Equipped with a 730G platform and a 64-megapixel master, the OPPO K5 has a very comprehensive hardware configuration.

The K-Series is one of the younger of OPPO's many mobile phone product lines. Its main online channel, in order to cater to the young user base, from last year's K1 to the launch of the K3 in May this year, in the design as far as possible to ensure the basis of, but also brought some more bright feature configuration.

Almost four months after the release of K3, OPPO brings a brand new K5. It continues its previous K1 and K3 product strategies, improving overall hardware configuration, and is the OPPO brand's first model with a 64-megapixel main camera. Let's get to know it.

OPPO K5  2

6.41-inch drop screen, next-generation screen fingerprint

On the K3, OPPO has added a mechanical structure to the lift-up comprehensive screen scheme, resulting in a high screen share. To K5 here, a very clear change is that it changed from the previous lift structure of the comprehensive screen program to the current industry more mainstream water drop screen.

OPPO K5  3

With more holes in the center of the screen to hold the front camera, the OPPO K5 is not as extreme as the K3 does on the retention of screen integrity. However, its upper, left and right three border width control is still good, relatively speaking, the width of the chin slightly wider, but put into the thousand-dollar file, is also acceptable.

OPPO K5  4

In terms of specifications, the OPPO K5 is equipped with a 6.41-inch OLED screen (slightly smaller than the K3's screen size), a resolution of 2340 x 1080, and a 100% NTSC DCI-P3 color gamut. In addition, the DC dimming feature, which is now more concerned, is also supported and can be turned on manually in the display settings.

OPPO K5  5

Like previous products, the OPPO K5 supports both face and screen fingerprints, but this time it uses a new screen fingerprint scheme that has a good record of unlock speed and accuracy, and the actual unlock speed is closer to Reno2.

Special back cover treatment, good grip

The OPPO K5 offers three different color schemes, in addition to the Cyber Metal version we have, as well as polar sunlight and fantasy forest. The polar sunshine is white, while the fantasy forest is the green erstwhile of recent times.

OPPO K5  6

In the case of this Sembcorp metal version in our hand, the back cover is half of a gradient color design, with a variety of color effects in different light conditions, and the lower half is metallic (the front looks silvery).

OPPO K5  7

In addition to trying new color applications, K5's back cover process is also a point to be said for. This opPO on its body with a laser design, light exposure, the lower left corner of the rear cover as a dot, the rear cover will show a multi-texture, look slick. As for good-looking or not, it's a matter of seeing wisdom.

OPPO K5  8

The OPPO K5 feels like the best of all the phones I've touched in recent times, weighing only 182 grams, a number that's rare in today's era when the phone weighs more than 200 grams. It is also because of the relatively restrained weight performance, making it very easy to hold, the overall grip performance is very good.


Rear quad, 64 million main camera

The rear camera is one of the highlights of the OPPO K5, or a big selling point. Its rear camera features a four-camera design of 64 megapixels, 8 megapixels, 2 megapixels, 2 megapixels, and 2 megapixels. The main camera uses a Samsung GW1 sensor, which gives out a photo with a better sense of light under dark light conditions, with an ultra-wide angle lens of f/2.25 aperture and a 119-degree angle of view.

OPPO K5  10

For the Samsung GW1 sensor, we've previously covered it in more detail in the Redrice Note 8 Pro review, and there's no more to it. In practice, the OPPO K5, like several other phones with GW1 sensors, has a default image size of 16 megapixels, which you can turn on manually in the camera settings.

OPPO K5 11

The following is a sample of the real shot, without any post-treatment, together to appreciate the next.

OPPO K5  12

OPPO K5  13

Ultra wide angle

OPPO K5 14

OPPO K5  15

Portrait mode

OPPO K5  16

Super Night View

OPPO K5 17

Super Night View

OPPO K5 18

Super Night Mode

Dragon 730G, 30W VOOC Flash 4.0

In terms of hardware configuration, the OPPO K5 features the same SnapDragon 730G platform as the Reno2, offering three storage options: 6GB plus 128GB, 8GB plus 128GB, and 8GB plus 256GB.

OPPO K5 19

The SnapDragon 730G is also familiar, with two Large Cores with a main frequency of 2.2GHz plus six A55 small cores with a main frequency of 1.8GHz. The GPU is partially powered by a enhanced Version of the Adreno 618 GPU, which offers a 15% improvement in performance compared to the Dragon 730, supports the Qualcomm Elite Gaming platform, and provides better optimization for the network and screen of the game.

In addition, in terms of the gaming experience, this OPPO K5 also uses GameBoost 2.0 and dual Wi-Fi acceleration technology, which optimizes touch feedback and frame performance, while the latter improves its stability to some extent in an unsatisfactory network environment.

OPPO K5 20

As for the more concerned about the battery life, the OPPO K5 is equipped with a large 4000mAh battery with a 30W fast charge. It's worth noting that this time it uses the VOOC Flash Charge 4.0, which OPPO says has a 12% shorter charging time than its predecessor, while also supporting while playing while charging.

From our measured data, with the original charging head, 15 minutes can be charged from 0 to 35%, 30 minutes to 67%, fully charged for 73 minutes and charging very fast.

Available from 1899 yuan, another "True Scent Machine" in the K-Series

In summary, the advantage of OPPO K5 is that it has a relatively high-priced hardware configuration, as the flagship chip of the 7 series, the SnapDragon 730G to cope with most of the mainstream hand travel on the market can have a good performance. In addition, the addition of 64 million primary cameras is a real improvement in the actual imaging results.

OPPO K5 21

In addition to the above we mentioned these, in fact, the advantages of OPPO K5 there are many, in addition to equipped with 4000mAh large battery, but also support 30W VOOC flash charge 4.0 and NFC, retain 3.5mm headphone interface and so on, as a thousand machine products, it can be said that its configuration is very comprehensive, there is no obvious short board storage In.

In terms of final price, the OPPO K5 6GB plus 128GB, 8GB plus 128GB, and 8GB plus 256GB versions are 1899 yuan, 2099 yuan and 2499 yuan, respectively, will be officially available on October 17, interested friends can pay attention to.

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