartphones and smart watches share a number, including calls and traffic from this number. That is, with this feature, even if the watch is not connected via Bluetooth and mobile phone, can also receive calls from others, can also use this number of network traffic. The reason lies in the inside of the watch built-in Esim card, and opened a double terminal function.

If one day you leave your phone to your office or go to toilet but don’t like to miss your boss phone call, take Tickwatch Pro 4G. The duel terminal feature of Ticwatch Pro 4G applies to almost all situations where you don't want to bring your phone, and you're worried about missing a phone call or a smart watch leaving your phone and can't connect to the Internet, such as going out for a walk and not wanting to bring your phone.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Ticwatch Pro 4G gradually leaves smart watches out of the fate of accessories

But we have to say that the domestic esim is still in the experimental stage, different operators only in a limited area to open the pilot, which led to the built-in Esim smart watch slightly embarrassed. Currently, the Ticwatch Pro 4G supports two operators of China Mobile and Chinese unicom (while Apple has only China Unicom) and has certain requirements for where the main number belongs:


China Mobile support regions are: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Nanjing (the main number belongs to the place)

China Unicom supports the regions: Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Wuhan (main number belongs to the place)



At the same time, two operators will charge a fee. China Mobile opened its business before May 19, does not charge any fees, after May, a double terminal 10 yuan per month, China Unicom opened business in 19, the first 13 months free, after 10 yuan per month, from 19 to open the number need to charge a one-time 20 yuan card opening fee and 10 yuan per month function fee.

The card opening process is not complicated, as soon as the tutorial is available, and some information about the ID card and the entity SIM may be used during this period.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Two crowns on the right side of the watch

The second feature is a standalone call, in which a new number is opened separately for the smart watch, and you can choose a package that can also receive text messages. However, at present, the business only supports China Unicom, the business support of the region for Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Changsha, Wuhan. Package is also limited to 10 yuan per month, which contains 500MB traffic, 60 minutes of national voice, answer free.

From my use of the two days, a double terminal is more suitable for me, even if the phone away, will not miss the important phone, and because the watch also supports a separate 4G network, such as NetEase cloud music needs the network of apps can also be used after the watch out of the phone.

In fact, asking out is not the only manufacturer to add Esim to smart wearable devices, and many manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, are now experimenting with the technology. Previously, the Ticwatch 2 Classic series also had the ability to call independently, only to support 3G.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Add Esim to smart wearable devices to achieve a dual terminal function cannot be separated from the support of operators, at present, although the three operators in this project to make a degree of attempt, but is still in the experimental stage, for many areas of the number for the time being temporarily unable to enjoy this function.

From my usage, the Ticwatch Pro 4G signal basically satisfies the scene of just going out with a watch. These scenes include going downstairs to pick up a courier and leaving the station to go to the bathroom. Although modern life is no longer difficult to completely shake off the phone, but "Ticwatch Pro 4G Double terminal use scenario" can let you temporarily say goodbye to the phone without creating a disconnected anxiety.

"Negative one screen" is also added to the watch.

Android phone users for "negative one screen" must not be unfamiliar, manufacturers will place some news and services on this page. In a recent update to wear OS, a "negative one screen" has been added to the smart watch. As on your phone, you can go to a "negative screen" when you slide right on the Ticwatch Pro 4G home page.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

In the past this screen was used to wake up and ask the Voice assistant, and today's voice assistant became a virtual personal assistant. According to official accounts, "negative one screen" is by the go out to ask and Google jointly build, upgraded small question assistant will have the ability to actively recommend, such as setting the car tail will remind users of the limit day, for users to recommend Hot news, show the weather and so on. This Part I mainly use to browse news, weather and other information, compared to mobile phones it is more suitable for fast browsing on the subway, public transport.

Speaking of Wear OS by Google, its predecessor was Android Wear. Before the Ticwatch Pro series, the smart watch that went out to ask home was the most used Android based Ticwear OS, and although it was optimized, it was not a system specifically for smart watches, but was slightly inferior in terms of connection stability and life.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Negative One Screen" demo

With the use of Wear OS, Ticwatch Pro 4G and mobile phone connectivity is more stable. These days I use are connected with an iOS device and a ticwatch Pro 4G Bluetooth, and you need to install the wear OS App on your iphone. The app interface is simple and seems to be born to connect the watch. With a Bluetooth connection, the Ticwatch Pro 4G is almost disconnected, and even if the watch shuts down and restarts, it will quickly connect when turned on. This is significantly improved compared to the previous Ticwatch 2.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

iOS version wear OS (left) and go out and ask the app (right)

Ensuring the connectivity of your phone and watch through the Wear OS app is one of the advantages of wear OS, and of course there are inconvenient places. The Wear OS app is too concise, resulting in the loss of key features such as a bus card, a binding WeChat movement, and so on. To complete the above features, you also want to download another app--go out and ask.

In terms of interactive logic, Ticwatch Pro 4G is very similar to the previous Ticwatch 2, the upper row is the notice, the slide is the control bar, the right slide negative one screen, the left slip step, if is out to ask the old user will be easy to get started. The two crowns on the right side of the watch can call the Voice assistant, the App menu, and the motion mode.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

Heart rate sensor at the bottom of the watch

Some other bonus points

When it comes to sports health, it's almost a must-have core feature for all smart watches right now, and as the flagship product to ask out, Ticwatch Pro 4G is naturally not missing. The crown in the lower right corner can quickly enter motion mode (this crown can also customize features), including outdoor running, outdoor walking, outdoor rides, city running, free training in five sports modes. With GPS and heart rate sensors built into the Ticwatch Pro 4G, data such as trajectory, heart rate, and calories can be recorded in real time even away from the phone.

Ticwatch Pro 4G has a built-in NFC feature that binds a bus card and a bank card to brush the subway or pay with a watch. Brush the subway with a watch, public transport is not a new function, but it is also a core function, can bring convenience for people to travel. Of course, the card opening still needs 16 yuan to open the card fee, currently supports Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Zhengzhou and Inner Mongolia Chifeng region of the bus card payment function, and the scope is still expanding.

Another detail I care about is that the Ticwatch Pro 4G supports IP68 class dustproof and waterproof. This is a fairly high specification of dustproof and waterproof grade, meaning that the watch prevents dust from entering and can be immersed in water for long periods of time under certain pressure. However, officials do not recommend swimming or wearing watches in the bath.

Summary: Get away from your phone and run further

As we mentioned in the previous Ticwatch Pro review, the mobile app is just an aid to this smart watch, and most of the features can be done independently on the watch. With the addition of Esim, the independent features of the Ticwatch Pro 4G are more prominent and can even be temporarily freed from the phone in some scenes.

Ticwatch Pro 4G Review

This dual-terminal and standalone call function still has some limitations in the environment, many areas of the number cannot be experienced, and China Telecom has not opened the business. The three operators are not going out to ask what they can decide; they are just doing their best within the range they can control.

On this flagship smart watch, we can see the way out and ask about its location. Whether it's trying to extend your life or built-in Esim to get people to say goodbye to their phones for a while, it's all about getting the smart watch off the phone and allowing it to exist on its own, not just a mobile phone accessory.

Smart watches that support 4G may be just the beginning before the 5G era comes. Go out and ask. Hope smart watches can also be the gateway to smart homes, as smart speakers do. From this point of view, Bluetooth alone is not enough to connect the phone. Got to take the first step, and Ticwatch Pro 4G is a start.