5th November OnePlus 6T mobile phone launch in a domestic conference in Shenzhen, as OnePlus mobile phone's latest flagship products, one plus 6T has been taken the lead in the United States and other countries on the market to sell, OnePlus 6T mobile phone after the release of received user's extensive attention. In this domestic conference, in addition to the classic two colors of dark black and bright porcelain black, one plus 6T mobile phone also launched the electro-optical purple version in China.

OnePlus 6T Mobile Phone Review

screen fingerprint technology and the Android 9.0-based hydrogen OS system is adopted. OnePlus 6T mobile phone adds a super city night view function to the camera. In addition, Oneplus 6T is also equipped with Smart Boost acceleration technology, which makes the one plus 6T brisker and smooth.

We have got OnePlus 6T phone of the ink black and electro-optical purple version. We are going to make a review on them.

Appearance and material

OnePLus 6T phone features a 6.41-inch optic AMOLED screen with a scale of 19.5:9 and a resolution of 2430x1080. The screen, which accounts for 86% of the screen, is covered by the latest generation of Corning gorilla screens. From the beginning of OnePLus 5 to the present, the overall size of OnePLus series of mobile phones has not changed much, more is the increase in screen size. In addition, this screen on the front of OnePLus 6T phone supports a variety of color mode adjustments. The screen of OnePLus 6T phone has now passed the international certification Body VDE's anti-Blu-ray certification, which is very helpful for long time eye health.

OnePlus 6T Mobile Phone Review

One plus 6T uses a 16 million megapixel front camera, above which is the handset portion of OnePLus 6T phone, with a distance sensor hidden on the left side of the camera. The whole adopts the special-shaped screen design of droplet Liu Hai.OnePlus 6T Mobile Phone Review

Compared with one plus 6, the Liu Hai area on the front of OnePLus 6T phone is smaller, while in the area of the phone's "chin", OnePLus 6T has also been done very narrowly.
OnePlus 6T Mobile Phone Review

In the middle of OnePLus 6T mobile phone screen down the position of the screen fingerprint sensor, OnePLus 6T mobile phone this time using light-sensitive fingerprint recognition. OnePLus R & amp; D staff said that in fact, in OnePLus 5T prototype design has considered the use of screen fingerprint recognition technology, this time, a formal screen fingerprint to OnePLus 6T mobile phone.OnePlus 6T Mobile Phone Review

OnePLus 6T mobile phone on the back of the use of AG glass process (anti-glare glass), through this process, OnePLus 6T mobile phone of the rear shell to minimize the reflection of light, this process can make a 6T back color more transparent.
OnePLus 6T mobile phone back this frosted glass feel feels very much like metal, this special process of glass is different from other products, feel very much like a prickly heat powder of glass, very smooth and delicate, this feel on other mobile phones are not felt. In addition, the electro-optic purple version of OnePLus 6T this color matching is very unique, the back cover will have a gradual depth of purple mystique, in the light, there are "S" shape of the light lines appears on the back cover of the phone.

OnePlus 6T Mobile Phone Review

OnePLus 6T camera and flash are consistent with OnePLus 6 phone, a centered layout that makes the phone more symmetrical. In terms of cameras, OnePLus 6T uses a double-camera pairing of 20 million + 16 million pixels with an aperture of f/1.7.OnePlus 6T Mobile Phone Review

Beneath the camera is the flash part of the phone and an iconic logo.

OnePlus 6T review

Here, the electro-optic purple version of OnePLus 6T logo part of the use of the silver coating, and with the rear shell of the glass backplane integrated molding, feel very smooth.

The middle frame part of a 6T phone is made of metal, and the color of the middle frame of the electro-optic purple version is the same as the color of the rear shell. In addition, OnePLus 6T mobile phone in the middle frame part of the use of anti-fingerprint coating treatment, the entire screen, the middle frame, the back shell between the excessive natural smooth.

OnePlus 6T review

The top of OnePLus 6T phone is very simple, with only one noise-canceling microphone.

OnePlus 6T review

The bottom of the phone is focused on speakers, the main microphone, and the USB-c interface. Here OnePLus 6T mobile phone charging interface supports OnePLus home OnePlus Flash technology, standard 20W charging head. In the attached products, one plus provides the user with a special transfer wiring.

The author believes that the most humane design of a mobile phone is the mobile phone on both sides of the key placement, OnePLus 6T phone on the left side of the SIM card slot and volume button. "Prism" is a repeated reference to the design elements, it will make the phone appear more divine, tougher. OnePLus phone 6T prism is still at the top and bottom of the fuselage, from this two ends to the border slowly disappear, this is the phone box in the design of the finishing touch.

OnePlus 6T review

One plus 6T the right side of the phone is a three-stage switch, lock screen/shutdown button. This volume key and lock screen/shutdown button left and right separation of the design of one-handed operation is very friendly, can be convenient for screenshots and other operations. At this stage, many mobile phones in the mobile phone on both sides of the key design does not put too much energy, but OnePLus this side of the key placement is obviously considered before the user's usage habits, which also makes the phone in the use of the process more convenient and efficient.

OnePlus 6T review

As a brand new flagship product, the overall appearance of the OnePLus 6T mobile phone is very elegant, the overall weight of only 185 grams, in the metallic texture of the frosted glass, OnePLus 6T of electro-optical purple version and the ink-black version of the flashing "S" light pattern is also very mysterious. How performance this phone is, let's continue to experience it.

OnePlus 6T review


OnePLus 6T mobile phone is equipped with the Qualcomm Dragon 845 processor, as Qualcomm's 10 NM products, the Valiant Dragon 845 processor main frequency can reach up to 2.8GHz. Here we run points on OnePLus 6T phone as a whole, and the run score shows 296423 points. This data is excellent and is already at the forefront of mainstream Android phones.

OnePlus 6T review

The GPU side uses Adreno 630, which supports OpenGL ES3.2, OpenCL 2.0, Vulkan, and DX12. Here we use 3DMark to one plus 6T graphics performance run points, the specific score is as follows:

OnePlus 6T review

Running score, the results show that the graphics performance of one plus 6T is basically the same as that of the mainstream valiant 845 processor.

In terms of memory and storage, OnePLus 6T phone supports up to 8GB lpddr4x memory, processing frequency up to 4266MHz, and storage is using the UFS 2.1 standard dual-channel flash memory, with a maximum support of 256GB.

OnePlus 6T review

One plus 6T mobile phone provides users with 6GB+128GB, 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB three storage combinations.

In our daily use, often high-performance game scenes for mobile phone requirements are very high, generally speaking, the game requires the phone to have a very high picture rendering ability and logical computing ability, here we take "Jedi survival: stimulating the battlefield" as an example of the performance of the mobile phone testing.

OnePLus 6T phone has added game mode to the phone, and when this mode is turned on, the system automatically optimizes the CPU, GPU performance, and memory of the phone, while the user can also customize the disturbing scenes that may be encountered in the game.

OnePlus 6T review

In the course of the game, we will open the game screen to OnePLus 6T mobile phone can support the highest level of performance, in the game, we can feel that the mobile phone operation is very smooth.

OnePlus 6T review

OnePlus 6T review

In the course of the game OnePLus 6T mobile phone heating situation is not serious, compared to other mobile phones with Valiant 845 processor, one plus 6T mobile phone game in the process of positive temperature up to 38.2 degrees, the back temperature up to 38 degrees. This temperature is pretty good compared to other products of the same type.

OnePlus 6T review

OnePlus 6T review

Overall, OnePLus 6T mobile phone performance is still very good, as OnePLus of the flagship products, OnePLus 6T mobile phone in the use of core components is still very sincere. In addition to "Jedi survival: stimulating the battlefield," OnePLus 6T also Vulkan version of King Glory, while also working with NetEase games to specifically optimize the "after Tomorrow" game.

Plus 6T and smart boost load acceleration technology, you can fully exploit the memory advantage, which can better improve the startup loading speed of games and applications, this feature can now be opened in the Setup-toolbox-One plus lab. Under the conditions of daily use, the performance requirements of mobile phones will often not exceed the intensity of the game, OnePLus 6T mobile phone performance can be said to be very outstanding.

System Experience

OnePLus 6T is equipped with an Android 9.0-based hydrogen OS system, and like its name, hydrogen OS is a very, very brisk and fluid system. Hydrogen OS still retains the essence of native Android, conveying the texture of things themselves through simple colors, graphics, and shadows, a simple and crisp aesthetic that many people follow.

We uninstall the software installed on the phone to find that, in addition to the core application of mobile phones, the phone eventually unloaded to only 15 core applications, the mobile phone itself system occupies about 10GB of total storage space, other core applications of data information and installation files accounted for the total storage 1GB, so brisk and concise system I like very much.

OnePlus 6T review

Of course, OnePLus 6T phone as a global sales of mobile phones, the Google Framework support is very friendly. Just download the Google Play store in the mall and your phone will be able to use the various services Google offers. Although a hydrogenation OS system is very concise, it still has negative one-screen support, users can put commonly used applications and tools here if you do not use a negative screen can also choose to close directly.

OnePlus 6T review

In the latest hydrogen OS, OnePLus 6T phone supports three full-screen operations, one is a three-virtual keystroke mode, the other is a sliding screen operation close to the native Android, and the rest is a full-screen gesture operation. Hydrogen OS allows users to return, multitasking, exiting, and other behaviors through gesture manipulation. Here, slide from the bottom of the screen to complete the operation, the left and right sides of the slide is returned, the middle slip is the exit, the middle slide and long stay can exhale multiple tasks.

OnePlus 6T review

In addition, OnePLus 6T also supports double-clicking the shutdown screen, slipping out of the taskbar, three-finger screenshot and other operations, some of which can be customized.

OnePlus 6T review

As a new generation of flagship products, OnePLus 6T mobile phone using screen fingerprint technology, in the screen fingerprint technology, according to the official statement, OnePLus 6T mobile phone unlock speed can reach up to 0.34 seconds.

In the actual test, we use the timer to a 6T phone to unlock the speed of several times, here in order to avoid face recognition on the screen fingerprint recognition interference, we turn off the face recognition function in advance. According to the random 20 unlock time statistics, the average unlocks time of a 6T mobile phone screen fingerprint unlock is about 0.186 seconds, and the measured data is much lower than the official unlock time. This, OnePLus in the screen fingerprint unlock technology accumulation and hardware optimization does a lot of effort.

The following video briefly shows the process of fingerprint entry and recognition of OnePLus 6T mobile phone.

In addition to mobile phone security information certification, one plus 6T mobile phone screen fingerprint technology also supports one-click Payment function, which allows users to go directly to the payment page through the long press unlock area, one plus 6T mobile phone also allows users to use screen fingerprint to achieve quick launch of the application.

At present, one plus 6T in addition to the version customized with the operator, one plus 6T in the world is a model, supporting the global full Netcom. Of course, the global all-Netcom on the overall design of mobile phones still have an impact, because to do this, the phone's motherboard will be larger, which will sacrifice the thickness and weight of the phone.

One plus 6T mobile phone supports 4x4 MIMO antenna, 4G maximum download speed can reach 1Gbps, currently, this phone supports 38 frequency bands, can use the local 4g+ network in more than 200 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, OnePLus provides international virtual Internet access, that is, you do not need to replace the SIM card to use the local 4G network. Plus also for users who use OnePLus 6T mobile phone in Hong Kong to provide a free 30-day 30MB 4G traffic experience activities, access to the mobile phone's international internet access function can be collected.

OnePLus of multiple generations of products are supporting NFC function, OnePLus 6T mobile phone is also supported, in OnePLus 6T mobile phone built-in card voucher application, the system can automatically identify train tickets, ticket information and add this information to the list, at the same time, a 6T mobile phone also support as a bus card swipe, has now opened a cartoon in Beijing, Shenzhen Tong and Guangzhou Lingnan Tong Three cities of NFC card function.

OnePlus 6T review

As a very brisk and smooth operating system, OnePLus of hydrogen OS, whether it is system optimization or overall use of the convenience, plus have a good combination. This is also the author has been using a product for a long time the most important reason, in fact, the mobile phone operating system as a mobile phone of the soul of this for the user's subjective impact is very large, even if the good hardware stacking, not a good system for the average user lost the intuitive experience of the product.

I remember when I was in college, my "operating system" teacher once said that the ugly interface of hardware exposure should be the operating system to unify the beautification of the dispatch. Obviously, hydrogen OS is a smooth, fast and simple and lightweight system. This is a good system that a good phone should have.

Photo Experience

OnePLus 6T phone front camera uses a 16 million megapixel camera to support AI Merlot and EIS electronic stabilization. The rear camera of a 6T phone uses a double camera of 20 million + 16 million pixels, both of which have an aperture size of f/1.7. The rear camera supports super City night view, portrait mode, 4k, and 60fps Ultra HD video shooting and [email protected] super slow motion shooting. Next, let's take a look at the concrete performance of OnePLus 6T photo.

OnePlus 6T review

First of all, we look at OnePLus 6T video shooting function, plus from OnePLus 6 after the camera to support 4k60fps shooting, this time plus 6T also support [email protected], in the actual shooting, we can feel, a 6T mobile phone video shooting is very smooth and smooth, With DJI eyes handheld platform shooting effect is very good, it is a pity that because the full resolution cannot be uploaded to the video platform, here cannot show you.

In addition to 4k60fps video recording, one plus 6T also supports [email protected] and [email protected] shooting, where we took a video to show the effect of slow-motion shooting.

OnePlus 6T slow motion video does very well, from the details of water droplets, OnePLus 6T mobile phone slow action has been compared to some of the higher priced flagship products.

In the color performance, we see the

different light, OnePLus 6T for the flower color presentation is very good, in the main body and the whole of the virtual smooth, the details of the control is excellent, and even can feel the overall sense of the picture and pure sense.

OnePlus 6T review

OnePlus 6T review

In the macro shooting, OnePLus 6T mobile phone can be a good display of the details of still life, such as bee wings, pine needles tip. In particular, the photo of pine needles on the shooting, although the background is very complex and messy, OnePLus 6T can also be very good to the background of the virtual, and the prospect of the concrete display.

OnePlus 6T review

OnePlus 6T review

OnePLus 6T phone in the color details of the capture is very good, around the fountain due to water mist and Rainbow, OnePLus 6T mobile phone can also be a good record of these small details.

In focus accuracy, OnePLus 6T phone is very accurate, we see OnePLus 6T can be very natural to focus on the vision and proximity. The main contour of the focus is clear and the details are accurate.

Far Coke

OnePlus 6T review

near Coke

This photo we see, OnePLus 6T mobile phone dynamic range is very wide, in the bright part of the sky, OnePLus 6T did not lose detail because of the highlight, the dark part of the building did not become blurred because of lack of light.

OnePlus 6T review

In the case of backlight, OnePLus 6T mobile phone can be very good to overcome the strong backlight situation, the day the sun is very plentiful and dazzling, although, OnePLus 6T mobile phone can still be near the full presentation of the trees. At the same time, the dark buildings can also be the very good performance of the details.

OnePlus 6T review

One plus 6T supports super City night shooting function, we found through the shooting of buildings, OnePLus 6T mobile phone can be very good in the night of still life shooting. In the case of high contrast at night, OnePLus 6T phone can show the details of the dark, while reducing jitter and noise as much as possible. This also shows the quality of OnePLus 6T mobile phone on the night racket.

However, it should be pointed out that in the extremely dark light, OnePLus 6T mobile phone super City night scene function is also very good, we use a tripod to shoot the still life photos show that in the extremely dark light, OnePLus 6T mobile phone for the entire still life shooting to maximize the reduction of object details, background and prospects of the virtual performance is still very good.

Generally speaking, OnePLus in the mobile phone photo ability of the tuning or spent a lot of time and energy, the new super City night shooting function is a good reduction in the night shooting encountered in the noise, blur and jitter situation.

OnePlus 6T review

In addition, we see an excellent performance in the detail presentation and color reduction of the macro and close-range shots, plus 6T, especially in close range shooting in normal light, basically reaching a very good level.

In fact, for many people, mobile phone lens with what kind of sensor and they do not have a relationship, as long as this phone to get the hands can shoot life, record life, and share these beautiful to everyone, such a mobile phone is a good mobile phone, mobile phone as a carrier of science and technology, is to enable everyone to touch the latest technology at the most appropriate price. We see that OnePLus 6T is a good phone, both inside and outside.

More diverse sheets

OnePLus 6T phone uses a 3700mAh lithium battery, standard 5v4a OnePlus Flash charge head. According to official data, the charging level of OnePLus 6T phone can be filled with 90% of the electricity in an hour, according to the measured, from zero charges to full, OnePLus 6T mobile phone in total took 1 hour and 21 minutes.

In the life performance, in 50% volume, 50% brightness situation, through half an hour "Jedi survival: stimulating the battlefield", half an hour beep video, brush it home 15 minutes, call 15 minutes, talk WeChat 15 minutes, brush Taobao 15 minutes, take a picture 15 minutes and normal standby 15 minutes, OnePLus 6T phone has 83% more power left.

According to official data, OnePLus 6T is up to 10% higher than the previous generation plus 6, in addition to the support of the new OnePlus Flash charge, as well as the optimization of hardware and software by the 6T mobile phone system itself.

On the intelligent management features built into the 6T phone, OnePLus 6T phone can intelligently extend battery time and limit applications that are not commonly used in the background. This allows you to reduce battery use as much as possible.


OnePLus 6T mobile phone as a new generation flagship from the appearance, intrinsic and restore to life have a good performance, with it, we can record life, share life. This is the basic function of a good phone.

The electro-optical purple version of the 6T mobile phone is full of the legal movement of technology, using the AG glass process of OnePLus 6T mobile phone itself color clear and bright, the unique "S" light pattern for OnePLus 6T to add a lot of fashion flavor, at the same time by the purple gradient color changes let us see a 6T of the mysterious elegance. With the addition of lightweight and fast hydrogen OS and powerful hardware configurations, we can record our lives in a variety of ways, with a double camera of 6T. As a Chinese brand with a heart in mind, OnePLus 6T mobile phone is a good mobile phone worth starting with, of which hydrogen OS brings a lot of bright spots for it.

At present, OnePLus 6T mobile phone has opened an appointment, this mobile phone in the country a total of three colors can be selected, respectively, is the ink black, bright porcelain black and electro-optical purple, of which the bright porcelain black 6GB+128GB version of the price of 3399 yuan, bright porcelain black 8gb+128gb price of 3599 yuan, ink black 8gb+128gb price 3599 yuan, the ink black 8GB+256GB sold for 3999 yuan, electro-optic purple 8GB+256GB sold for 3999 Yuan.

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