the Bluetooth headphones behind the neck were also uncomfortable, and every time they thought of summer silicone headphones The line sticks to the neck and it will be very difficult. In daily life, many people have encountered such a situation: when commuting to the subway, the earphones that listened to music were suddenly scraped off by the passengers who got off the bus.

Honor in Beijing held a new product launchconference, the official release of the Honor Magic 2,at the same time they announced variety of new products. Like true wireless Bluetooth headset HonorFlypods and Honor Flypods Pro is also attractive.

The wireless headphones are the current trend now.Honor magic 2 canceled their headphone hole. So the mobile phone manufacturers are shifting to it. a small wireless Bluetooth headset has gradually become the user's first need, perhaps this is why the release of Flypods series of headphones by Honor released it.

Honor Flypods Pro review

For me, who works nine to six a day, to and from the company and at home, a good Bluetooth wireless headset is essential. Because the configuration of the transfer wiring + wired headphones obviously does not bring the ultimate experience, and when squeezing the bus subway, wired headphones can easily be pulled, leading to unexpected situations. At this point, if you have a Bluetooth headset with a comfortable wearing experience and the same sound quality, I think there will certainly be a better experience.

This is the first true wireless headset by Honor, the appearance of Flypods/Flypods Pro gives people a feeling of bright eyes. What is the experience of this wireless headset in terms of sound quality and wearing? What are the attractions compared to other wireless Bluetooth headsets? Let us look down.

The exterior design is quite brilliant

When I first saw the Honor of Flypods Pro, its small box attracted me deeply. Today, a large number of split Bluetooth headphones have appeared on the market, but due to industrial design constraints, many split Bluetooth headphones are equipped with a large charging box, put in the pocket always feel not very comfortable, and the Honor of the Flypods small charging box, is undoubtedly more popular.

Honor Flypods Pro review

This time I got the HonorFlypods Pro of the Robin Blue color, and I took it in my hand, enough to feel a fresh and elegant breath. Considering that most of the Bluetooth headsets on the market use classic color schemes such as black and white, the Honor bring colorful color scheme Flypods should be able to impress many young users.

Honor Flypods Pro review

Honor Flypods Pro review

After opening the box, the same small split Bluetooth headset unfolds in front of us. The headset and the charging box use the same color matching, looks very harmonious and unified. The 4.1g single headphone weight, combined with a semi-in-ear design, is very comfortable to wear.

Honor Flypods Pro review

HonorFlyPods headphone handle has a "swan neck" design that increases the stability of the wear through a small hook-shaped design. After my personal measurement, even wearing the HonorFlypods crazy shake head, it is difficult to dump it, so in the process of use, there is no need to worry about it will fall.

Honor Flypods Pro review

Capsule-style design

Honor Flypods Pro review

The HonorFlypods series of wireless headphones are designed in a capsule-style design. When you don't listen to songs, you can put the headphones into the capsule box. The compact box is very convenient whether you put it in your backpack or jacket pocket. The earphone capsule can also charge the earphone at the same time. It takes only one hour to charge the earphone once, and it can provide about 3 hours of music playing time.

From the above, the two earphones are inserted in the forward direction, and they are directly worn into the ear after being taken out, which is closer to the user's usage habits. Unlike Apple's AirPods headphones, the back-to-back design, take it out, and manually turn it around.

Honor Flypods Pro review

HonorFlypods Headset The bottom of the capsule box is a type-c charging port that supports type-c for fast charging. Of course, if you have a wireless charging seat, you can also charge the glorified Flypods capsule box wirelessly.

Honor Flypods Pro review

In terms of color matching, the HonorFlypods is equipped with three colors of lily of the valley white, charm red and robin blue. This time, the author got the robin blue color, and the bold color scheme further highlights the young man's personality.


The actual sense of hearing is just as good

For me personally, an excellent split Bluetooth headset first has to do three points:

One -  is stable connectivity, the other is outstanding sound quality performance, and finally the life is long enough to last. After my practical experience, HonorFlypods Pro has met these three basic needs.

Honor Flypods Pro review

The first is the signal aspect, due to the special design of split Bluetooth headset, this kind of headset signal demand is very high. If the two headphones are not synchronized, the audio signal will be lost and the sound quality will not be guaranteed. The HonorFlypods Pro adopts the A2DP 1.3 Bluetooth protocol. Actually, there is no problem that the left and right ear audio is out of sync, and the performance is satisfactory.

Honor Flypods Pro review

In order to make the audio effect of the HonorFlypods more outstanding,the Honor engineers put a moving coil unit with a diameter of 13mm in the compact earphone. Whether it is a low-frequency drum or a medium-high frequency vocal, the restoration is excellent.

As for the life, HonorFlypods performance is more powerful, full of power can listen to three hours of music in a row, with the charging box, listening to music time is up to 20 hours, if you just use it as a commuter headset, basically can be maintained in a week charge.

There are more cool ways to play.

I see many people here will say: "You said that we have XXX headphones," but I just want to say to those people, you are still too young. These are all appetizer levels for the Honor of Flypods Pro, and the real killer is still below.

What about bone sound print technology?

The glorified Flypods Pro wireless headset creatively adds a bone acoustic sensor to the many wireless headphones on the market. Relying on the key technologies such as bone guidance and acoustic identification, we can obtain the information of bone sound pattern when the wearer speaks, and then cooperate with AI Artificial intelligence recognition technology, which can accurately identify the main identity of the machine and create a new way of human-computer interaction. This may be a bit of a xuan, simply said is the Honor of Flypods Pro can be through the owner's own voice to unlock the phone or turn on the corresponding application.

Honor Flypods Pro review

Open WeChat payment directly with HonorFlypods Pro

In the actual scene, it is also very practical to HonorFlypods Pro's bone pattern technique. For example, when we want to open WeChat payment or Alipay payment, just say the corresponding instructions, the phone can automatically identify the owner of the machine, unlock and open the corresponding payment interface, the user experience flow.

Compared with other headphones equipped with microphones, the superiority of bone sound pattern technology is very obvious. In the daily use of the process, bone acoustic sensor can distinguish whether the source of sound is ambient sound or the owner himself, so as to accurately capture the sound movement, and automatically turn on the microphone, the user can turn off the microphone after the sound is over. This will better save energy and give HonorFlypods pro a longer life.

Intelligent Life Yoyo

HonorFlypods Pro also has a whole new black technology, which is the new intelligent life yoyo. Through a "Hello Yoyo" command, you can complete the phone call, check the route, set the alarm clock and other operations, so as to form a closed loop between the phone and the headset. When doing some simple things, you don't even need to take out your phone.

Honor Flypods Pro review

More interestingly, this feature can also be used on the iphone. When you connect your iphone to the HonorFlypods Pro, you can exhale Siri through the voice command "Hello Yoyo", and you don't need to touch your phone to completely free your hands. It has been reported that Apple will add this feature to AirPods 2, now AirPods 2 is not yet on the market, HonorFlypods has helped you achieve this function.

Double-Click Touch Physical Interaction Experience

The HonorFlypods Series Wireless headset also supports a double-click touch Physical interaction Experience if the library and other inconvenient voice are not convenient. When you call, double-click any side and answer the phone; in the call, double-click any side and hang up the phone. Double-click the left headset to wake up your phone voice assistant; Double-click the right headset to play/pause music.

Honor Flypods Pro review

In terms of sound quality, the HonorFlypods series supports HWA HD Bluetooth Audio Transmission protocol, while being compatible with other Bluetooth transmission protocols such as AAC and SBC will never affect sound quality due to wireless. And the HonorFlypods series is paired with a 13mm motion ring design to make the sound better.

Honor Flypods Pro review

Test with "the Cloud Long"

Let's test it and listen to the HonorFlypods Pro. In the chattering "the Cloud Long", the bass is very layered, using the HonorFlypods Pro to listen to, all the details are well presented. Climax part, Peking Opera singing is "word clear, high-pitched bright." HonorFlypods Pro really did "bass steady, medium pitch, Gao Ying-liang" excellent quality.

Honor Flypods Pro review

Not only that, but the HonorFlypods series headphones are also paired with two MEMS silica wheat for a single headset, matching call noise reduction technology, effectively reducing ambient noise and bringing high quality call results, so you don't have to worry about the phone when you can't hear what you're saying.

Honor Flypods Pro review

It is worth mentioning that if you accidentally lost anHonorFlypods headset, cannot find the original other headset, as long as a new headset into the box long press 10 seconds of the recovery key, and then re-owned a pair of matching headphones. However, HonorFlypods different colors of headphones do not mix and match, may appear abnormal oh, want to buy two headphones mixed wear friends do not think about it.

Final Verdict

Now 3.5mm headphone port gradually out of the stage, so an experience of outstanding sound quality Bluetooth headset can be said to be standard for every user. The new HonorFlypods Pro, not only has a good sense of hearing, power and other excellent basic conditions, coupled with bone sound technology, intelligent life yoyo, almost seconds to kill the same price, or even higher price products. Such a wireless Bluetooth headset can already be your new choice.