People's time is becoming fragmented, and recreational activities such as mobile gaming is beginning to become a new way for young people to enjoy. As smartphones continue to update iterations, the "game phone" segment is gradually gaining recognition from players.

These flagship phones have strong performance, but also have a number of optimization slots designed to enhance the gaming experience, although in the design of the hard core, the weight is slightly heavier, but from the perspective of the game experience, the purchase of a game phone is still a worthwhile investment.

Red Devil 5G Game Mobile

On the evening of March 12, Nubian held its first launch in 2020, and the new Red Devil 5G gaming phone finally solved its mystery. Compared with the previous Red Devil phone, the new Red Devil 5G game phone in the appearance of a significant change, while leading performance and a variety of game optimization is also a lot, these highlights, but also to impress those who pursue the ultimate speed of the game.

Good Balance Between "Electric Competition" and "Tech Sense"

Starting in 2020, smartphone manufacturers have been working the screen, high refresh rate, high resolution and so on has become the standard of the flagship machine. This time, the Red Devil 5G game phone will also upgrade the center of gravity on the screen, a screen of up to 144Hz refresh rate, has been the mobile phone industry screen refresh rate of the highest level. Showing 144 frames per second, greatly reducing the shadow steam ingress that appear in the game screen, and making the animation more delicate when sliding.

Like other phones, Red Devil 5G gaming phones also support refresh rate adjustment. Officially we offer three different refresh rates: 60Hz, 90Hz and 144Hz. At 144Hz, both sliding feel and animation are smooth and delicate. However, the players often play "Peace Elite", "King's Glory" does not currently support the 144Hz ultra-high refresh rate, this part of the player can also adjust to 90Hz refresh rate of the way to achieve a smooth and power balance.


Red Devil 5G gaming phones offer options such as 60Hz, 90Hz and 144Hz

In addition, the Red Devil 5G game mobile phone also uses the classic upper and lower wide screen design, the black side of both sides also effectively avoid cross-screen grip when easy to produce the phenomenon of mistouch. With the 6.65-inch AMOLED screen, plus 100% DCI-P3 color gaming coverage, HDR vision and support for DC dimming, this screen of the Red Devil 5G gaming phone has been able to meet the needs of players in terms of hardware quality.

Good screen display effect shows the pursuit of the Red Devils, the new design reflects the Red Devils' attitude towards game mobile phones, that is, in the electric competition wind and technology to form a good balance.

This Red Devil 5G game phone using glass back panel design, curved glass provides a rounded grip, compared to our traditional impression of the "game phone" less angular. The X-shaped texture on the back plate, coupled with the RGB ribbon and the "Red Devil's Eye", continues the Red Devil's usual features.

Game phone cooling ability is often more attention, the Red Devil 5G game phone is also equipped with a solid fan, built-in solid fan speed of up to 15,000 rpm, compared to the previous generation of Red Devil 3S a small increase.

But unlike the previous Design of the Red Devils' side-rimmed and back openings, the openings of the Red Devil5G game mobile phone are on the side of the fuselage. Officials say the design increases heat exchange by 30 percent, while the overall surface area of the duct radiator increases by 56 percent, providing better heat dissipation.

Red Devils 5G game phone side equipped with wind channel opening

As for the touch buttonthatthat that was previously well received on the Red Devil s3, it is still preserved. The Touch Key area of the Red Devil 5G game phone is still designed with U-shaped grooves, and the area can be touched precisely when operating blind. And in order to improve accuracy, the Red Devil 5G game mobile phone also adopted a dual-touch IC program, the two ICs are responsible for the corresponding keys, improve the response speed of the shoulder key. Officials say the Red Devil5G game phone's shoulder keys have a touch-point rate of 300Hz, allowing you to take a quick step in the FPS hand tour.

Red Devil 5G game phone with touch shoulder key

Now, the weight of the smartphone body more and more heavy, more than 200g is common, some game mobile phones are completely flying themselves, the mobile phone into a "brick." This Red Devil 5G game mobile phone in weight control appears more reasonable, 215g weight and other Dragon 865 models are not much different.

All said that the game phone is the exclusive of hard core players, but the Red Devil 5G game mobile phone more hope to "electric competition" and "technology sense" between the search for a reasonable coexistence program.

The new curved glass backplate creates a good feel for use, while the texture of the backplate and RGB lamp continue the Red Devil's electric aesthetic, which is both a powerful game console and a flagship product that meets the needs of everyday use.

A New Height of Air-Cooled and Liquid-Cooled Cooling

As we all know, playing games is a mobile phone hardware requirements of the use of the scene, a mobile phone performance is not strong enough, naturally can not provide us with the best experience.

This Red Devil 5G game mobile phone standard with The Dragon 865 mobile platform, which is currently the most powerful chip, with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.0 storage, for the smooth game experience to lay a solid foundation.

A better gaming experience is also a powerful cooling system. Red Devil 5G game phone equipped with ICE3.0 dual multi-dimensional cooling system, through air-cooled and liquid-cooled dual cooling, with high thermal materials and new optimized thermal technology, so that players can more durable to maintain a high-performance state.

"Wind-cooled" has become a major feature of the Red Devil game mobile phone, the Red Devil 5G game mobile phone after a new design. Its airduct openings are located on both sides of the fuselage, creating a "north-south permeable" effect.

This design can effectively increase the amount of ventilation, coupled with high thermal conductivity of the material, greatly improve the cooling capacity.

At the same time, the Red Devil 5G game phone fans also use a new centrifugal fan, its speed of up to 15,000 rpm, officials say the game 3 hours a day can be used for 10,000 days. And the power consumption of high-turn-counted fans is also very low, with less than 1% of the power consumed for an hour of continuous operation, which is almost negligible.

Red Devil 5G game phone built-in solid fan can blow up a note

In addition to air-cooled cooling, the Red Devil 5G game phone also has a liquid-cooled cooling device inside, which is also the Red Devil mobile phone standard. When the temperature of the mobile phone rises, the water vapor in the copper pipe takes away the heat, and when the water vapor cools the liquefaction, it circulates back.

This cooling system, consisting of air-cooled and liquid-cooled, keeps the phone in top shape at all times, protecting heavy gamers who play hand-to-hand for a long time. After running a "Peace Elite", the Red Devil 5G game mobile phone back board maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature area is still in the chip position, touch will not feel hot.

The highest temperature position is the chip area

Before playing the game, don't forget to click the Atletico key of the Red Devil 5G game phone to enter the game space.

The Red Devil 5G game mobile phone's game space has been newly designed, not only retains the shielding call / notification, turn on the fan and other functions, but also added such as one-click recruitment and quasi-star auxiliary and other functions.

As a chicken-eating player, the quasi-star assist feature sits very helpfully to me. Especially when the game does not pick up multiple mirrors at the beginning of the game, it can be quickly targeted through the screen's quasi-star assist.

Red Devil Game Space

Quasi-Star Assist

Professional players opponent sloth also has higher requirements, Red Devil 5G game mobile game display enhancements must be indispensable.

At present, the Red Devil 5G game mobile phone according to different games, respectively, created a design class enhancement, MOBA enhancement and racing enhancement, these enhancements can improve the contrast, sharpness or color richness, so that the picture color becomes fuller.

And if you don't like to adjust frequently, you can also use smart enhancement mode to improve the performance of the game screen.

Game display enhancements

Of course, the Red Devil 5G game phone 'touch button' is also a must for chicken eaters. During the game, the two touch keys can be mapped to other buttons, greatly improving the operatry of the game.

For example, in "Peace Elite", I like to map the left and right touch keys as "targeting" and "shooting", you can in the course of the game to complete the aim-and-shoot operation at a faster speed, and with the screen can also complete the pressure gun at the same time.

Even if you are a game white, you can achieve the high-end players common "four-finger eating chicken" operation.

"Four fingers to eat chicken"

Side shoulder key design for gamers is a significant improvement of the game experience design, but because the touch button using capacitive design, so easy to sweat friends need to be careful, once the hand sweat left on the touch button, it is easy to "touch a shot" phenomenon.

All said that a good gaming experience needs to improve all-round, this Red Devil 5G game mobile phone also for chicken eaters to bring a better sense of touch.

The 4D Smart Sense has designed different tremors for different games and weapons, and officials say the saboty supports more than 1,000 game sounds and more than 400 game scenes. And through audio-visual separation technology, red devil 5G game mobile phone also supports the game audio and voice information independent, effectively avoid the voice information caused by the shock.

On the audio side, DTS tuning, which previously appeared on Red Devil phones, is also retained in Red Devil 5G gaming phones. Enhanced virtual bass algorithm sits to improve hearing.

Coupled with the human-to-white resolution enhancement algorithm and anti-distortion algorithm for small-size speakers such as phone speakers, human sound clarity can be improved during the game, while preventing external distortion.

A Flagship Product for Everyday Use

As a game mobile phone, the performance of continuous battery life is naturally a top priority. To balance the weight of the phone, the Red Devil 5G game phone uses a 4500mAh battery, with a 55W fast-charge charger, officially said from 0 to 90% only half an hour.

In addition, the Red Devil 5G game phone also makes full use of the phone's built-in solid fan, even if the 10A current charge, the phone will not overheat phenomenon, which can also ensure that the phone to charge more efficiently.

Although the game mobile phone is mostly used to play games, but there are many people like to use the Red Devil mobile phone to record life, after all, Nubian previously declared that their products are "sLR in mobile phones", the Red Devil 5G photo performance, naturally also attracted attention.

Red Devil 5G game phone equipped with rear three cameras

The Red Devil 5G uses a 64-megapixel Sony IMX686 sensor that outputs a 16-megapixel photo in a pixel-by-pixel four-in-one fashion when taking daily photos. In addition, the Red Devil 5G is equipped with an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel macro lens to suit multiple scenes.

Red Devil 5G game phone sample (1X)

Red Devil 5G game mobile phone sample (ultra wide angle)

From the sample point of view, the Red Devil 5G game mobile phone photo performance is still circle able. The IMX686 does play a great role, and the details of the photos are good. However, personally think that the Red Devil 5G viewfinder still has room for improvement, first of all, the official only 1X, 3X, 5X and 10X zoom options, the default mode does not provide the option of ultra-wide-angle lens, if the future can be added in the default mode of the ultra-wide-angle lens switching options, the experience will be slightly better.

Write at the End

Game mobile is a very vertical market segment, the game mobile user base is mostly heavy hand-traveling players. Red Devil 5G gaming phones are more restrained than other hard-core gaming phones.

Curved glass provides a rounded grip, the electric elements on the back board are also designed just right, the daily use of the Red Devil 5G game phone will not feel sudden. The power of the physical fan and the delicate look and feel of the 144Hz screen also gives the Red Devil 5G the ability to be a new choice for players.